Fishing Report: Small babushka, big carp - we enjoyed it!

My Fishing Report - Transom Razvanje

Let’s start from the beginning ...

Many of you who regularly visit this site have probably noticed that I don’t post much about my fishing experiences here, and you possibly wondered why?

Hmm, NO, I didn't get married, I didn't have a child, I just devoted a little more time to my second "love”. That is running.

But don’t worry, I promised myself that from now on it will be different, and I will focus more on fishing than 12x 1000m at the athletics stadium.

I plan to fish for carp, but I don’t mind catching some smaller babushka, or even catfish. Something bigger is an option I wouldn’t mind either.

Through the past years, I found many friends while running, and I also found out that there were anglers among them. And one of them was with me on this fishing ...



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And then We Went to Transom in Razvanje!

For all of you that are not familiar with Slovenian waters, and trust me, there are many, here are a few words about it.

Transom pond in Razvanje is a small pond (actually two of them) with plenty of fish, that were created after clay extraction in the area. Situated very close to Maribor city, this pond attracts many locals during their free time.

Some simple fishing rules apply to this location, and you can find out more details here ...

AND here are also some my facts about this specific location in case you decide to visit. Believe me - you won't regret it ...

- Angers mostly float fish here as it is proven to bring results.
- I usually start with baits on the bottom, but if there is no activity, I immediately start presenting my bait around 20 centimeters / 7.5 inch below surface.
- On hot days, like this one when we went, fish tends to move closer to the shore; sometimes you can catch it literally in front of you.
- Regular temperatures require a bit longer casting, but not too far away.

But let’s get back to the topic. Check below how it was when I and my "running angler" went fishing ...

What Was Our Morning Preparation?

After a long time passed after my last fishing day, you would expect me to stand in line for fishing license well before 6AM, however, that was not the case that day.

We started at 9 a.m., when the sun was already blazing - I knew it would be a hot day.

Why you wonder? Well, first we went to fishing store to get some basics for the day, like bait. And then we had to go to another store to get the basics for us (read: beer and sandwiches)!

And then we arrived ...

Transom is a two-pond location. Initial plan was to fish the big one, but as the wind was strong, we decided to try our luck on the smaller one.

Not a single soul was there! As expected, as it was middle of a working week. Such a pleasure to listen birds singing and sounds of nature so close to the city. We enjoyed that silence and opened a beer.

Bait Preparation - What We Used?

We were fully equipped to eat and drink; however, the fish must also eat to get caught!

First stage is to prepare some chum. On this location I use powder like tagger, mixed with some other attractive ingredients like corn, wheat, or anything similar.

To make it even better, I add tasty dip Hot Demon that makes carp go crazy! Flavors of carp bait should be chosen in accordance with time of year, if you are interested (and you should be) check it out here. This time however, I did not use boilies.

As a hook bait I have chosen sweet corn.

My Fishing Report - Transom Razvanje - Baits

How the Day Went? WoW, Action!

My friend caught a fish very fast, but it was just a small babushka. Nevertheless, it gave us confidence for the rest of the day!

Shortly after, another was caught, and then small carp followed. A little later it was my turn...

There is nothing to say about this place except the rules of Razvanje are the same as ever – if you want to catch a fish, go to the small pond, and you will succeed!

The sun was already too strong, and we were also driven by the desire to catch something bigger...

Then we decided to change the location and move to a bigger pond, where there is shade and where are BIGGER FISH (mainly carp).

Quickly after we put away all the fishing equipment and opened our third beer, I put three small corn kernels on the hook and casted ...

Not even two minutes passed, and the float disappeared!

It pulled the rod from the chair, and I dropped my beer to set the hook!

Wow, ACTION, I knew it wasn't a babushka, but a slightly bigger carp...

My Fishing Report - Transom Razvanje - Catch

Another one came right after it, and I could conclude that the change of location was a good idea.

Well, you know what we always say - when fishing, always be prepared to change the LOCATION as quickly as possible - always keep this in your head (I also write about this in my fishing book).

Finally, I can only say this: "Fishing with good friends is always nice!"

What Else Should You Know?

Bait and location tips I mentioned can be used in other ponds too, and this approach is not specific to this place.

I told you it was a hot day, so let’s define that. Do you know what are the best temperatures for carp fishing?

Cold water doesn’t suit carp, so warm days are great. Water temperature range between 9 and 22 C (47 and 72 F) will give good results, but the best results can be expected in the upper third of this range, from 16 to 22 C (60 to 72 F).

For other fish species, check here:

Considering bait, you are not limited to corn only. There are various options for these small and stagnant waters.

You can use boilies which are always a great option. You can also try with bread – cheap but effective bait that can be added to various chumming mixes or used alone. Just make sure to check if all these baits are allowed in your location.

My Fishing Report - Transom Razvanje - Carp

The End!

If you think that I will now tell you more about those carp caught in the big pond - no, I WON'T. Hehe. :)

Watch the video above (if you haven't already) where everything is shown! From how we started our day which we enjoyed immensely to how we finished!

Of course, this was not my only adventure on the water, and you can enjoy the other ones in my fishing reports!

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