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Best Spearfishing Mask
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Spearfishing equipment, at least a good one, often comes at a price. So, when spending money, you should spend it on the best possible product, especially when it comes to masks.

This is extremely important if you have some specific demands considering certain mask features, like face width or even prescription.

The best spearfishing mask is the one that will perfectly fit your face, it will never fog, will be resistant to scratches, and it will enable you to fish comfortably without having to worry about your equipment. There is nothing more annoying than constantly adjusting your mask or having problems with leaks.

Spearos should choose masks made by reputable manufacturers. This is the same advice that I give for every product. It doesn’t have to be high end, or the most expensive, but must be reliable.

After decades of recreational diving, and many masks used, I decided to create this guide to help you avoid mistakes, and to find the perfect mask immediately.

Here I will tell you more about spearfishing masks and list the best ones you can get for a reasonable price. Enjoy!

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My No. 1: Mares Viper

Runner-Up: Omer Wolf



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How to Choose the Best Spearfishing Mask? [What Should You Look For?]

The best dive mask for spearfishing has to meet certain demands and you have to consider the following features:

Lenses and field of view

Lenses can be clear, tinted, or have reflective coating. Tinted lenses may not be the best option for spearos as they make distinguishing targets a bit more difficult. Field of view varies a lot among masks. Some have greater vertical filed, while others have horizontal. High underwater vegetation (like kelp) requires greater vertical field of view.

Number of lenses also plays a role, as well as the frame. Single lenses have uninterrupted field of view. Two lens masks give more upward/downward view, while multiple lens masks have additional lenses on the side that enable very broad field of view.

Fit and comfort

People come in various shapes and sizes, and finding a perfect fit for your face shape is crucial. Mask has to fit comfortably, not too firm but not loose. This will ensure comfort and prevent water leakage. Nose pocket is very important here. Flexible pocket allows you to pinch your nose when necessary.

Straps and snorkel attachment

Straps and buckles have to stay in place, but they also have to be easy to adjust. Cheap masks often have problems with that.

Additionally, snorkel attachment may or may not be a part of your mask. If you plan to use a snorkel, make sure that the attachment point keeps the snorkel up and behind your head firmly, to prevent water leakage.


Mask volume is one of the most important features, although beginners often skip this part. Low volume masks have various benefits, including easier pressure equalization during your dive.

But, if you have to choose between volume and field of view, go for better field of view. Low volume is important, but it doesn’t have to be extremely low like free divers often choose.

Skirt color

Skirt is the silicone part around the mask. It can be transparent, black, or even white. Transparent lets more light in, while black reduces glare. Which one you will choose depends solely on your wishes.

Best Spearfishing Mask - Wide Face

Is it Possible to Get Prescription Dive [Spearfishing] Masks?

The best spearfishing mask for those who wear glasses is a prescription mask. But, be careful with those. It is extremely hard to find a company that makes accurate prescription masks, especially for uses with astigmatism or similar conditions. Many advertise as the best, but I have come to conclusion that not all of them can be classified as such.

Luckily, I found one, and to be honest, I don’t plan to buy from any another manufacturer than this ever again. My colleagues who are into spearfishing, as well as myself, all use masks made by this company!

Marko, the owner of, has extensive experience in optics, and he is also a passionate diver. That is the perfect combo for prescription mask creator.

The company uses high end equipment to create a mask that will provide incredibly clear vision for every user. So, to answer your question, YES it is possible to get a prescription mask, but you have to be careful where you get it.

Don’t worry, I will mention these masks later on, and give you some useful links. If you are looking for a spearfishing prescription mask, you are in the right place!

What is the Best Spearfishing Mask for Beginners and Pros?

Now when you know what to look for in a spearfishing mask, here is a list of my top 5 choices!

All of these masks are top quality, and I will mention their basic features, as well as pros and cons of every model.

My No. 1 Mares Viper CHECK
Runner-up Omer Wolf CHECK
No. 3 Cressi Nano CHECK
No. 4 Omer Aqua CHECK

#1: Mares Viper Black

Mares is probably the most popular mask brand around the world. Even kids and recreational snorkeling lovers know it.

Viper model is a 2-lens mask that looks (and feels) very powerful. Its main purpose is to provide a spearo wearing it incredible comfort, perfect fit, and wide field of view.

It comes in three colors, black, green, and brown. The S/M size fits perfectly those with average face size, no matter the shape.

It is suitable for both beginners and professionals, due to incredible technical features.

Skirt is extremely soft from the inside, and silicone quality is impeccable. Silocone encased frame eliminates friction. Lenses are low profile, positioned close to the face, so that the volume of the mask can be even lower.

Same as every other mask on this list, it comes in a prescription version that enables perfectly clear and sharp vision.


• Suitable for both spearos and apnea divers.

