7 Best (Polarized) Fishing Sunglasses Under 100$

BEST (Polarized) Fishing Sunglasses Under 100$
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Fishing is an outdoor activity that happens during various weather and light conditions.

Staring into the reflective water surface in the bright light can be hard on the eyes.

Protecting them with sunglasses is essential, and I finally found the best (polarized) fishing sunglasses under 100$.

Here you will see that you do not have to spend a fortune to get a quality product ...

In addition, I will answer some of the most common questions asked about fishing sunglasses and give you a few tips on how to choose the right ones in the following chapters:

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My No. 1: KASTKING Skidaway (#ad)

Runner-Up: KASTKING Hiwassee (#ad)

How to Choose the Best Fishing Sunglasses?

Sunglasses for fishing shouldn’t be chosen in the same way as those for everyday use.

You should focus more on their effectiveness and less on their looks.

Here are some tips to follow:


Different colours of lenses have a purpose ...

For low light conditions choose yellow or orange lenses. If you frequently fish during early mornings and before sunset, yellow or orange is the way to go. Gray ones are suitable for various conditions, but they are the best to be used in medium and bright sunlight. Green usually has copper or amber base that ae best to be used while fishing inland. Copper and amber colours increase contrast while the blue ones are good for ocean fishing.


Reputable manufacturers offer lenses with UV protection. Keeping your eyes protected from harmful rays is very important.


Always choose a reputable one. If you buy from suspicious ones, expect a low-quality product that does not work as advertised. Besides, low quality lenses can have a negative impact on your eyes after prolonged usage.


While fishing, you will move a lot, look in different direction, sweat and tilt your head forward. Make sure the sunglasses fit, otherwise they will be sliding up and down your face, or even fall off.


You can choose between two options, glass and polycarbonate.

Polarized lenses were usually made from glass that is scratch resistant and offers a great view. Today, you can find polarized polycarbonate lenses too. Polycarbonate ones are much more resilient to impacts if they fall and they are lighter.

For those who like to fish in extreme conditions, polycarbonate lenses are the way to go.


Too curved lenses will impair your vision.

The front part should be straight while the part that goes around the eye should be curved. If you can, try them on and look around in all directions in a way that you move your eyes but not the head. If you have troubles seeing or focusing on small objects, the glasses don’t have adequate curvature.

And now - Let's get started!

Best polarized fishing sunglasses under 100 with Baitcasting reel

7 Best (Polarized) Fishing Sunglasses Under 100$

All of the models listed below are polarized, but why is that important?

Polarized sunglasses are made in a way to reduce the glare reflected at different angles.

During fishing, they enable the angler to see through the water by reducing the glare in conditions where you would only be able to see the glare when not wearing polarized sunglasses.

I will list the best polarized fishing sunglasses under 100$ and all of the features related to a certain item on the list that should help you decide which ones are the best for you.

Hopefully this list will make it easier for you to decide which one to buy ...

#1: KASTKING Skidaway Polarized Sport Sunglasses

KastKing Skidaway sunglasses are ideal for outdoor sports, especially fishing, and they are suitable for both men and women. They are available in different lens colours, which helps you pick the ones you need the most. Lenses are 2,5 inches wide and cover the eye in a way to protect it from all directions ...

Lenses are impact resistant which is beneficial in two ways; the sunglasses will be resistant to rough use and falls, but they will also protect your eyes from branches, dirt and flying hooks without scratching.

Lenses are just 1 millimetre thick, which is usually a characteristic of high-end and pricy glasses. Lenses have no vision distortion and you will be able to do all kinds of tasks when wearing them, including tying your hooks. They even offer a full UV protection.

Material used for frames is Grilamid, which is strong, light, flexible, UV resistant and impact resistant.

These sunglasses are ideal for anglers who spend multiple days in nature and want to have a quality product. KastKing sunglasses (#ad) cost on Amazon around 30$ but you can often find them on a discount.

Most importantly, they are very comfortable and won’t slide down your face even when you are sweating.

#2: KASTKING Hiwassee Polarized Sport Sunglasses

This model comes from the same manufacturer as the previous one, but it is a bit cheaper.

You can also choose among different lens colours. It is also suitable for men and women.

These sunglasses are almost the same as the previous ones when it comes to UV protection, lens thickness, diameter, and materials used in manufacturing.

KatsKing Hiwassee have a padded nose part for comfort and their shape is slightly different. Unlike the previous model, this one has a bit more rounded outer part of the lens. Polarized lens removes all the glare and you will be able to see clearly in any light conditions.

This model is very comfortable and lightweight so you can use it from sunrise until sunset without feeling any discomfort.

You can Buy it on Amazon (here (#ad)).

#3: SUNGAIT Men's Polarized Sunglasses

Sungait polarized sunglasses are unfortunately available only for men. That means they are a bit wider and could be loose on a smaller women’s head.

