Top 7 Resources to Learn Rod Building [Paid + FREE]

Resources to Learn Rod Building

If you weren't familiar with fishing rod building before, you are in the right place!

By definition, rod building is a skill that allows complete customization of rods. This trend is very popular in fly fishing, however, it is not limited to only that technique. Learning this skill is very beneficial for creating highly specialized rods for the task, reducing long-term equipment costs, and understanding fishing equipment better. 

Custom fishing rods can be ordered from suppliers, but the skill can also be learned to do it yourself. And that is what I am going to focus on here. 

Due to growing interest in custom rods and rod builders, numerous resources became available for the anglers to use to find everything they need about the topic. 

So, before you decide to invest in materials, read everything you need to know about this process. 



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Benefits of Learning Custom Rod Building

There are numerous benefits to learning custom rod building. Besides the obvious I will mention, I have to tell you that first of all, it is fun! It is a way of participating in fishing even when you are not on the water.

First of all, you can make a perfectly customized and personalized rod. You can choose every material, number of guides, color, flexibility, sensitivity, strength, and all other features that make a fishing rod.

Besides, having all the tools, skills and materials may be an investment into saving a lot of money later on. If you know how to fix and service the rod, you don't have to pay others to do it.

Creating your rod to catch a targeted species means that you will gain a greater understanding of all fishing gear components and you will have a better feeling for rod handling.

Top Paid Resources for Learning Rod Building

When I started being interested in great rod building art, resources to learn were very limited and I had to get by with a lot of improvising. Luckily, this trend is changing and you have a variety to choose from. so, here are the best ones available for purchase!

Buy Online DIY Courses

So let's start with online content in the form of classes. Rod building experts offer a variety of courses

Firstly, you can buy in-depth video tutorials which will show you every step of the rod building process. Experts will share every tip and trick you need to create a rod. Such content is usually much more detail-oriented than free versions

In addition to that, you can subscribe to webinars where experts will share the same knowledge, often in real-time. 

This is usually followed by Q&A sessions where attendees can take part and ask for clarification of any described process, or simply ask for advice for a specific problem they encountered while making their rod. 

One of my favorite service providers is MudHole. Besides being incredible experts, their customer service is also above standard.

Resources to Learn Rod Building - Online Courses

Comprehensive Guidebooks and e-Books

Some people prefer reading over watching videos. You may think that videos are easier to follow and steps of rod creation are shown better, however, this is not always the case. Text, accompanied by pictures, can be equally detailed.

Rod building guidebooks and E-books offer step-by-step instructions that you can follow in real-time, without the need to pause a video. These materials often contain numerous troubleshooting tips as those who wrote them, encountered every possible problem, and know what usually troubles new builders.

If you are a fan of guidebooks, I would recommend you to check out Advanced Custom Rod Building by Dale P. Clemens.

It is an old book, but don't let that turn you down from it. This book contains all the base knowledge you need to set up a foundation for your future expertise.

Resources to Learn Rod Building - Books

FREE Rod Building Resources

If you are still not sure if you want to give money for specialized classes and books, you are interested in rod-building crafts but you are not yet sure if you will dive into that hobby, there are free resources you can use.

Here are the best ones!

Get Access to Online Forums

Forums are in my opinion one of the most useful parts of the internet.

You can connect with people from all around the world, of various experience levels, and you can get answers to all kinds of questions.

By reading rod building topics you can learn some tips or share them, and you can see other people's experiences.

If you encounter a problem while making your rod, you can engage in a troubleshooting process with fellow enthusiasts!

You can participate as much as you want or need!

Resources to Learn Rod Building - Online Forums

Reading Blog Articles

A lot of anglers and rod builders, including myself, have websites and blogs where experiences are shared.

By reading those, you can learn a lot. You can see where to start, find some recommendations for the best rod-building suppliers, and learn various tips and tricks. 

Builder will share their projects and you can find a lot of inspiration in articles. Of course, you can combine this resource with other resources to expand your knowledge.

Resources to Learn Rod Building - Blog Articles

Social Communities

Luckily, today we have social networks where people with the same interests participate in various groups. In a way, it is similar to forums, where you can ask for advice or share your experiences. 

Facebook has a big community of anglers and various open and closed groups around the world. No matter where you live, I assure you, there is an angler community online! 

This is also a great way to ask for help with some troubleshooting you need along the building process.

Resources to Learn Rod Building - Social

YouTube Videos

YouTube is an endless source of different videos that can be very useful for rod builders.

From short versions to in-depth guides, you can search for whatever you need! And the best of all, these tutorials won't cost you anything!

Even providers that offer paid content on their sites, share various videos on YouTube! 

Learning through visual demonstrations is usually the first step novice builders take, and you can choose among a variety of channels dedicated to rod building.

Mud Hole and Flex Coat has a great channel. I already mentioned their paid classes, but this is also great! 

Joining Local Clubs and Groups

You can find fishing clubs almost everywhere. Even if there is no official club, there are local popular waters where anglers often congregate. 

By becoming a part of such groups, you will connect with people who build rods and you can participate in this hobby together. Besides, there is no better way of learning than having someone to show you how a certain task is done in person.

Resources to Learn Rod Building - Local Clubs

Ask Friends

If you have a friend who is a part of the rod-building world, you are the luckiest person ever! A friend can introduce you to all the necessary knowledge. 

A friend can be your mentor and teacher, can help you with troubleshooting, and can help you meet others with the same interest. Borrowing tools, sharing experiences, testing your new equipment.... There is no limit. 

Or you two can simply help to popularize this incredible skill in your area. 

Mud Hole (Email Customer Support)

Because I mentioned Mud Hole twice already, here are a bit more details...

Mud Hole is a site that offers building kits for purchase and has some of the best classes

It is an excellent place to start learning, even if you do not plan to pay for premium classes. Guys running that company are very involved in this business and have excellent relationships with their customers. 

If you have any questions, you can email them and get the answer!

Resources to Learn Rod Building - Email Support


Rod building is not an easy journey ...

There is a long way from beginner's mistakes to becoming an expert. What I can say to you is that every single step of the way is worth it! Holding your rod gives you an incredibly rewarding feeling. 

When you learn this technique, you will have perfectly customized rods, you will gain a lot of knowledge, and reduce costs in the long run. 

Even if you haven't thought about it previously, now is the time to consider creating your own rod! There is a lot of available guidance and support!


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