Is This the Best Fishing (Game) Simulator Ever Made?

Best Fishing Simulator

Many anglers enjoy playing fishing games.

Some of those games are just for fun, while others are more realistic.

Those are called fishing simulators.

There are many of those on the market today, some of them are free, and choosing the best fishing simulator can be a nightmare.

If you don’t have time to test them all, don’t worry, I did that for you.

Here I will explain a bit more about them and list the best ones, in the following chapters:



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What Kind of Game is Fishing Simulator?

Unlike games, fishing simulators offer a touch of reality.

Of course, nothing can replace real life experience, but frequently, real anglers will be more successful while using fishing simulators.

In those, you will have to use certain knowledge about equipment, baits and fish species, instead of just randomly choosing some options and playing.

The best fishing simulators are those which are most realistic ones.

While playing those, you will be able to choose different fishing locations around the world, and fish species available are going to be native for that area.

When choosing equipment, you will have to pick most suitable fishing rod, reel, line, bait, and practice the right technique to catch a fish.

Even the fish species will act differently, to mimic their natural behavior.

Playing fishing simulator can be very fun, and some of them even have an option to connect with your friends who are playing too.

Same as in real life fishing, you will have the option to enjoy solitude, or participate in a popular local tournament. It is up to you to decide.

For those who think this is a bit too much, and would like to start with something simple, there are plenty of cool mobile fishing games, available for both Android and iPhone.

What is The Best Fishing Simulator Ever Made?

It is hard to pick just one and say that it is the best fishing simulator. There are a few great ones, and all have some excellent features. From my experience, the following ones are definitely worth your time.

Fishing Sim World®: Pro Tour

This simulator
is probably as real as it can be.

Here, you are going to build up your fishing career while catching some of the 29 interesting fish species and you will compete with 100 best anglers in the world.

Graphics are great. Fish look, and more importantly behave, very realistic.

You are going to start as an amateur, and build up your experience until you reach elite level. During this journey, your experience and sponsorship will rise.

You can choose to play in one of 10 available lakes ... You can organize competitions with friends, determine your own rules, and even control the weather.

There are numerous options and the more you play, the more interesting it will get.

If you are a real-life angler, you will definitely have advantage over complete beginners.

Organized tournaments are available too, where you will compete with anglers around the globe. You can win titles and upgrade your ranking.

When choosing your equipment, including lures, you will be able to choose items produced by some of the most famous manufacturers.

This simulator is available for PS 4 and Xbox One too. Those who like consoles more than PC will enjoy it.

All of this makes it one of the best fishing simulators out there, and it is one of my top choices.

One more thing - the price: 19,99€ and more!

Russian Fishing

Russian fishing is the one that surprised me the most.

First of all, it is such a good game and it is FREE to play.

Graphics are excellent and when casting, you will have a feeling that you are actually there.

This simulator is great for those who are not interested in competitions or multi-player options. This game is for those who like to fish alone, choose a spot and enjoy fun times.

It is hard to describe it because like this it can seem boring, but it is far from that!

This simulator is still in a development process, and more and more features are going to be added to it. It was made by anglers so the touch of realism is definitely there.

Fish behavior was created in a great way. They will change their feeding patterns in different time of day or weather conditions.

Same as in real-life, while playing Russian Fishing, you will be able to make your own lures.

For those who like participating in challenges and get certain ranking for their skills, that option is available too.

It is available for PC only.

Fishing Planet

Same as the previous one, this game is FREE to. It was created by anglers for anglers, so it offers a very realistic experience.

Graphics are stunning. Surface changes with the wind and depth, so you will have a feeling like you are actually there. Using tackle is based or real tackle, so you will have to be aware of that. The same goes for knowing the fish behavior and choosing the best equipment and lures.

Hydrodynamic characteristics of lures are also made in a way to correspond the real ones. You can switch boat types for boat fishing too.

You can choose from more than 120 fish species, in 19 locations. Three techniques are available, and those are bottom, spinning and float fishing.

As you make progress and upgrade your skills, you will get access to more features and you will never have a feeling that the game is lacking some content.

Overall, this simulator is great and deserves a place on the best fishing simulator list.

You can get it here on Steam. It is also available for other consoles too.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator

The ultimate fishing simulator is available for PC, but also as a mobile app on Android and iPhone.

Good thing about is that you don’t need an internet connection to play it.

It is easier to use than the previous ones when it comes to controls and understanding of different features, so it is a good starting point for users with no previous experience with simulators.

Same as in other simulators, location, fishing technique and gear choice are up to you. It offers a bit less locations and possibilities, and because it is not as popular as some other choices, has less users.

