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Looking for new fishing gear? If you want to go fly, carp, ice, bass or pike fishing, you may wonder what type of equipment you need to get started. No matter if you are a complete beginner or expert fisherman you will need specific rods and reels designed for every fishing style. After that you will also need hooks, weights, floats, tackle box, clothes and many other things. But remember - the key for first time anglers and experts is to keep it simple and don't buy cheap fishing gear because you will buy it twice.

So, We’ve researched and tested the best fishing accessories to help make your fishing trips more enjoyable. Explore new waters with our pick for the best rods, reels, boots, clothes, kayaks and many other things. Enjoy reading ...

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I'm Sina, the guy behind This site is base camp for fishing enthusiasts from all over the world. I love fishing and want to share all my stories, knowledge and my experience with any and all potential anglers. Read more ...




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