Crocs for Fishing: The Perfect Outdoor Footwear?

Crocs for Fishing
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Crocs… You either love them or hate them at first sight, but there is so much more about this footwear than just appearance.

They are comfortable, light, and actually quite grippy on various surfaces. So, the question arises: are Crocs for fishing a good choice?

Crocs can be very good footwear for various fishing conditions. They are completely made of rubber, dry fast, and won`t slip while you are walking. Excellent to wear in warm conditions during summer, these shoes will make you feel relaxed while standing on the shore.

However, some limitations do apply. They do not protect your ankles and are not suitable for very rough terrain where you could get injured without proper footwear.

You can choose among dozens of models and colors, so I am sure that everyone can find something that will suit their needs.

If you are still unsure about Crocs being a good fishing choice, read on to find out more details!

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What to Look For When Buying Fishing Shoes?

When buying fishing shoes, you must consider the fishing conditions you will encounter on your adventures. It is not the same to choose shoes for a local well-maintained pond or for a 5-day wilderness fishing expedition.

Here are features to consider:


Fishing is done around wet and slippery surfaces, so the bottom of the shoe must provide as much traction as possible to prevent slipping and falling.


When you are standing all day, shoes must be anatomically designed, and the sole of the shoe must be comfortable and soft from the inside to absorb impacts while moving. That will ensure long term comfort while wearing them.


Shoes must be either water resistant so that they don’t get wet, and your foot stays dry (important for cooler months of the year) or they have to be fast drying (important for summer when you want light and breathable but dry shoes).


Good quality shoes should be lightweight, especially if you move around a lot.


Fishing can be messy, so it is always a plus if the shoes can be cleaned easily.


It is always a plus when shoes are easy to put on and off your feet.


Although sometimes light and breathable, fishing shoes should be firm enough to withstand a lot of use, and stable and connected to your foot well enough to prevent your foot slipping inside the shoe a lot. An example of slipping and possibly tripping over are flip-flops which are not recommended.

Crocs for Fishing - What to Look When Buying

Are Crocs Good for Fishing? YES or No?

So, regarding all qualities of a good fishing shoe mentioned above, are Crocs good fishing shoes?

The answer is YES, they are.

These shoes, due to meticulously placed holes, drain water fast and dry fast. They are also extremely easy to clean after every use, and although not extremely cheap, their price is affordable.

You can buy them in any color you want, from camouflage while catching carp, to bright orange that can be useful on a large ocean fishing boat where you will always be able to find them quickly!

And these shoes float! If you drop them into the water, you can easily fish them out.

Crocs are comfortable, light, breathable, offer enough traction, and are great for summer months. When it comes to terrain suitable for Crocs, there are limitations due to lack of tight fit that holds well, however if you don’t plan to jump around the cliffs, Crocs may be the best choice.

You can use them even for walking through water, although I wouldn’t exactly call them wading shoes. But more about that comes in the following chapters.

Overall, Crocs are a good choice for anglers.

Crocs for Fishing - Are Good

What are the Benefits of Using Crocs for Fishing?

I have already listed some of the good features, but if you still have doubts, here is a bit more detail about their benefits.

Although funny looking according to many people, these shoes have excellent anatomical properties, and their shape is perfect for all day standing. There are many copies on the market, however when you put on the original ones, you will notice a massive difference, in a positive way. The sole follows the natural shape and curvature of the foot and offers excellent cushioning.

You can put them on as slippers or use the band on the back side to stabilize them a bit. Both variations enable you to put them on fast. If you are fishing from a kayak or a tiny boat, that feature is great. And if you add their buoyancy, even if you drop them, you will easily get them back.

Their light weight will make you forget that you are wearing shoes! And after a long day on the water, you just rinse them off and go celebrate your big catch in a local pub!

Are you also looking for what to wear fishing? I wrote all article about that topic - read it!

In What Conditions Are Crocs Good For Fishing?

Crocs for fishing don’t work well in all conditions. In my experience, these shoes are perfect for ponds, piers, and all shores that are relatively flat and easily accessible. You can actually use them on many lakes, rivers, and eave seacoast, where there are no cliffs or rough terrain. Besides that, you can use them on boats and kayaks too.

Of course, due to their open design, these shoes are usable for warmer months of the year. Below you can find a bit more details for various terrains.

Can I Go in Water With Crocs While Fishing?

As already mentioned, Crocs for wade fishing are not the best option. They are quite loose around the foot and can float off. Their buoyancy makes it harder to navigate through moving waters and the grip, although good, is not good enough for serious wading. Besides, if the water clarity is poor, you don’t see where you are stepping, and you can injure your foot in half-open shoes.

