These are the Best Spinners for Trout in 2024 [Expert Picks]

Best Spinners for Trout

Spinners are among the most important and most used lure types around. They work excellent on many fish species, including trout.

Spinners work in almost all waters, and the technique itself is not very hard to learn. That makes it suitable for beginners too.

Best spinners for trout must match fishing conditions and trout species and size. There is no one spinner that works for all. This is why you should have a selection of lures in your tackle box, so that you can change on the spot. Generally, go for natural looking ones with some added flashiness.

You can choose the lure in accordance with water body, meteorological conditions, and trout specie. This may seem complicated but trust me, it is not.

In addition to all this, setup for spinners, including rods, reels, lines and rigs is also relatively simple and using them is a lot of fun.

Here I will tell you more about lure features and give you some specific recommendations.



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Are Spinners Good Lures for Trout Fishing?

Spinners are excellent for trout fishing, especially in times of aggressive feeding. The best spinners for trout will make them bite like crazy.

These fish react to light reflections, colors, and vibrations which are the main features of spinners. But these features will do the work only if you know how to present them. Besides, they cover a lot of water in relatively short time.

Straight retrieve works the best in almost all conditions, and if you notice that there is no interest try to adjust the speed and depth. You can slow down and speed up in various intervals and even stop. Twitching your rod a bit may add to natural appearance of the lure.

Trout love cold water, so if you use them in summer go deep and slow, as trout activity is reduced at those times.

In spring and autumn, which are times of high activity, you can go for faster presentations in smaller depth and larger lures.

What Size Spinner is Best for Trout Fishing? [+ Chart]

Knowing what size spinner for trout should you use will determine your success. It depends on fish size in the area. In addition to that, feel free to downsize a bit in periods of reduced fish activity. Beginners tend to use larger lures because they hope to land a bigger fish, but many times it won`t work. Check out the fish in your area and see how big they are.

The best size spinners for trout should match the average fish size in the area. Here is a simple trout spinner size chart that will help you decide which one to use.

Small Brown 7/64 or 1/8 0 or 1
Small Brook 7/64 or 1/8 0 or 1
Medium Brown 3/16 or 1/4 2 or 3
Medium Rainbow 3/16 or 1/4 2 or 3
Large Brown 3/8 or 7/16 4 or 5
Large Rainbow 3/8 or 7/16 4 or 5
Large Steelhead 5/8 6

Sizes above 3 are generally reserved for large fish, and if you are a beginner I would advise you to go for smaller ones.

Small sizes like 0 are excellent for shallower waters and small trout specimens. Those conditions are great to learn the technique.

Best Spinners for Trout - Size

What Weight Spinner is Best for Trout Fishing? [Does Weight Matter?]

Choosing what weight spinner for trout to use is also important. This is why those too are included in the chart above.

The chart above is some average recommendation, and it really depends on fishing conditions in your area. In average, some universal and most versatile weight would be 1/16 for slow waters.

This one is on the smaller side, suitable for beginners, and smaller fish. Currents also have an influence, and those very light lures are for calm waters. Those included in the chart work well for streams. For ponds and small lakes, you should downsize.

Instead of 1/16 which is light, try with 1/8 for the majority of fishing in streams and a bit faster water.

Heavier lures can fight the current, you can cast them further away and can sink faster too. So, as you can see, it is not just about the fish size. Waters will determine the weight too.

What are the Best Spinner Colors for Trout Fishing?

Trout live in very clear waters and can see your lure well. This is why you should choose the best spinner colors for trout.

The most versatile ones would be dark body and gold blades, or light body (like yellow) with silver blades. You should have at least one of those in your tackle box.

But, fish can be picky, and sometimes you will have to try a bit harder to pick the right color. Light ones are great in low light conditions while darker options work well in bright light.

Contrasts work well, but with natural patterns. You know how fly anglers always say, “match the hatch”? Well, this can work with spinners too. Check out what are your local trout feeding on, and then match that color.

Versatility is the key here. Invest in different ones and be prepared for any situation.

Best Spinners for Trout - Colors

Are Trout Spinners With Single Hook Any Good?