The lens has a 2,55inch diameter and it offers full UV protection. You can choose from a variety of lens colours. They are scratch resistant and very durable. There is no vision distortion and the lenses offer a clear vision.

Frames are made from Al-Mg metal alloy and are extremely lightweight and durable. Depending on where you buy them, you can even get a warranty on them, as the manufacturer guarantees that they will never break.

These sunglasses are made for heavy use in all kinds of conditions. Temples have rubber covers and skid protection so they will always stay in place, even when wet. Nose pads are adjustable so that the sunglasses can fit every shape of the nose.

Sungait sunglasses cost on Amazon around 20$ which is extremely cheap for such a good product (#ad).

These are very comfortable to wear and that is also very important to every angler. The only downside I can state is that the frame does not go all the way around the lenses so there is no protection for the lens edge if they fall.

#4: MERRY'S Unisex Polarized Sunglasses

As stated in the headline, these sunglasses are suitable for both men and women.

Potential buyer can choose among various lens colours to get the best possible protection for their needs.

Lens diameter is slightly smaller than the previous models and it is 2,2 inches. Lenses offer full UV protection and vision clarity with no distortion.

Metal frame is sturdy and light. Nose pad is one-piece and it is not adjustable. The frame is also impact resistant and can be used in rough conditions.

These sunglasses (#ad) come at extremely low price and cost around 12$ (on Amazon).

Materials used in production are not as advanced as in the previously mentioned models but considering the price, these sunglasses are definitely worth it.

If you are buying on a budget, these are the best cheap polarized fishing sunglasses. These are also great spare sunglasses to have, just in case.

#5: RIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Rivbos polarized sunglasses are made for men only. You can choose from numerous lens and frame colours.

These sunglasses are made from plastic, unlike all of the previously mentioned models. Polycarbonate lenses and a plastic frame make them light and flexible. Polycarbonate lenses are less scratch resistant but are very resilient and you will not be able to break them easily.

Lens width is 2,52 inches and they are the perfect size to protect the eye from all directions. Lenses have mirror coating that eliminates the glare completely, has no distortion and offers a full UV protection. Mirror coating decreases the amount of light that can go through the lenses and these are ideal for fishing in very bright conditions.

The manufacturer claims that these sunglasses are impossible to break and often you can get a warranty with them.

With a price around 20$ Rivbos polarizes sunglasses are a great deal (#ad) on Amazon. They sit very comfortable on the face and won’t slip even if wet.

#6: HULISLEM S1 Sport Polarized Sunglasses

At a first glance, Hulislem sunglasses look very sporty and suitable for outdoor activities.

You can choose from a few lens colours, which is less than the previously mentioned models.

This unisex model is completely made from plastic and it is so lightweight that you will have a feeling like you are not wearing them. They will never slip and are very comfortable to wear.

Mirror coating is suitable for even the brightest conditions and will fully protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

Frames are impact resistant. The lenses are cut from a single piece and they offer great depth perception and vision clarity. This is especially important for anglers as they have to do precise work while tying knots and do similar activities. Lenses also enhance the colours without distortion.

Same as every plastic sunglass, these are impact resistant but they can be scratched. If you are on of those anglers who frequently drops their sunglasses, this model is for you (#ad)

#7: UNDER ARMOUR Igniter Sunglasses Oval

Under Armour is one of those manufacturers that is famous for great price-quality performance.

When buying these sunglasses (#ad), you can choose different lens and frame colours. The standard lens width is 2,55 inches but the model is available in smaller and larger size too.

The model is suitable for both men and women.

Frames are made from grilamid while the lenses are polycarbonate. Lenses are impact and scratch free. They offer full UV protection.

Colour contrast is amazing and there is no distortion. Depth perception can be compared to any of the more expensive models and manufacturers on the market. Special lens coating makes them harder to scratch than other polycarbonate lenses and it even repels water. Every angler knows that wet sunglasses impair vision and that can happen in the worst moment.

Frames are sturdy but very light and impact resistant, with an adjustable rubber nose pad that feels light and comfortable. Temples are slip-free so you can use these sunglasses in any kind of conditions, even wet. These sunglasses will fit perfectly on every possible shape of the face.

These sunglasses cost on Amazon around 76$ which makes them the most expensive ones on this list. However, if you have money to spend, these are definitely the ones you should go for.

Best polarized fishing sunglasses under 100 dollars for flyfishing

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) about Fishing Sunglasses:

There are a few questions that frequently come up when talking about fishing sunglasses and I will answer them here.

Some of the answers were briefly mentioned in the previous chapters but here I am going to provide more detailed answers.

What are The Benefits of Polarized Sunglasses?

It was already mentioned that polarized sunglasses reduce glare, and the glare on water surfaces is much stronger than the glare on land. The same goes for ice fishing, or fishing in winter when there is snow. But how does it work?

