What is the Best Color Jigging Rap for Walleye? These Ones ...

Best Color Jigging Rap for Walleye

Jigging is one of the most fun and effective ways to land a walleye! And to be successful, you must choose your lures carefully.

From the shape and size of your jig to presentation, everything plays a role in attracting hungry walleyes, including color.

So, what is the best color jigging rap for walleye? Unfortunately, there is not one color that fits all situations, and like with any other lure, you will have to consider specific conditions. If I had to point out some of my favorite, those would be yellow perch and anything with chrome.

These fish are not too picky and shy, but they also won’t bite just anything you serve to them. From water clarity, to light, it all plays a role in lure selection.

What I would advise you before even getting into details is to always have a selection of different colors, as sometimes fish can be a bit unpredictable and what worked yesterday may not work today in same conditions.

But you have to start somewhere, and here is a short guide!



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What Kind of Lure is Jigging Rap?

Firstly, let’s define this lure. Jigging rap is a lure popularized by Rapala, the famous lure manufacturer.

It is made specially for jigging, where it can stand out by moving in circles. The body is well balanced and weighted, minnow shaped. It works incredibly well under ice, and you probably know that ice fishing for walleye is one of the best ways to catch it! Another great surrounding for jigging rap is open water.

It features a single hook on the head and tail, and the treble hook suspended on the bottom side.

This lure is available in various sizes and color patterns, from natural shades to very bright and visible.

When it comes to optimal running depth, the great thing about is lure is that it is variable, and you can use it to bounce off bottom or almost anywhere else in water column.

It is naturally sinking which is also excellent when jigging.

Is Jigging Rap Good for Walleye Fishing?

Before even excluding a specific jigging lure, I must tell you about this technique used for walleye.

Walleyes like to bite on jigs (when using vertical jigging or slow pitch jigging) throughout the year, and anglers use jigging spoons, jigging swimbaits, or horizontal jigs. All of these have advantages and disadvantages. Spoons work great in murkier waters, swimming jigs in clear, while horizontal jigs are extremely versatile.

As you can see, you should carefully choose your lure. Jigging rap works excellent in open waters where you have to cover a lot of distance. You can cast it and bounce it off the bottom, as this usually brings the best results.

But this excellent lure is not limited only to open water surfaces, and it works equally good in winter under ice. When it comes to ice, keep in mind that this lure naturally has circular movement so it can cover a larger area under ice too. The best technique here is to lift it, let it fall, and then pause. Repeat in different rhythm to make it look more natural.

This is what makes this jig effective and special. You can either cast it in the open, or let it fall through the ice hole.

Another feature to consider is size. Larger ones for deeper waters in summer, and smaller ones for spring and autumn when fish are in shallower places.

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What is the Best Color Jigging Rap for Walleye?

Now when you know all the benefits, you should decide about colors!

The best color jigging rap for walleye is the one that suits specific fishing conditions ...

Natural colors

Natural looking colors that are not enhanced. Those include yellow perch or bluegill color, anything with green, brown, or similar neutral combinations. If you are looking for the most versatile ones that work in some “standard” conditions, those are the ones to choose. Regular light, water not too murky, and hungry walleyes all around.


Any jigging rap with chrome details can work excellent during very bright days where chrome reflects natural light. This attracts walleyes from a distance.

UV and Glow

Jigging raps are available in these enhanced and well visible colors that work wonders in murky waters and low visibility conditions. Almost any color you can imagine is available in glow or UV version.

Variations that include options from above are by far my favorite, but you are not limited to only those.

If I could give you one piece of advice, it would be to fill your tackle box with different colors and sizes to change on the spot whenever that is necessary!

Best Color Jigging Rap for Walleye - Tackle Box 


Choosing the best color jigging rap for walleye is a big step toward successful fishing, but it is not the only one. Experienced anglers know that lure presentation and understanding of fish behavior are also important.

If you don’t have much experience with these lures, I advise you to choose colors that are versatile, like yellow perch, and go from there.

Those are the ones that can work in various conditions, and you will be amazed how productive jigging for walleyes can be when done right!

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