• Ergonomic buckles with double buttons for fast and precise adjusting process.

• Stays in position extremely well.


• Not suitable for very wide and large face shape.

#2: Omer Wolf

Omer is another excellent mask brand and deserves a place on this list. Wolf model looks traditional at first sight, but it is actually a sophisticated and modern spearfishing equipment.

Same as Viper, size fits S/M faces perfectly, even to those with wide face shape, who frequently struggle to find a mask that fits like it was tailored for them.

Extra low volume makes pressure equalization easy, and large nose pocket is very comfortable. Frame and skirt are integrated.

This two-lens model uses high quality tempered glass which is extremely durable and resistant to outside influences. Wide field of view is perfect for spearos.

Strap and buckles are extremely comfortable and easy to adjust.


• Extremely lightweight.

• Frameless construction is providing extraordinary comfort.

• Lens proximity to the eye gives extra wide field of view.


• Available only in brown color.

#3: Cressi Nano Dark

Cressi is another classic. This high-quality brand is praised by many spearos around the world, and when you try it, you will see why.

Nano Dark model fits perfectly to those with M/L face size. It looks very modern and futuristic, so it is great for spearos who want to combine aesthetic with incredible performance.

This mask is excellent for both free dive spearfishing and scuba spearfishing (if allowed of course). It is a versatile piece of equipment that will meet all your needs.

Radial frame divided into two parts improves water tightness, enables very wide field of view, and gives incredibly small volume.

In addition to all that, Nano Dark is incredibly light. What I really like about it is the comfort. There is no suction effect, and the mask just perfectly sits on your face.


• Integrated swiveling buckles that enable outstanding adjusting precision.

• Extremely durable, resistant, and I would dare to say unbreakable.

• Angled lens that provides wider low and side field of view.


• Not ideal for very small faces.

Best Spearfishing Mask - Cressi

#4: Omer Aqua

Another Omer on this list is model Aqua. As you can see, I am a huge fan of the brand.

This mask, same as previously mentioned Nano Dark, fits perfectly to those with M/L face size. Black color, and simple and classic look, make it one of the most popular models.

Although it fits those with M/L face, it is actually a very small mask. It is designed especially for deep spearfishing.

Unlike all previous models, this one may be a bit better for experienced spearos, and not complete beginners.

Silicone on the skirt seals the mask perfectly and you can rest assured that not a drop of water will enter the mask.

Nose pocket has a grippy texture, which makes pressure equalization an easy process. Strap is made from rigid silicone, and two clips are used to adjust it.


• Ideal for deep-water spearfishing.

• Field of view is perfect.

• No matter what you do, it will never move on your face.


• As it is designed for deep diving, strap is harder, and it is a bit less comfortable but extremely safe on your face for rapid ascents.

Best Spearfishing Mask - Omer

#5: Cressi Calibro

And last, but not the least, is another Cressi Model called Calibro. If you are in a search of S/M fitting mask, search no more!

Dual lens design positions lenses closer to the eyes in order to reduce volume.

Fog Stop system ensures that your vision is limited only by the clarity of the water. Special lip design around the nose prevents fog formation.

Integrated frame means that the frame is integrated into, instead of overlapping, the skirt. This feature improves water tightness and reduces the mask weight.

Due to light weight and incredibly comfortable design, you will forget that you are wearing it. Matt black color reduces reflections. Skirt is reinforced with structural veins for maximum durability and rigidity.

Tilted lenses with wider profile expand the field of vision.


• Available in tinted version.

• External part of nose pocket is designed for easier pressure equalization.

• Adjusting the mask is very easy and precise.


• Not suitable for very wide and large face shape.

FAQs about Best Spearfishing Mask:

In case that you need any more answers before deciding which mask would fit you best, here are frequently asked questions about spearfishing masks.

Dive Maske vs Spearfishing Mask - What is the Difference?

The best dive mask for spearfishing is not the same as the one for scuba diving or snorkeling. Scuba masks are bigger, bulkier, and their profile is larger. In addition to shape difference, there is a color difference too.

Spearfishing masks are never brightly colored, and they are very subtle. Regular scuba/snorkeling masks often have higher volume and pressure equalization with such masks is a bit harder.

For recreational diving I am using Aqualung Look.

It has prescription lenses, classical design, and provides great comfort. It is state of the art mask, but due to its different features, it is more suitable for diving. If you are looking for a diving/snorkeling mask, think about this one.

Another similar model is Aqualung Look HD. What makes it different from the one I am using is the size. This one goes well for smaller faces and it is suitable for ladies due to reduced size.

If you wish to have a versatile model, and prefer masks with single lens, there is a perfect model to consider. Aqualung Plazma Blue is perfect for recreational divers who like brightly colored masks and classic design with one lens and uninterrupted field of view. It is available in Olive color too, for those preferring a bit less brightness.

