Top Fishing Rods in Terraria: What is the Best Choice for You?

What is the Best Fishing Rod in Terraria

When you are not able to go out and fish, you can always make your free time more fun by playing one of the cool fishing games (like fishing simulators).

As a game lover you probably know how frustrating it can sometimes be, especially when it comes to getting the tools withing the game to get the job done.

So, what is the best fishing rod in terraria? The golden rod! It has excellent fishing power, but it is not easy to get it. You will have to complete a lot of quests to get your hands on it.

Even if you don’t have this one, there are other great rods within this game, so if you like it, don’t give up.

Making your rod is also possible, so you actually have various possibilities when it comes to catching a virtual fish!

Here I will tell you more about the golden rod and how can you get it!



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What are All the Fishing Rods in Terraria?

Terraria fishing rods are various, and so is their fishing power. Altogether there is 11 rods, and you can obtain them in various ways.

Here is a list of your options:

1. Wood Fishing Pole – fishing power 5%
2. Reinforced Fishing Pole - fishing power 15%
3. Fisher of Souls - fishing power 20%
4. Fleshcatcher - fishing power 22%
5. Scrab Fishing Rod - fishing power 30%
6. Chum Caster - fishing power 25%
7. Fiberglass Fishing Pole - fishing power 30
8. Mechanic`s Rod - fishing power 35%
9. Sitting Duck`s Fishing Pole - fishing power 40%
10. Hotline Fishing Hook - fishing power 45%
11. Golden Fishing Rod - fishing power 50%

Some of these terraria fishing rods have less power when you play on a device which is not your computer.

Terraria all fishing rods have different velocity and some other features that may be useful when playing. Of course, price goes up with performance. If they are not soled but won, the better the rod the more you have to try to get it.

What is the Best Fishing Rod in Terraria?

So, among all mentioned rods, what is the best fishing rod in terraria? As already mentioned, it is the Golden rod.

With 50% fishing power, it is the most powerful in the game. But, getting it is not easy, I will tell you about that in the following chapter.

Golden rod has the biggest velocity, more precisely 17, and it is quite rare. Although this premium rod is the best for water fishing, it is not so efficient in lava, and if lava fishing, you will have to opt for another rod with better performance.

Hotline fishing hook is an item you will need for lava fishing, and this rod also needs to be used with bait for catching fish.

How do you Get a Golden (or Mechanics) Fishing Rod in Terraria?

Golden fishing rod terraria is the best possession within the game, but it is also hard to get. But, luckily, due to some updates, now this task is easier than it was.

To get it, you will have to complete 30 quests, instead of 50 as it was before. But the problem is, if you don’t get it after 30, you will have to complete 30 new ones. It can get frustrating at times.

But, if you are an angler, you know how it goes in real life, and rushing things never brings good results. You have to be patient as you would be while fishing on a lake.

Mechanics rod is another great rod to have, but that one can be bought. The trick is that it is sold only during specific moon phases (depending on are you playing a desktop or some other version of the game).

You can also get it during solar eclipse. But the trick is, you have to beat the skeletron first. Then you will find the mechanic in the dungeon, and you can buy the rod.

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How to Make a Fishing Rod in Terraria?

Getting your hands on a rod you want is never easy, so how to make a fishing rod in terraria?

Only 4 types of rods can be made, and your selection here is much smaller. The easiest one to make is the wooden pole. To create it, you need 8 pieces of wood. Unfortunately, this rod has the smallest power rating of only 5%. To get the wood, you can cut trees.

Another rod you can craft is reinforced fishing pole. It has better features than the wooden one, and you need 8 pieces of iron for it. In terraria you can find both iron and lead bars, so if you are missing iron, lead can be used to make this pole. Iron is obtained by mining. When you get 24 ore, you can melt them and create bars.

Fisher of souls is the third rod that can be made. For that one you will need 8 demonite bars and an anvil. Demonite is rare, so there are 2 ways to get it. Either from mining or beating the eye of chthulu. You need 24 ores to create 8 bars.

And the last rod that you can craft is the Fleshcatcher. Eight crimtane bars are required for it. It is the same process as with the previously mentioned rod. The difference is that for mining demonite you need a corruption biome for mining, and for this one, you need access to crimson biome.

How do you Use a Fishing Rod in Terraria? [Best Way]

Terraria fishing is fun, but you have to know how to do it right be efficient.

First of all, you need to obtain a rod. Then, you need to catch bait by using a net. When you find some bait, you can go to the water and click on it to make a cast. Then, same as in real life, you have to wait for the float to start moving before you click to reel in.

Your fishing power is influenced by many things, not just the rod. So, watch out for the weather, moon phase and size of the water.

But you can also fish in honey or lava, just make sure that you have the right equipment. And that’s it.

There are no special techniques that can be used, and patience is the key.

What is the Best Fishing Rod in Terraria - Golden


The golden rod is a the one that all players want to get. But don’t get frustrated if you still don’t have one.

What is the best fishing rod in terraria depends on how determined are you. For those who are playing just for fun, other options may be good too.

Besides, you can always create your own rod and make it even more interesting!

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