But if you are not wading, and just want to enter the water a little bit where the bottom is flat and the water is calm, you can do it whenever you want! Just make sure to use the band on the back side to prevent your foot slipping inside a wet shoe.

Is It Okay To Wear Crocs for Rock Fishing?

When it comes to rocky terrain, it depends what kind of rocks we are talking about. Wearing Crocs for rock fishing can be ok if you are fishing on flat rock surface or gravel, however sharp and large rocks or cliffs require more suitable footwear than Crocs. Sharp rocks can cut these shoes and injure your foot.

Also, rocks must be clean and dry, without wet weeds to prevent slipping.

Crocs for Fishing - for Rock Fishing

Is It Okay To Wear Crocs for Boat Fishing?

Using Crocs for boat fishing can be excellent in certain conditions!

Kayaks and small boats are an excellent environment for these shoes; however some caution is needed on bigger boats where you are walking around.

If you plan to wear them on a boat, make sure that the boat is clean. If there are greasy surfaces, or some leftovers from cleaning fish or baits, you could easily slip. Otherwise, you are perfectly fine to wear them! Of course, the band should be used to stabilize them.

Is It Okay To Wear Crocs for Surf Fishing?

Surf fishing is very popular in summer, so naturally you want to wear comfy light shoes. Choosing Crocs for surf fishing can be an excellent idea!

Walking in them on sand is excellent as they stay on top and don’t sink in it, especially when the sand is wet. You can enter the water, navigate on an occasional rock on the beach, and use them in all surf conditions. Just avoid going into the deep water.

Crocs for Fishing - for Surf Fishing

What Are the Best Crocs for Fishing?

Among numerous models, it can be hard to choose the best one. It all depends on your needs when you are considering specific colors and models.

These are my favorites:


This model is suitable for most conditions and the most versatile there is. Neutral dark green color goes with camouflage clothing if necessary, and the classic design offers all benefits while fishing.

More Info and Price:

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For those who need to become invisible on the riverbank, this design is perfect! Camo color blends into the environment and that big cautious carp won’t see you coming!

More Info and Price:

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If you are looking for perfect fishing shoes that are also a bit stylish, choose this model! Excellent for piers and boats where you don’t need camo features, and also great for a night out in a small fishing town on vacation!

More Info and Price:

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Crocs for Fishing - Best Sellers

FAQs about Crocs for Fishing:

In case that you have a few more questions about these cool shoes, here are the answers!

Can Wearing Crocs Improve Your Fishing Performance?

Wearing Crocs wont mysteriously make a tournament champion out of you, but your performance may be improved slightly. Wearing comfortable shoes will make you relaxed and concentrated on fishing, which can have beneficial results. Improper footwear will cause discomfort and that can have a negative impact on fishing.

Are Crocs Suitable for All Fishing Environments?

Are Crocs good for fishing depends on the environment and as already mentioned, these shoes are excellent for flat terrains and boats. Use them on docks and flat shores, as well as boats and kayaks and avoid them on greasy or very slippery surfaces such as dirty boat decks or wet and weedy rocks and cliffs.

How do you Choose the Right Size and Style of Crocs for Fishing?

Well, the size depends on your foot, same as with all other footwear (shoe size calculator can help you). You can either measure your foot and order the appropriate size, or you can go to store and try them out to be 100% sure. When it comes to style, go for classic Crocs with a stability band on the back side as that is a crucial part when using them for fishing.

What are Some Popular Color Options for Crocs Used in Fishing?

The best Crocs for fishing come in many colors, depending on intended use. Go for green or camo if you want to blend in the environment.

If you want versatile Crocs that you will use for many things, not just fishing, go for “fancier” design that includes more colors.

If you don’t have to hide from fish (on a boat for example) go for bright and highly visible, in case you accidentally drop them in the water.

How Can You Maintain and Clean Your Crocs After Fishing?

Luckily, Crocs are easy to clean because they are entirely made from rubber. Lack of fabric makes them easy to clean. Rub them with a sponge and a mild detergent, and rinse them out. Let them air dry and you are good to go!

Avoid using washing machines and driers because that will damage the rubber.

 Crocs for Fishing - Maintain


Crocs for fishing can be the best option for summer months on flat terrain! They are super light, breathable, dry fast, and can be cleaned easily.

Anglers can wear them on beaches, pears, and almost all shorelines except for very rough terrain. Entering the water is also easy, however avoid wading if you can.

These shoes may not be the best in the world however their versatility and affordable prices will make you love them when you try them!

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