Do You Use a Swivel When Jigging? Here is My Opinion ...

Do You Use a Swivel When Jigging

Everyone always talks about rods and reels, but sometimes, even the smallest part of your fishing setup can make a huge difference.

All of this is especially important for beginners who don’t yet know how and why to use some standard items found in everyone’s tackle box. Here I will focus on swivels and jigging.

Do you use a swivel when jigging? Using it is not necessary, however it can also improve your jigging experience, depending on circumstances. You can use standard swivels, or snaps, and both have certain advantages and disadvantages.

It is possible to tie a jig directly to the line, and often that works excellent.

In 90% of situations, the simpler the setup, better the result. The same goes for fishing rigs too. Add only what is necessary and when it’s necessary.

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Do You Use a Swivel When Jigging? What I think ...

As I already said, it depends on a situation.

Some anglers use swivels when using leader lines that are different type from main line, for example if they use braid with mono/fluoro leader. But others connect the lines directly.

Swivels are used for preventing line twisting, you could add one when using jigging raps, as those are the ones, I have noticed to twist the line the most.

Other jigs don’t have a tendency to spin and twist the line. Without a swivel, the connection will be stronger and there is a lower chance of fish breaking it off.

In vertical jigging, especially in shallower waters, line twisting is not an issue, and you can attach the line directly to jigs.

Personally, I didn’t notice that fish detect swivels and that it will make them avoid your lure, which is an argument made by some anglers who are advocating against swivels. I just think that they are unnecessary in many circumstances.

If you will use swivels, I advise the barrel swivel for larger fish instead of snaps, as those are most dependable in these situations.

What is the Purpose of Using a Swivel While Jigging?

Do you use a swivel when jigging should depend on the rest of your equipment.

Many anglers like to use snaps to be able to change lures easily. However, snaps tend to cause rotation, and if you are using a snap swivel, swivel part here will eliminate the problem. That is one of the reasons.

Downside of snaps is that they can open under pressure.

Other than that, I don’t see other benefits, and in my experience, it can even mess up the action of a jig, especially for a beginner who is still learning how to feel the lure.

Can You Tie a Jig Directly to the Line?

As already mentioned, YES, you can tie your jigs directly to the line!

By doing so, you are creating simpler setup with less parts, you are eliminating weak points in line, and you are getting better lure action and control. At least when fishing for smaller to medium fish, in shallower freshwater.

This is especially important for horizontally balanced jigs where adding a swivel would significantly reduce the movement of it.

But, if you are jigging for huge saltwater species in great depths with wire leaders, you will need a bit more than just a lure and line.

Can Using a Swivel Improve My Chances of Catching Fish While Jigging?

In some cases, swivel can help you land a fish while jigging. There are two examples where swivels are very useful.

One is for jigging raps that can rotate a lot and cause twisting that reduces lure performance, and it is a nightmare to untwist.

Other is when you catch a big aggressive fish that can twist the line while you are fighting it and reeling in.

Some lures even come with factory built in swivels, and if you are using those lures, don’t remove the swivel.

Also, with snaps, you won’t be too lazy to change lures, and sometimes, changing them is a key to success. You must adapt to what the fish wants.

Do You Use a Swivel When Jigging - Pike


Do you use a swivel when jigging or not is purely your decision, however, if you are looking for my advice, I would tell you to skip this unnecessary item here especially if you are a beginner and practicing vertical jigging.

Swivels have very limited benefits for jigging, and some anglers say it even reduces their chance of landing a fish due to harder lure control.

You can always try and test it yourself and let me know how it works for you!

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