3 Steps to Choose the Correct Rod Building Thread

Rod Building Thread

Choosing the right thread for your custom rod building project can sometimes feel like navigating a maze filled with various lengths, materials, and manufacturers.

You're searching for the ideal thread that will not only secure your guides but also contribute to the visual appeal of your fishing rod.

It's important to find a balance between durability and aesthetics to ensure your finished rod can withstand the elements and the test of time.

As we discuss the essential factors for selecting the appropriate size, type, and brand of wrapping thread, you'll understand why each decision is essential for a successful rod building project.

But before you proceed, keep in mind how the incorrect thread choice can transform your craft from a potential work of art into a disappointment.



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What Exactly is a Wrapping Thread?

Wrapping thread is essential for attaching guides to a fishing rod, combining practicality with aesthetics.

You can choose from color-treated, regular nylon, metallic, and polyester threads.

However, nylon wrapping thread or polyester threads require a color preserver to keep their color vibrant over time. Applying color preserver is generally a good practice, even if you're unsure about it.

Be aware, though, that metallic thread is not as strong as regular nylon.

It's excellent for adding decorative touches like decorative butt wraps, trim bands, or inlays, but it's not designed for the more demanding task of securing guides.

It's important to select the right thread to ensure your rod is both durable and visually pleasing.

Rod Building Thread - Colors

STEP #1: Correct Size of Wrapping Thread

Choosing the appropriate size of wrapping thread is essential for your rod building project.

The standard sizes include A, B, and D, each offering unique properties that will impact your construction. Consider the thread's thickness, tensile strength, and the type of finish it will provide to ensure optimal performance of your rod.

Size A Thread

For those who enjoy creating their own freshwater or light inshore fishing rods, size A thread is a popular choice due to its fine .006 diameter, which provides a smooth finish.

This slender thread wraps snugly around the rod, lending your work a polished look. Its minimal bulk means it doesn't add extra weight or cause a bumpy surface, making it perfect for subtle designs and complex patterns.

When aiming for an aesthetically pleasing appearance, size A thread is reliable. Its small diameter allows for a more even coat of finish, resulting in a sophisticated, attractive look that complements the rod's overall design.

Keep in mind that the finer the thread, the more wraps required, but the end result is a well-finished product that is sure to be admired.

Size B Thread

While size A thread suits lighter tasks with its fine finish, you might discover that size B thread's slightly thicker .008 diameter is a more adaptable option that's simpler to handle and still achieves a professional look.

It's ideal for many projects, offering a middle ground between the ease of size D and the precision of size A.

You'll notice how size B thread wraps with the facility of the thicker D, reducing some of the effort during the wrapping process.

After completing your work, the outcome resembles the neatness of size A, providing the desirable smooth appearance. Essentially, size B thread combines ease of use with outstanding results in the finished product.

Size D Thread

When you're diving into the world of rod building and need a thread that's both user-friendly and robust, size D thread should be your choice.

With a .010 diameter, it's especially suitable for beginners due to its thicker build, which allows for a smoother wrapping process.

Preferred for constructing heavy offshore rods, this thread offers the necessary strength and durability for such demanding applications.

Size D thread's advantage lies in its ability to cover the rod blank swiftly while providing a sturdy base for your wraps. Its thickness is an asset for newcomers, who might find it more forgiving than thinner alternatives, reducing the likelihood of creating gaps or an irregular finish.

For those who are serious about their rod building endeavors and are preparing for a significant catch, the size D thread stands out as a reliable ally.

It strikes an ideal mix of simplicity in handling and robustness, essential for crafting a dependable fishing rod.

Rod Building Thread - Size

STEP #2: Correct Type of Wrapping Thread

Having determined the appropriate size, the next step is selecting the suitable type of wrapping thread for your rod building project.

Nylon and polyester threads stand out as popular choices, each providing unique benefits for your construction. Consider also the option of color-treated threads for enhanced durability and metallic threads to add a touch of sparkle.

Nylon and Polyester Thread

In rod building, the choice between nylon and polyester thread is a matter of personal preference regarding elasticity and color durability.

If you opt for nylon, bear in mind its significant stretchiness, which can be beneficial or not, depending on your desired wrap tension. However, be aware that nylon may lose its vibrancy or alter in color if you don't apply a color preserver.

Conversely, polyester thread has less give, which results in firmer and more uniform wraps, and it maintains its hue more effectively over time.

