Fly Fishing in Slovenia – Visit “Heaven On Earth”

Fly Fishing in Slovenia

The splendid country of Slovenia - or “Heaven On Earth”.

Is also well known for surrounding its visitors with incredibly beautiful sites that leaves every visitor mesmerized.

Tourists as well as locals enjoy the beautiful countryside towns and weather in the region.

Whilst traveling, cities in Slovenia offer a lot of leisure and adventure activities for avid nature lovers.

Whether its hike trails, bird watching, camping, fishing (fly or regular), etc., here you’ll easily narrow down to plenty of sites for the same. 

Additionally to all other natural retreats the country has a rich history of fly fishing dating back to almost a decade.


The sport is held in an organized manner in many places of the region.

People who’re specifically interested in catching some rare fish breeds must try out incredible freestone rivers and lake sites beheld with alpine vegetation in addition to the famous mysterious chalk streams. 

We’ve listed down a few rivers, lakes and tributaries with diverse freshwater fish species for people who would love to have something new out of their fishing routine.

People who mostly try out fine fly fishing techniques with alterations of different aspects like casting, selection and presentation would love to visit these places for a pleasant and distinctive experience



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Idrijca - unique fish species

Being among the most sorted and challenging fly fishing rivers in Slovenia to pull out a unique fish species, Idrijca River and its tributaries also make as a fine place for unwinding in harmony with nature.

The river hosts a surreal aquatic life of its own with its exceptional mix of freestone chalk streams making fishes selective for feeding.

Chances are that you can gaze or even catch the salmonids queen – the marble trout fish


Kolpa river

Is Sava’s southern tributary and has a divergent wild life at a wide scale.

The green and yellow surroundings on the streams are due to the route being a part of the remote Karst river region.

Kolpa inhabits fish species such as hucho, grayling, rainbow trout, brown trout, etc.

Graylings have a prominent presence from December to February and trout can be found in abundance in the November month. 

Fly fishing in Slovenia - river Kolpa 

Radovna River - popular fly fishing location

Being among the popular fly fishing locations in Slovenia the Radovna river was to evidently be on the list.

The giant river is a magnificent alpine site with a variety of water bodies with deep pools, strong currents and of course the unique aquatic creatures.

Brown and Rainbow trout are the fish varieties in abundance. For a little fishing time travelers can cross the Srednja Bridge towards the striking Vintgar Gorge region.


Sora river

The river is perched in the town of Sora and is another tributary to the splendid Sava.

From the source the river divides in two forks having excellent fish varieties with the brown trout being the prominent species of the region, with a fine quantity of grayling as well. During the months of winter fishers can easily spot the rare Danube salmon.

The most suitable season for fishing is between the months of April-October and November – February. 

Savinja - brown and rainbow trout and more

The Savinja river is one of the water bodies directly adjoining the Sava river from other side of the mountain in Kamnik – Savinja Alps.

The river is among the larger tributaries of the Sava and a fisher’s paradise with crystal clear blue water for a flawless fly fishing in Slovenia experience.

The river located in Eastern Slovenia is home to aquatic creatures such as the grayling, brown and rainbow trout.

Travelers can choose to fish between the months of mid-April to November. 

Soca River - perfect retreat for nature lovers and fish catchers

While you’re staying in the Soča Valley, you’ll have the enchanting sight of Julian Alps adjoinging the banks of the famous Soča River.

The river bank marks a perfect retreat for nature lovers and fish catchers as well.

Your catch of the day can range from marble trout, grayling, rainbow trout, brook and brown.

The river packs a profusion of fishes from different families and is among the most remarkable places for getting the catch of your choice. 

Fly Fishing in Slovenia - river Soča 

Kamniska Bistrica - magnificent catches

Being one the prime discussed locations among fishing circles in the country, Kamniška bistrica is a little freestone river amidst the lush green alpine surroundings of the Kamnik – Savinja Alps.

The tiny fishing site isn’t much far away from the Kamnik town.

Mostly you’ll get to experience fly fishing techniques with magnificent catches such as native spooky browns.

Care to head a little downstream and you’ll notice that graylings become a dominant part of its aquatic life as well. Months between April to November are suitable for fly fishing in Slovenia. 

Lake Bohinj - the largest alpine lake in the Slovenia

The lake is famous as the largest alpine lake in the Slovenian region with deep depths touching down around 40m.

A traveler who is looking to fish in calm and peaceful surroundings must try out this place.

People either fish from the lake shore or rent a boat from nearby.

The lake is home to come fish species like Lake trout.

However there are a few certain rules to know before you make your way here such as you cannot fish from the bridge side and people are not allowed to use live bait.

Travelers can grant a day’s license for fishing in the lake region. 

Lake Cerknica - disappearing lake

Lake Cerknica is also called as the disappearing lake, mostly with higher water levels.

With full water it also becomes the largest in the country.

Being in vicinity of little chalkstremas, the lake offers fish varieties of northern pikes, carp, rudd, tench and chubs along with rainbow and brown trout.

Months between May to January are ideal for fishing. 

Unec - loved by fishers worldwide

This is among the prime chalk stream locations and is loved by fishers worldwide.

The naturally occurring stream is home to variety of flora and fauna and has very less effect to agricultural practices.

With sedge hatches being in prominence the Unec streams make ideal surroundings for dry fly fisherman. The stream is also composed of other fish fauna such as native browns and the grayling.


Before you go on your next fly fishing in Slovenia spree ...

... make sure to check on the regulations of the area and you’re complying well with them throughout the tour.

These places are a total retreat for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts as well.

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