How to get Bass Fishing Sponsors? [+ FREE Template]

How to get Bass Fishing Sponsors

Turning your passion into a profit can be easier than you think. Of course, you will not earn millions, but there is a chance you get at least some sort of compensation.

Bass fishing is a competitive sport, and sponsors are looking for capable anglers to advertise their brand.

How to get bass fishing sponsors depends on your fishing expertise, popularity, and your involvement into the process. You have to decide what kind of sponsorship are you looking for, you have to contact the sponsors, and hopefully reach a mutual agreement.

Whether it is a free fishing equipment, or tournament expenses, anglers can profit in different ways, even if they are not competing in elite series.

Keep in mind that the competition is large, and you have to stand out and make an effort to gain this opportunity.

In this short guide, I am going to give you some tips on how to do this efficiently and increase your chances to reach your goals.



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What do Bass Fishing Sponsorships Give You?

In the past, only the best anglers could get a sponsorship. Today, with the rising popularity of social media and internet in general, some anglers have a huge audience even if they are not the best. They are unique, have a talent when it comes to presenting their angling experience, and are interesting to the public even if they are not the best in the field.

This is great, as it gives you the opportunity to get a sponsorship. Maybe you have thousands of followers on social media, or have a very popular website. This makes you a platform for advertising, and some brands are looking for that.

There are different forms of sponsorship, and here I will briefly mention the differences.

Some manufacturers will give certain people discounts on their products. This can be interesting for those still in high school or college, because most frequently, those discounts are made for young anglers who are starting to compete in tournaments. Do your research and see who offers such possibilities, or even better, contact the manufacturers or sellers.

The next level is the same, but the discount is significant. Anglers who are competing in local tournaments can also get up to 50% discounts if they have good results.

If you are one of those anglers who reached the next level, and you are participating in tournaments across the country, you should contact the manufacturers, because there is a high chance that you can get equipment for free, or receive a small cash compensation.

As you are getting closer to being a real professional, and you are winning tournaments, your chances of getting a good sponsorship deal are increasing. Those competing in elite series have no problems with getting a sponsor and regular cash income.

How Much do Bass Fishing Sponsors Pay?

When thinking about how to get bass fishing sponsors, many anglers hope that they will have enough money provided by sponsors that they will be able to fish full time. The truth is, only a small group of professional anglers can do that.

Your first sponsorships are going to be simple discounts, or if you are lucky, you will receive a small amount of money to compensate a part of your expenses for tournaments.

It greatly depends on what a sponsor is looking for, what can you offer them, and what you negotiate, but don’t expect it to be a great deal, especially if you are a fishing beginner.

Even if the deal you are offered seems insignificant, like a 10% discount, you should accept it. You will build a relationship with a sponsor and as your career is rising, so will the benefits you are receiving.

When you reach the level where you can get some cash, it usually begins as a small compensation for travel or tournament expenses. I advise you to start at the bottom, because looking for cash while competing in local fishing clubs will bring you nothing but disappointment.

When it comes to the professional anglers, they receive free equipment, prize money, and have deals with sponsors who are paying them thousands of dollars for promoting their brand.

How to get Bass Fishing Sponsors? Best Way and Tips!

When contacting a company and sending bass fishing sponsorship proposal, you have to stand out.

Keep in mind that thousands of anglers want the same thing, and companies can choose among hundreds of candidates, even for a 10% discount.

First of all, you have to contact the company and your first impression has to be good. Generic stuff like:

I like your brand and would like to advertise it” are not going to work.

Although they want advertising, their goal is not advertising, its selling. And you have to show yourself as a person who can impact the public and make them buy a specific product. Even if you are getting a small discount and a fishing T-shirt with a brand name you will have on tournaments, they are looking for a prominent angler who will help them reach their sales goals.

So, your first step should be to find manufacturers and retailers you would like to work with. Then, you have to contact them, introduce yourself in the best possible way.

Here are some tips for the application:

• Tell them how do you plan to help them sell a product, not just advertise it.
• Make sure you have social media pages, and are very active in an online community.
• Make sure that your social media has no offensive content and that everything you post is lawful (do not use live bait where that is forbidden and then upload a video of it).
Be creative when writing an application, include your best catch, provide pictures/video, but also be “natural” and include an anecdote from an unsuccessful fishing if you get the opportunity for an in-person meeting. Of course, say it in a way that it looks like you learned from it.
Make a fan base (with FREE fishing e-book) and be in contact with them, share experiences, just promoting a brand by sharing links is not something manufacturers are looking for.
• Instead of sending a generic email, call them, go there personally, or if you can’t, make an outstanding e-mail application.

• Your application has to be short, but quality made, no one has the time to read 10 pages, or to spend 30 minutes on the first, introductory, conversation.
Make a video presentation.
• If you do not get a reply, send another application, many people will give up, and you will seem persistent.
• If you get a discount or any other form of sponsorship, make sure you maintain a good relationship. Send them updates or stories from your fishing trips so that they can use it on official websites.
• Try to build a relationship with retailers in your area, they are always happy to have someone to promote their store, and that can be a plus when contacting manufacturers. You will be able to tell them that you already have a place where you will send potential buyers.
• Whatever you do, NEVER ask for free stuff, or seem desperate. You are looking for cooperation, and you have a lot to offer. Try not to seem like you just want a 20% discount on your reel.
• If possible, contact a person directly from marketing department.