Although it is classified as a simulator, it is a bit less realistic. For those who can’t decide whether to play a game or test their skills in a simulator, this game could be the right choice as it offers features from both worlds.

Retrieving the fish can take a bit long but that is very similar to the real-life experience.

If you have kids interested in fishing, this game simulator is simple enough for them too.

Carp Fishing Simulator Apk

Carp fishing simulator was created for passionate carp anglers, and those who would like to be one.

Despite its name, it offers a few more fish species, and some great locations too.

This simulator is available only as a mobile app, for both Android and iPhone.

Some users prefer playing on their phones instead of a PC, because it is simple and you can play anywhere at any time.

Graphics are great but not really comparable to those on a PC. But for a mobile app, this simulator is excellent.

You can fish during day and night, in various weather conditions. Multiplayer option enables you to play with others too.

Some glitches may occur but they do not present a big problem.

Of course, this game has less features than PC or PS games, but overall, it is a fun one to have.

Bass Fishing Simulator 3D II

Bass fishing simulator is available as a mobile app only. However, it is a great one!

Graphics in 3D are excellent. It enables you to use fish finders to find bass and use an underwater camera to see the fish and position your bait. Even in real life, having some of the best and affordable underwater cameras on the market will have a big impact on your fishing success, so why not using it in a simulator too!

Lure action is great and you can control it well.

Retrieving bass and reeling is quite realistic, and the fish will express similar behavior as the wild fish would when caught.

You can compete with other users around the world and participate in tournaments.

This app has some really cool features and one of the best one is the possibility to set the water temperature and rain.

Bass fishing simulator is probably the best mobile simulator on this list. It is free, so install it and try it (for Android users here and iPhone here).

Fly Fishing Simulator HD

And the last one on the best fishing simulator list is the Fly-fishing simulator.

You have probably noticed that many simulators lack fly fishing technique. If you are a fly-fishing enthusiast, this one is definitely for you.

Casting feels realistic, and you can control the reel and the line quite well. Fish behavior is well programmed, and feeding and fighting feels real.

You can fish in almost 200 locations which mimic the real currents and conditions.

You can choose among a variety of flies, or even create your own. Rods can be chosen so that you get the best possible equipment for a desired purpose.

Different species of trout are available, together with other species like bass and panfish.

The game is FREE, but it offers in-app purchase. For users who make a purchase, all features are going to be unlocked.

This fly-fishing simulator is available for Android, Apple or Windows PC users.

It is realistic enough to be interesting to anglers, but it is really fun too, which makes it interesting for other users.

Overall, I really like this one ...

FAQ's about Fishing Simulator Games:

There is a lot of questions about simulator games, and these two are very common ...

Where You Can Play Fishing Simulator Games?

Fishing simulator games are available for all kinds of devices and operating systems.

Some of them are for PC only, while other ones are available as a mobile app. Some on the list are even available in both options, or for PlayStation and Xbox too.

You can find information about it in the description of every simulator listed here.

No matter if you are an Android, iOS or just a Windows PC user, you will find a suitable simulator for your needs.

If you are interested in PC versions, these are available on Steam. You can download them and play together with other users. If you are not familiar with Steam, that’s ok, because that is the next question.

Mobile apps, although not as realistic as PC versions are cool because you have your phone with you all the time, so you can play it while fishing, waiting for a bus, or you have nothing to do at work.

What is Steam and How Does it Work [Education]?

Some of the best fishing simulator games are available on Steam, but what exactly is that?

Steam is an online gaming library. It’s a community where gamers and developers meet. As a user, you are able to access all kinds of games and information and statistics related to games and your gaming habits. You can make payments via PayPal or using a credit card. And don’t worry, the site is safe and secure.

It is extremely simple to use and user friendly. Even the most unexperienced members can figure it out.

Your games are stored in a library, and their color marks their status. Some are downloaded to your PC and are ready to play, while others are “yours” but not downloaded to your PC.

This way, you can have a lot, and not use precious space on your PC.

Community page enables you to interact and chat with other users, check statistics about games and share screenshots.

For an angler playing fishing simulators, this interactive platform can be a great asset. You will get to know people from all over the world and maybe share some real-life fishing experience in chats.

Great thing about is that you can use it on Linux too.


The best fishing simulator for you is the one that you are enjoying the most.

On this list, you can find the ones I find the most interesting, and it is a good place to start searching for the one you will play.

Some of those for PC are more realistic than I expected and if you like gaming and simulators, you will definitely enjoy them.

Everyone knows how addictive these games can be, so don’t forget to shut it down and go out to enjoy some real fishing too!

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