What is the Best Spearfishing Mask for a Wide Face?

Spearos with wider faces often have problems fitting a mask. Luckily, some manufacturers took that into consideration when they designed some of best spearfishing mask for wide face.

There are two excellent options. One is Scubapro Frameless Gorilla. It fits L/XL face size, and I assure you, it will fit no matter how big and wide your face is.

This model is a pioneer of frameless design. Silicone is soft and comfortable but durable. Lack of frame makes it easy to store. Field of view is excellent.

Another option is previously mentioned Aqualung Look HD. If your face is wide, but it is not generally considered big, just widely shaped, this mask could be a perfect fit.

What is the Best Low Volume Mask for Spearfishing?

Benefits of low volume have been described, and if that is the most important feature you are looking for, there are two options for you.

Mares Viper and Omer Wolf were both mentioned in the previous chapters so you can look back to see the specifications again. Both of these have incredibly low volume in addition to increased field of view. These two features combined make them the best.

You know how I said that if you need to choose between even smaller volume and view you should go for the view? Well, here you don’t have to choose because these incredible masks have it all!

Spearfishing With Full Face Mask - Is it Possible?

Spearfishing with full face mask is a big NO. These masks are designed for surface and very shallow use. Such masks gained popularity a few years ago, but they are nothing, but a cool gadget used to observe interesting marine life from the safety of small depth and shore proximity.

From CO2 buildup within the mask, to lose fitting and water leakage, there are many red flags for any kind of serious use. Spearfishing is fun, but it can be very dangerous if you don’t use the right gear.

You could maybe try spearfishing in a few feet of water, but I would advise you against it.

What is the Best Mask and Snorkel for Spearfishing? [How to Make a Good Combo?]

The best mask and snorkel for spearfishing should be reliable, durable, and fit well together. I already mentioned a lot of mask models, but to make a perfect spearfishing mask and snorkel combo, you need a snorkel.

Cressi Corsica is an excellent model that is simple and reliable. Classic U shape enables easy cleaning, silicone that goes into the mouth is very comfortable, and large diameter enables better oxygen transfer.

If you are not a fan of Cressi as a brand, there are two more options that are compatible with masks listed here. Those are Aqualung Nautilus and Omer Sub Zoom. Both are quality made and suitable for spearfishing. It is a matter of your personal preference.

Best Spearfishing Mask - Snorkel

Is There Any Spearfishing Mask With a Gopro Mount?

Many of us like to capture the best spearfishing moments, and one of the best ways to do so is to use an action cam like GoPro.

The best spearfishing mask with gopro mount needs to have a lot more features than just being able to hold a camera. These masks still need low volume, large field of view, and they need to fit perfectly and stay in place firmly when holding a camera.

One for the best is Beuchat GP1.

It has all the qualities of an excellent spearfishing mask in addition to a camera mount.

Another option is Cressi Action.

I don’t have to tell you a lot about their features, you can check out the links to read the detailed info. What I want to say is that these masks will never shift or leak even with a camera attached. That makes them different from almost all other brands.

Which Type of Mask is Most Suitable for Spearfishing?

I think that you already found out all of the details that a good spearfishing mask needs, however, here is a short recap:

• Low volume
• Two lenses
• Comfortable fit and soft but durable and reliable silicone
• Nose pocket constructed for easy pressure equalization
• Low profile
• Lightweight
• Subtle color

Spearfishing mask needs to have all these features to be suitable for the job. Good mask can significantly improve your spearfishing experience!

What Makes a Good Spearfishing Mask?

So, what makes the best spearfishing mask? I just listed all the feature it needs, but how to distinguish good from bad?

High quality materials have to be used. Silicone must be soft and well fitting but durable and reliable. Mask needs to be ergonomically shaped and watertight.

Glass should be tempered for extra protection. If you don’t have perfect vision, your mask should be a prescription one.

Straps have to be comfortable, and easy to adjust up to a millimeter. Resistance to fogging is a must, and all reputable manufacturers design masks that perform excellent in that aspect.

Even if the mask has matt color fishing from the outside, it shouldn’t be matt from the inside of the skirt as that could cause water leakage and imperfect fit.

To make sure that you are getting all that, always buy from reputable manufacturers even if they cost a bit more.

Best Spearfishing Mask - Type


The best spearfishing mask has to meet all the strict criteria that makes it suitable for such an adventurous, but potentially even dangerous, sport.

Spearfishing is by no means easy, and spearos need reliable equipment that will improve their performance. Things become even more complicated if your vision is not perfect, in which case, you need a prescription mask.

I strongly advise you not to use snorkeling, scuba diving, or full-face masks for spearfishing. Invest in a proper product and enjoy the benefits of masks designed especially for that!

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