Bass Fishing Sponsorship Proposal [FREE Template]

The easiest way to fishing sponsorship applications is to write an e-mail. But, as I already mentioned, that shouldn’t be the only way.

In addition to the template below, you should include a video (create a video months before, upload it to YouTube, send links to all your friends, ask them to share it, to have as many views as you possibly can, before including the link).

Besides, include links to your social media pages. The goal is to seem interesting enough to make them want to contact you and find out more. Do not reveal everything immediately.

Of course, you may think of a much better way to do so if your imagination works, but this bass fishing sponsorship proposal template is here to give you an idea.

Dear Mr./Ms. (insert their name here),

My name is XY, and as an angler who is participating and winning in tournaments (list the biggest 2 or 3 here), I would like to introduce myself.

Here you can find a short video of my accomplishments (insert link here), and I am confident that I have a lot more to offer.

If you are interested in cooperation and brand promotion, you can check out my social media pages (insert links here), and contact me if you think I am a good candidate.

My contact number is xxxxxxxx, and I am looking for your reply. Upon request, I can send you my detailed resume and a cover letter, that include my bass angling career path, and all other relevant details.

Kind regards,

Upon their reply, make sure you have a detailed resume, with all your accomplishments and experience related to angling. In a cover letter, include your ideas about how you will help them sell their product.

How to get Bass Fishing Sponsors - Proposal Template

Your resume has to contain the following:

Personal information (full name, date of birth, residence…)
Employment history (this makes them think that you are not begging for free stuff and that you have the means to support yourself)
Education history (if you have a degree in marketing or a similar field, that can be a huge advantage)
Affiliations (other sponsors, retailers you are working with and similar)
Angling history (tournaments you won, tournaments you participated in, tournaments you are planning to participate in during the following year)
Media exposure (local news coverage of your accomplishments and similar)

Make sure that the angling part is very detailed, while parts like education and work history are short and basic.

If you are looking for event sponsors, you will have to write an application that provides details about the planed event.

You have to write who are you, and what are you looking for.

Dear Mr./Ms. (insert their name here),

I would like to introduce myself, and a fishing club I am a member of. We are organising our first local tournament, and are looking for possible cooperation. Below, you can find details about the event, and if you think that we are good candidates for your brand promotion, contact us on the following number: XXXX

Organizer name:
Club Name:
Location of the tournament:
Tournament description:
Number of participants:
Expected number of guests:
Media coverage:

If you need more details, please contact us, and we are going to provide everything you may need.

Looking forward to your reply,

Kind regards,

Feel free to add links to your club webpage, social media, and you can mention the most prominent members who are competing.

What are the Best Bass Fishing Sponsorship Applications?

Some companies have fishing sponsorship applications available online (because they are actively searching for brand promotors), which are basically forms in which you enter your personal information and submit it.

Then they review it and decide if you are a good candidate.

The following three are a good start, and you can fulfil those, in addition to other ways of contacting manufacturers.

I will mention a few of them here, but you can find more by yourself.

Mystery Tackle Box

They are offering sponsorship to anglers, as well as tournament and event sponsorship. Also, your chances are higher if you have a friend already sponsored by them, who can make a referral. This is great if you are trying to organise small local tournaments and are looking for help.

SixGill Fishing

This is another possibility, and here you can submit your application to get a few different kinds of sponsorship. If you are not among the best anglers out there, make sure to make a great resume, so that you stand out among other candidates.


This sponsorship is available to professional anglers, guides, and even fishing influencers. So, if you have a large fan base, and you are one of those modern anglers who are promoting the sport online, this may be the best option out of these three.

What Does a Sponsor Get in Return? [What Should You Do?]

So, now you know how to get bass fishing sponsors, but that is not the end of the process. You have to do certain things in return.

First of all, depending on a contract you get, you have to fulfil everything you agreed on.

In addition to that, you should make an effort to increase your fan base, regularly contact the sponsor and share stories they can use for advertisement, and to actively promote the brand.

If sponsors are sponsoring events, they get an exposure to the public, and it is a great advertisement technique. If you got s sponsor for an event, make sure that you give your best to attract as many people and make a memorable event, so that you can continue the partnership.

Sponsors need this exposure, and if they chosen you or your event, you must have something great to offer, otherwise you wouldn’t be sponsored.

To get a better deal in the future, try to do something that exceeds their expectations. This may be getting a lot more people on the event, making your online fan base a lot bigger than they anticipated, or including local retailers into the advertising process.

How to get Bass Fishing Sponsors - Applications


Researching about how to get bass fishing sponsors is easy, but actually getting them can be a long process.

The only way to do it is to be persistent, original, and know your limits. Beginners can’t offer as much as professionals when it comes to brand advertising, and you should start with simple deals, like small discounts.

Keep a good relationship with a sponsor and as your career is getting better, so will the deals you have with them.

Don’t give up! Contact different manufacturers and make an effort to exceed their expectations.

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