Spinners exist in various forms. Some of those are trout spinners single hook options.

These lures work well and actually increase survival rate among fish (here you can check my article about "What Percent of Catch and Release Fish Die?"). Fish will also gladly bite on those, so their efficiency is good. However, they may not always hold the fish.

Loosing fish is more frequent with single hooks especially if the fish is hooked very shallow on the lip. This a big problem with small trout.

These small specimens hook very shallow, and they toss around like crazy so single barbless hooks cant keep them.

In my opinion, if you are planning to eat your trout, stay away from single hooks. But if your goal is to catch and release it (although there are better techniques for catch and release fishing than spinners) you can opt for those. In that case, aim for larger fish.

These are the Best Spinners for Trout [Generally Speaking]

If you have to choose the best spinners among hundreds of options, think about the following:


This lure is excellent for deeper pools and have a special feature. They emit sound due to blades that have a vibrating mechanism. Vibrations and sounds made by it are stronger than those produced by regular lures.


These are big, loud, and made for aggressive presentations. Use them in times of aggressive feeding or to “wake up” lazy trout when nothing else works.


This is a classic that has been around for decades, and it is very versatile. It is great for moderate retrieve speed. Due to upwards motion, it is best for shallower waters.

Best Spinners for Trout - Generally

What About Best Trout Spinners ...

As I already said, body of water and species also determine lure selection.

#1: Best Trout Spinners for Streams

The best trout spinners for streams are to be chosen in accordance with size and weight even more than color. You can never go wrong with natural looking ones, however, choose heavier ones.

For a beginner, fishing in streams may be tricky. Cast it upstream because trout wait for the current to bring the lure. However, to make the blades move, you will have to reel in faster to beat the current and make sure that you don’t have any slack line. Light lures can be very hard to control here.

For streams, I would recommend two that I already mentioned in the chapter above. Depending on stream depth and conditions, use either Mepps Agila or Panther Martin.

#2: Best Trout Spinners for Brown Trout

Broun trout, especially big one, can exhibit some weird and unpredictable behavior. The best spinners for brown trout are natural looking with natural colors and patterns. These colors should be bright for darker waters. When they feed on shoals of fish, you can present silver spinners that emit more light.

If I had to pick one lure that would be Wardens Original Rooster Tail Spinner. Its “fluffy” tail looks very natural, and the browns love it!

#3: Best Trout Spinners for Rainbow Trout

Catching Rainbow trout is frequently easier than catching brown trout. They tend to be less cautious and bite without too much hesitation.

The best rainbow trout spinners are bright and flashy. In very clear waters, you can go for natural looking, however, you will more often be successful with very visible and reflecting ones.

I would recommend you to try out Abu Garcia Droppen.

#4: Best Trout Spinners for Stocked Trout

Stocked trout always behave differently than wild ones. They live in different conditions, feed a bit differently, and that affects your lure and presentation choice. The best spinners for stocked trout should be presented deeper in the water column, especially in smaller ponds or lakes.

Slow retrieve is better here, to keep the lure lower. Personally, I like fishing with spinners more for wild trout in streams and rivers.

When it comes to lure weight and color, use heavier ones. Some anglers even add weights to keep them submerged. Match the color with light conditions.

I would recommend you try out Blue Fox Vibrax to make them interested if you are fishing a large lake for stocked trout. For smaller ponds you may want to skip spinners altogether.

#5: Best Trout Spinners for Sea Trout

When it comes to sea trout, lure selection is a bit different. Spinners would not be my top choice here, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t work. When choosing best spinners for sea trout go for larger and heavier, very natural looking, with silver blades. This is the best for some standard conditions when it comes to water clarity and light.

Make sure that the lure you are using is suitable for saltwater. I would recommend Strike King saltwater trout spinnerbaits.

Best Spinners for Trout - Fish


Spinners are among the best trout lures you can use. These lures are suitable for beginners, can be used in all waters and for all trout species.

The best spinners for trout are chosen in accordance with trout species and size, as well as the body of water you are fishing in.

Presentation is equally important, so practice your retrieve to make it perfect. And don’t forget to pair your lures with suitable rod, reel, and lines!

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