Is Trout Fishing Good in the Rain? [How to]

Is Trout Fishing Good in the Rain

Every angler knows that weather greatly affects fish behavior, and as a result, your fishing experience.

Rain, and pressure drops that come with it, can trigger a feeding frenzy, and you can greatly benefit from that. However, when it comes to trout fishing in the rain, it is not that simple.

Explaining is trout fishing good in the rain is not easy. It depends on the rain intensity and water. If you are fishing for wild trout in rivers, long and heavy rain can change the river flow and stir up the water. Clarity decreases and fish will not feed actively. However, moderate rain or a short storm can help you a lot.

Rain, and time before and after it, is characterized by clouds and low light conditions that trigger the feeding among fish that prefer eating when it is a bit darker.

Also, you should know that trout, especially wild river trout, will change location when it rains, and you should adjust to make the most of it. If you do it right, the results will be fantastic.

Here I am going to tell you more about that, and how to choose the best conditions for trout fishing. Keep in mind that fishing during rain can be dangerous.



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Is Trout Fishing Good in the Rain?

Trout fishing can be excellent in the rain, if you know how to take advantage of it.

When we talk about trout fishing, many anglers instantly think of fly fishing.

So, fly fishing during light to moderate rain can be extremely successful, but you have to adjust your technique.

No matter the daytime, use a bit darker fly. When the sky is cloudy, darker flies make more contrast and trout is able to see them better.

When practicing other fishing techniques, like spinning or jigging, you should also choose the lures and fishing lines to match the conditions. Also use darker lure colors.

When its raining, there is a lot of water entering the river/stream, and the water level can rise and change the currents. This, together with surface splashing, will most likely make the trout leave their usual spots. Rain will bring a lot of insects from riverbanks or inlets into the water and you want to present your bait in the area where that happens.

Search for trout closer to the banks, where water moves slow. Similar rules are valid for still waters too, where the trout will feed on washed insects.

During a rainstorm with thunders, you should avoid fishing. Very stirred up water, sudden water level rise, mud from the riverbanks and hard surface splashing will make the fish stop feeding and hide, and your personal safety could become compromised.

How Does Rain Affect Trout Fishing?

To answer this question, first I must explain the usual trout behavior.

These fish prefer cooler water, a clear one, and most often feed early in the morning, and the evening. These times around sunset and sunrise provide relatively low amount of light, and trout like that. These fish are not likely to bite during hot summer day at midday.

During rain, a cloudy sky will block sunlight and create these low light condition during any time of day. Rain will also bring oxygen and wash all kinds of insects into the water.

All of this is something that will attract trout and encourage feeding.

If you present your bait right, you will get a lot of bites.

Rain also lowers barometric pressure, and the sudden drops in pressure are known to cause a feeding frenzy. There are a lot of theories why is it like that, from trout feeling safe in low light, or low light being responsible for prey behavior that attracts trout, to the fish being able to feel the change within their air bladders.

As an angler, you just have to know how to recognize these conditions and how to make the most of it. This is especially important during warmer months, when rain and cloudy skies will be a refreshment for both you and the trout.

What about Trout Fishing Before or After Rain (Thunderstorm)?

I already answered is trout fishing good in the rain, but what about thunderstorms?

Sudden drop of barometric pressure that occurs before a thunderstorm is great for fishing, and if you can, you should use this time to get more bites. This time is great for catching all kinds of fish species, not just the trout.

After the storm, many fish species show increased activity, and there is a short period when you can catch them. This is why time before the thunderstorm is considered to be better.

However, when it comes to trout fishing after thunderstorm, situation is a bit different.

When the storm passes, a lot of insects (specific species depend on your location) will become extremely active. At this time, fly fishermen should present flies that imitate your local active species and enjoy the outcome.

As long as those insects are active, and the light conditions are still low, trout will be active too. When you compare this activity after thunderstorm with other fish species, trout is definitely more active.

Despite all of this, sometimes you will notice that trout is not biting after rain or a storm.

So, why is that?

The answer is that it was raining for too long. Short rainfall or a short thunderstorm are great, but hours or days of raining can have the opposite effect. As I already said, changes, preferably dropping barometric pressure is the best. Before rain it is dropping, and after it starts to rise. During long rain, it is constantly low, and prolonged periods of those conditions are not good. During low pressure, fish are going to be inactive.

Additionally, heavy thunderstorms, one after another, will increase the water level too much, make it muddy, and impossible to fish.

What is the Best Weather for Trout Fishing?

Weather affects fishing and trout feeding behavior, but this behavior is also influenced by water temperature.

Even if the weather is perfect for fishing, but the water is too warm, you may end up empty handed.

The best water temperature for trout fishing is between 10 – 18.5 °C/50 - 65 °F, but they will feed even when it is a bit colder or warmer.

So, lets assume you have the perfect water temperature. What weather conditions should you wait?

The best weather to fish for trout would be cloudy, and I mean the sky covered with clouds, not just partially cloudy. Those clouds in combination with a bit of occasional rain are the best. Insects will also show signs of increased activity during days like this, and you can benefit from the hatches.

Another benefit of rain is water oxygenation. It increases the oxygen level and trout thrive in well oxygenated waters.

Besides rain, you should consider the wind too.

Strong winds will make the insects disappear and turn your casting into a nightmare, especially if you are less experienced. So, try to avoid very windy times.

You should also avoid bright and sunny days, and during those, fish only around dawn and dusk.

Other Trout Fishing in the Rain Tips

Is trout fishing good in the rain or not depends a lot on specific conditions any your ability to recognize and adapt to those changes.

Here are a few more tips that should help you catch more fish:

• Search for trout in still water pockets around riverbanks, where they will be spending time eating and avoiding changes in the currents.
• When choosing darker colors of flies or lures, go for brown, dark green, or black.
• If fishing before the storm during a feeding frenzy, make your approach more aggressive and make faster retrieves.

• If you are fly-fishing after the storm, use nymphs or streamers instead of delicate dry flies.
• If the weather is windy, you should fish into the wind, and by doing so, your bait will drift down the wind towards the hungry trout.
• If the rain is followed by the cold front, fishing activity may stop, and not be as good after the rain.
• When the rain is followed by a warmer front, fishing after the rain will be excellent (this is mostly applicable during spring, when the water is still relatively cold).
Stop fishing in case of thunders because swinging a long rod around is basically asking for trouble.

Is Trout Fishing Good in the Rain - Fly Fishing


Fishing for trout is very adventurous and demanding, and also highly influenced by the weather, year time, and the time of day.

Is trout fishing good in the rain is not a simple question, and it depends on the rain itself.

Fishing before short thunderstorms, or during cloudy days with occasional light to moderate rainfalls is the best.

When doing so, you should carefully pick your lures or flies to match the light conditions, and search for trout in different places.

And don’t forget to use proper fishing clothes, to protect yourself from the elements!

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