Top 5 Materials for Durable Fishing Rod Grips and Handles

Materials for Grips and Handles

Navigating the vast selection of fishing gear, the choice of material for your fishing rod grip and handle is as important as the lure itself.

A successful day on the water relies on comfort and control, which is why materials such as EVA foam, cork, carbon fiber, Hypalon, and rubber are top contenders.

Each material offers unique benefits, from the soft touch of cork to the robust durability of carbon fiber.

So, let's examine the details to help you determine which material will serve you best on your fishing excursions.



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These are TOP Grip And Handle Materials

First - it's essential to distinguish between the fishing rod grip, which is the part where the angler holds the rod, and the handle, which is the section that attaches to the reel. 

And now, let's explore the top 5 materials for these essential components ...

EVA Foam

EVA foam is highly regarded for its superior comfort and resilience, making it an excellent choice for fishing rod grips and handles.

As you engage in rod building, it's essential to select a grip material that will contribute to a well-crafted custom rod.

EVA is preferred by many for its ideal mix of cushioning and traction, which helps reduce hand fatigue during extended periods at the water's edge.

The robust nature and weatherproof qualities of EVA grips ensure that your handle kits are built to last, enduring regular usage and exposure to water, along with the outdoor elements.

Trust in EVA foam to preserve its form and function, providing a consistent, comfortable experience from your first to your hundredth fishing excursion.

Materials for Durable Fishing Rod Grips and Handles - Eva Foam


While EVA foam provides modern comfort and resilience, cork continues to be a classic material for fishing rod handles, valued for its natural durability and visual appeal.

Rod builders often choose cork to achieve the ideal balance of traditional and functional design.

A cork handle offers a solid yet comfortable grip, critical during extended periods of fishing. Its long-lasting nature is a result of its inherent qualities, allowing it to endure the demands of regular use.

Cork's vintage appearance also contributes to the aesthetics of your rod, providing a harmonious addition to the reel seat and butt cap with its refined look.

When selecting a material for your fishing rod, consider the lasting attributes of cork - it represents a dedication to artistry and sophistication.

Materials for Durable Fishing Rod Grips and Handles - Cork

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber grips are an excellent choice for anglers who demand high-quality performance from their fishing rod handles.

This material is not only about cutting down on weight; it's about resilience as well.

Carbon fiber is capable of withstanding the rigors of casting and reeling in fish while maintaining the structural integrity of your rod.

The durability of carbon fiber is also noteworthy.

Whether you cast your line in saltwater or freshwater environments, these grips endure without deteriorating like other materials might, ensuring a longer life for your fishing equipment.

As you search for the finest gear for your fishing trips, consider the benefits of carbon fiber - a material that keeps pace with even the most rigorous fishing activities.

Materials for Durable Fishing Rod Grips and Handles - Carbon Fibre


Surpassing the toughness of carbon fiber, Hypalon grips present a synthetic rubber alternative for anglers that shines in both comfort and endurance.

The distinctive attributes of Hypalon position it as an exceptional selection for your fishing rod.

It's celebrated for its superior resistance to wear and tear, ensuring that your grip stays in prime condition even after extensive use.

This material also resists various chemicals, safeguarding your equipment from the potentially damaging substances you might face while angling.

Choosing those grips means opting for more than just robustness; it means a guaranteed comfortable experience during the prolonged periods spent fishing.

The composition of the material offers a steady yet gentle hold, enabling precise and effortless control of your rod.

It's this blend of persistent endurance and comfort that establishes Hypalon as a favored material among dedicated fishers.

Materials for Durable Fishing Rod Grips and Handles - Hypalon


Rubber fishing rod handles provide a reliable hold even when wet and are known for their simple care and enduring strength.

They excel at offering a secure grip, which is crucial during intense fishing battles and challenging weather.

Cleaning them is straightforward as well, as they tend to resist the accumulation of dirt and grime more effectively than cork or foam, making post-fishing cleanup less demanding.

On the downside, rubber may add a bit of weight to your rod, potentially altering its feel and handling. It is also not as soft as some other materials, which might reduce comfort during extended periods of use.

Nonetheless, if a strong grip and robustness are your main concerns, rubber handles are a dependable option.

Materials for Durable Fishing Rod Grips and Handles - Rubber


So, here's your guide to the leading materials for fishing rod grips and handles.

Opt for EVA foam if you're after something light yet resilient. If you prefer the organic touch and floatability, cork is your go-to.

Carbon fiber offers a sleek, robust option for those seeking advanced technology in their gear. Choose Hypalon for superior resistance to weather conditions, and if you need a reliable grip even in wet conditions, rubber handles are the best bet.

With these options, you can find the perfect grip for a comfortable fishing experience and improved control over your rod.

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