Your decision will influence the final details of your rod, so weigh the pros and cons. Is it more important for you to have flexibility in the feel of your wraps, or do you value consistent tension and long-lasting color? The decision rests with you!

Color Treated

When choosing your wrapping thread, look for options that have been treated for color retention, as these are made to keep their color even after epoxy is applied.

This feature is especially useful when using nylon and polyester threads. Standard threads may fade or alter in color when coated with epoxy; however, threads that have undergone a color treatment are crafted to resist this effect.

The treatment includes a color preserver that secures the dye, ensuring the coloration of your finished rod matches your initial vision.

So, for a design that stays true to your concept, select color treated thread. This straightforward decision will contribute to the longevity and aesthetic of your custom rod, ensuring it remains vibrant and professional-looking for the long haul.

Metallic Thread

When you choose metallic thread for your rod building project, you're opting for a touch of shine that remains vibrant without the need for additional treatments.

Metallic threads are excellent at keeping their color and luster over time.

While these threads are robust against fading, applying a color preserver can still be beneficial (it's not must-have). It can act as an extra shield, particularly if there are any concerns about the thread's durability or if the rod will often encounter rough conditions.

It's all about protecting the look and performance of your custom rod. So, if applying an extra protective measure ensures the longevity of your handiwork for more fishing trips, it's worth considering.

Rod Building Thread - Brand and Type

STEP #3: The Best Brand of Wrapping Thread

When selecting a thread brand for rod building, it's essential to rely on the quality that will reflect in your work.

Brands such as Fuji, Pac Bay, and Pro Wrap are well-regarded for their long-lasting nature and wide selection of colors. Let's look at what distinguishes these brands and how they contribute to a superior rod building experience.


If you're in the market for high-quality rod wrapping thread, Fuji's Ultra Poly should be on your radar due to its excellent finish adhesion and resistance to the elements.

This specialized polyester thread, developed jointly by Fuji and Anglers Resource, stands as the marine industry's preferred option for its longevity under conditions such as constant saltwater and UV exposure.

Ultra Poly is not only durable but also a pleasure to work with. It offers a vibrant, colorfast finish that will elevate the appearance of your rod building endeavor. The advanced production process ensures uniform colors and performance with every spool.

You have the option between the regular Ultra Poly, which can receive a coating to preserve its color, or the NOCP version that retains its color without additional treatment, ensuring a selection that speaks to dedication and dependability.

Rod Building Thread - Fuji

Pac Bay

While Fuji's Ultra Poly sets a high standard in rod wrapping thread, Pacific Bay also provides a selection of superior threads, which includes nylon, Stay True (NCP), and metallic varieties, to personalize your fishing rod with a unique touch.

When selecting threads, consider Pacific Bay options, recognized for their exceptional quality and assortment, ensuring your custom rod not only functions excellently but also has a sleek, professional look.

Opt for nylon thread for its timeless appearance and resilience. If you're seeking a thread that maintains its color without the need for a color preserver, Pac Bay's Stay True thread is an excellent choice. And for an added touch of shimmer, their metallic thread will give your rod an eye-catching glow.

Make your selection to mirror your personal style and meet your angling requirements.


When searching for the ideal wrapping thread for your rod building endeavor, ProWrap rod building thread emerges as a leading choice with its broad spectrum of hues and unique 'Color Number System' for straightforward identification.

Through meticulous development over the course of a year and rigorous testing by expert rod builders, ProWrap™ presents a palette of 140 dynamic colors in a variety of types such as Nylon, Color Fast, Metallic, Twist, and Braid.

You're sure to discover the hue that perfectly aligns with your creative vision, with spools available in 100yd, 1oz., and 4oz. sizes. The 100yd snap spools are specially crafted to integrate effortlessly with power wrappers.

ProWrap thread is known for its robust tensile strength and uniformly radiant colors, which are a result of the pressure dyeing process.

The Color Number System streamlines your search, enabling you to quickly locate the precise shade you desire through its exclusive number.

Rod Building Thread - ProWrap


Armed with knowledge of rod wrapping threads, ensure you choose the appropriate size to meet the requirements of your rod, select a type that complements your fishing approach, and prioritize quality by opting for a well-known brand.

By following these guidelines, you'll secure a thread that not only has an appealing appearance but also withstands the challenges of your fishing pursuits.

Enjoy your rod crafting journey and may your fishing lines always be tight!

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