The chemical filter on the lenses is made in a way to block the light coming from any direction except vertical.

Only the sun rays coming from above can go through the lens, while all other directions are disabled. In that way, glare coming from the water surface can’t penetrate trough the filter and the filter eliminates it.

The result is that you will see a bit darker surroundings but the details will be much clearer.

The downside is that you will not be able to use them if you have to look at LCD screens (for example, navigation systems on a boat or mobile phones) because the filter will block the light and you won’t be able to see it.

The benefits of these sunglasses are the following:

• Clear vision in very bright conditions
• Minimal colour distortion
• Increased colour contrast
• Minimal glare
• Minimal reflection
• Minimal eyestrain

These benefits are important for anglers who look at reflective water surfaces for prolonged time.

Are Polarized Sunglasses Really the Best for Your Eyes?

Well, it depends. But if you are an angler, or any kind of outdoor enthusiast, then the answer is YES.

They will improve and sharpen your vision, but make sure you choose a model which offers full UV protection. UV protection is important because it prevents UVA, UVB and UVC rays to enter your eyes, which preserves your vision in the long run.

UV protection is a must-have and most of the reputable manufacturers integrate it in their lenses.

Enhanced contrast and clarity are also important to prevent small injuries while handling the equipment which can occur as a result of not being able to see something because of the sun.

What Colour Sunglass Lens is Best for Fishing?

We already mentioned this in the first chapter, but here is a bit more information.

Grey colour is the one to choose if you are frequently changing locations, light and weather conditions and seasons. If you want to have just one pair of sunglasses, grey is the way to go.

All of the models on best fishing sunglasses under 100$ list are available in grey colour.

Other colours should be chosen if you like to fish in specific conditions that require colour changing.

Which Brand of Fishing Sunglasses is the Best?

This question is not easy to answer.

There are numerous reputable manufacturers that make quality products. Their models have slightly different characteristics but you can’t go wrong with any of them. It is a matter of personal preference.

Avoid cheap copies. Spending a fortune is also unnecessary because often you pay a name, not the superior quality, and it is possible to find the same product for less money.

If I have to choose one, I would say Under Armour (or maybe Kastking).

Their models are a bit more expensive than other ones on the list, but it is a money well spent. They are comfortable, lenses are excellent and they can withstand rough use for a long time. It is everything that the average angler needs.

What is “Sight Fishing”?

Sight fishing is a term used for seeing the fish under the water surface. Surely you can do that in the perfect conditions, but it can be much harder than it sounds if there is bright light, a lot of glares and reflections and bad light conditions.

The best polarized sunglasses for sight fishing are the ones that have copper, brown or amber lenses, which are used to increase the contrast.

If you want to choose the best ones for sight fishing from this list, go for KastKing. Most of the other models are available in some shade of copper/amber too.

What are The Best Ice Fishing Sunglasses?

The best ice fishing sunglasses are the ones that reduce glare and reflections the most.

Snow and ice can reflect up to 80% of sunlight and that is extremely harmful for the eyes. Staring at the snow without protection can even cause temporary snow blindness.

You should also choose the ones that block blue-light. It can penetrate deep into the eye tissue and long-term exposure can cause irreversible damage.

Lenses to choose are blue ones, possibly mirrored. Another good option is grey but the blue ones are the best.

Extremely bright conditions and strong glare has to be minimized in the best possible way. Avoid yellow and similar colours that are suitable for low light conditions. In glare prevention in snow, noting can beat the mirror blue.

Most of the models from the best polarized fishing sunglasses under 100$ list are available in blue colour, but the Rivbos model is available with a very good mirror coating.

What are The Best Prescription Sunglasses for Fishing?

Unfortunately, some anglers have impaired vision and have to use prescription sunglasses.

When choosing lens colour and other features follow the same rules as everyone without prescription. Unfortunately, to get good prescription sunglasses, you will have to spend a bit more money.

A lot of popular manufacturers or their resellers offer prescription lenses, which can be easily fitted into existing frames, and one of those is Under Armour.

Choosing cheap ones can result in further vision damage and maybe it would be good to visit an optician or a specializes store.

About Polarized Sunglasses in Short VIDEO: Check!

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, polarized lenses can give you clearer vision.

More about that you can see in this short video ...


Choosing the right pair of sunglasses for fishing adventures can be overwhelming. That is why I listed the best polarized fishing sunglasses under 100$ to make your buying decision a bit easier. By choosing any model listed in this article will not go wrong.

Eye protection is extremely important and except for blocking UV lights and enhancing vision clarity, sunglasses are a physical barrier in front of your eye that can prevent possible injuries while fishing.

Always buy from a reputable manufacturer, choose the right lens colour for a specific task, especially if you are ice fishing. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to make your fishing experience better.

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