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Are you a beginner who is struggling to land a fish? Or do you just want to explore a bit more and improve your tactics? Then this book might just be the right one for you!

As an experienced angler, I wanted to create a handbook that covers the majority of relevant fishing topics, but I also wanted to share some of my own stories and experiences. This book is not a standard manual, and it offers a bit more than just stating the obvious. I decided to share my personal views and try to identify common mistakes that almost all beginners do. When you finish reading it, hopefully, you will have enough theoretical knowledge to avoid “bad” fishing days and to have a foundation on top of which you can build your experience on the water!


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Benefits of reading this book

You will get a lot of useful tips that will improve your technique and help you catch more fish. There is also a lot of information about common mistakes and ways how to avoid them. You will also learn a lot about reading the environment and using natural occurrences to your advantage.

Dramatically improve your technique

There is a difference between real fishing and trying to catch a fish. You have to learn the proper way of doing it in order to do it successfully.

Maximize the effect of your fishing baits

Learn how to present your baits, and how to choose them in accordance with the fish species, time of the year, and water you are fishing at.

Learn the facts and ignore the myths

The fishing world is full of myths about fish that some anglers blindly follow and believe in. Learn how to distinguish facts from fiction.

Stop spending money

You don’t need 20 different reels to catch a fish. You need one good one. Learn how to carefully choose your equipment!

Stop doing classic mistakes

About 9/10 beginners do the same mistakes over and over again. Be smart and learn from other people`s mistakes instead of yours!

Stop losing your catch

It is not enough to make a fish interested, the goal is to provoke a bite, set a hook, and land the fish without losing it throughout the process!

About the Author


My name is Siniša Pintar and I am an outdoor enthusiast and an angler with 30 years of experience. In the past years, I thought a lot about how all of that experience changed me and how can I do something useful for novice anglers. Writing a book seemed like a good idea, and as something that can sum up all my knowledge and experience.

Internet is great, and I am very proud of this website, however, books have a completely different impact on the reader. You can “dive” into them, disconnect from everything else. In a way, reading a book is similar to fishing, as both activities can free your mind.

Hopefully, I did a good job, and I sincerely hope that all of you are going to enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it!


What readers say


Some of you may have a lot of questions, so here are a few answers that will tell you a bit more about the book and the access to it.

The eBook is in a PDF format that is complete with text and illustrations that is super easy and fun to read on any device!

How does forever sound? You will have access to this eBook and all future updates forever once you make this purchase!

This book is for every fishing enthusiast no matter the experience level. Some will learn new things while others will refresh their knowledge!

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