How to Keep Ice Fishing Holes from Freezing? [The Best Way]

How to Keep Ice Fishing Holes from Freezing

I know you have wanted to know how to prevent your ice fishing holes from freezing so bad. I have had to learn how to keep ice fishing holes from freezing through practice, and I must tell you, it proves challenging.

If you haven't experienced these ice-hole freezing ordeals, you may not know the pain yet. The pain of an ice hole freezing out kicks in when you have to lose a fish in the process. A successful ice fishing angler looks for all means to keep their ice hole freezing-free.

This article provides you with seven ways to avoid freezing your ice hole while fishing in icy lakes or other fishing grounds. The methods include covering your holes with thermal hole covers, the ice defense pro mechanism, the ice skimmer technique, and boiling water to keep freezing away.

By practicing these simple methods, you will fish all through the icing period.

So, keep reading to stay ahead of any hardships that come with fish hole freezing.



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How Long Does it Take for an Ice Fishing Hole to Freeze Over?

The conditions prevailing in the environment dictate the rate of freezing for any ice fishing hole. If you experience warm conditions which range from relatively few degrees below freezing point, the water needs a little stirring to prevent freezing.

When the degrees go way below up to -30 degrees, you will be at risk of great freezing. These weather conditions may take the ice fishing hole minutes to form ice sheets that hinder your fishing experience.

Relatively, it will take up to one day for your hole to completely freeze and prevent fishing if nothing gets done to stop the freezing.

So, by monitoring the weather conditions in your fishing grounds, you will understand the need to keep your fishing hole free from freezing.

How to Keep Ice Fishing Holes from Freezing? [7 Best Ways and Tips]

I find the following methods and techniques very effective in keeping your ice fishing hole unfrozen.

Using a Simple Ice Skimmer

If you don't face adverse freezing situations, this simple tool may turn out to be all you need.

I find the ice skimmer affordable and very effective for ice fishing missions. You will need to do a quick scoop in your fishing hole, and the water stays free from freezing.

This tool will be suitable in most of your ice fishing trips. The best ice skimmer will be the one with a long handle with measurements to gauge the early ice thickness.

How to Keep Ice Fishing Holes from Freezing - Ice Skimmer

The Pro Ice Defense

When it comes to using this technique, you will apply some unique technology tactics in fishing.

This method uses the Cold Nation's ice-pro series water circulator. This device helps in keeping the ice fishing hole ice-free. The machine works by circulating warm water to the surface, thus keeping the water ice-free.

Using the Thermal Ice Cover

Do you find it challenging to use ice cups while ice fishing?

The thermal ice cover helps preserve your fishing hole during the freezing period. This cover helps in keeping the ice away during the windy weather too.

You place this cover by slipping it under the conventional ice cups. This cover goes deep to cover the ice-hole, and you will get it with slots for easy removal.

I find the thermaseat covers affordable and very efficient in keeping your fishing hole ice-free. These covers come at affordable prices, and you will be guaranteed continuous ice fishing even when winter wind may be howling.

Using the Ripple Puck Device

Have you noticed that it may take a while for moving water to freeze?

The Lakco ripple puck works by this fact in ensuring that the water in your ice hole stays non-frozen for longer. You need to insert this small vibrating device in your fishing hole, and it keeps the water continuously moving, preventing freezing.

The Lakco Ripple Puck has strong 2 AAA batteries that will keep it running for ten hours, giving you a humble time to fish in a freezing environment.

Using the Tip-Up Hot Box Technique

This method proves very effective in handling a freezing ice fishing hole.

For effective results, the hotbox uses charcoal briquettes to help keep the ice away and let you do your fishing with no ice troubles. Invest in these tip-up hot boxes and keep your ice fishing hole free from freezing any time.

Coal Can do Magic

Although the above methods may use sophisticated technological methods, you may find the coal-can very practical and accessible for that case.

Use the coffee can in putting in a few charcoal briquettes. Drill a hole some inches from your fishing hole and chisel a channel connecting them. Put your coal can at the shallow hole and watch the magic.

The coal can melts the ice, channeling warm water to your ice fishing hole and prevent it from freezing all day. Just refill the briquettes regularly and use it as a method to keep your hands warm too.

Use Boiling Water

Just like the coal can technique, this method guarantees you warmth while ice fishing.

This technique costs you nothing andmay help you fish all day without too much financial investment. You will need to pour a little boiling water into your fishing hole now and then to keep the hole free from freezing.

If you don't want to have a heater in your shack, then use a thermos to store some hot water to help you keep your ice fishing hole all liquid throughout your fishing spree.

How to Keep Ice Fishing Holes from Freezing - Free


You will find it very difficult to fish in a constantly freezing fishing hole.

Using any of the seven methods discussed above, you find the best way to keep ice fishing holes from freezing.

Don't worry when you find your ice fishing hole frozen. Invest in any method above that suits your fishing area and keep those fish coming.

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