Best Weather App for Fishing [+ Times & Forecast]

Best Weather App for Fishing

Fishing is an activity affected by weather.

Of course, you can go to your favourite spot in any weather conditions, but your success depends on numerous factors.

From general forecast, to barometric pressure, anglers should always check the weather.

While those forecasts on TV are good for many people, as an angler, you will need more specific details.

Luckily, there are apps you can install, made especially for anglers, which provide all the necessary information.

Here I am going to list the best fishing forecast apps and answer some questions about them, in the following chapters:



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Difference: Weather vs. Best Fishing Forecast App?

First of all, we need to define what is weather.

Weather, basically speaking, describes current state of the atmospheric conditions, including humidity, cloud coverage, precipitation, barometric pressure and wind.

Weather forecast predicts these conditions, based on science and mathematic models, and tells you what to expect. Accuracy depends on data received and how the data is processed.

You will often find long-term weather prognosis but those are just an estimate. Anything longer than about 3 days in the future, shouldn’t be considered completely accurate.

You can see and hear weather forecast everywhere, like radio and newspaper, but these are made for general public, to know if they need an umbrella when they go out tomorrow.

People who are involved in outdoor activities, like sailing, flying or fishing, need more details for small areas, where they are going to be.

There are many apps and websites which provide information about the weather for a specific purpose.

Fishing forecast is basically a program which will keep you informed about weather forecast and optimal weather conditions for fishing. These fishing forecasts are more accurate and frequently updated.

The goal of fishing forecast is to inform you about times when the fish are more active and more likely to bite.

Of course, to know which weather conditions to use into your advantage, you will have to know which conditions are best for fishing. I will answer a few questions about this later on.

What is The Best Fishing Forecast App?

When you are in a search for the best weather app for fishing, you will find dozens of apps and unfortunately, not all of them are useful.

Some of them will show you just partial information, while other will be inaccurate.

When choosing a fishing app, you should choose the one that offers every available information, and is frequently updated.

These apps should provide information about barometric pressure, temperature, wind direction, precipitation an all of the other necessary details. It should also give you an accurate weather forecast for different times of the day.

The more information the app offers, the better it will be for planning your fishing trip.

Additionally, the app should be easy to use, comprehensive and accurate.

Some weather apps are free, while others are not. Sometimes, the price does not guarantee a perfectly functioning and accurate app.

Best Weather and Fishing Forecast Apps [for Android & iPhone]

As an angler, I pay close attention to weather forecast, and I have tried numerous apps for iPhone and Android.

After using them for some time, I was able to single out 6 of the best ones. These provide all the necessary info, and work very well.

If you are in search for the best weather app for fishing, you are in a right place. Here are my absolute favourites:

The Weather Channel

The weather channel is probably one of the most famous weather apps, not just for anglers.

It is accurate, has millions of users and the interface looks simple. It is easy to navigate through the app and everything makes a lot of sense.

Additionally, I didn’t notice any glitches or errors, when it comes to user experience.

This app will show you: wind speed and direction, sunset and sunrise times (which are also important for an angler), UV index, temperature, humidity, dew point and pressure. It offers hourly forecast too.

Radar images are also available, so that you can observe the clouds and make your own estimate about an incoming storm.

It also offers regular daily forecast so that you can see what to expect in the next few days, without having to browse through unnecessary detail.

This app works anywhere and you can set a desired location. Additionally, the app will alert you if there are some dangerous weather conditions.

If you suffer from allergies, this app will inform you about pollen.

Premium version is available for a fee, and it will show you live radar images, remove adds and give you more detailed overview for the next 96 hours.

Overall, this is a very good fishing forecast app and you can get it for Android and iPhone.


Fish weather is the next app on this list of the best fishing forecast apps (available for Android and iPhone).

This app is for fishermen only, and a regular user will not benefit a lot from it.

However, if you are an angler, this one is great for you. Interface looks a bit more “professional” and if you are new to weather apps, it may take a bit to get used to it.

This app collects information from more that 50 000 stations all over the world. It will provide extremely accurate wind details, and it is great for those fishing on the sea. In-app purchase is available to get access to even more details.

Wind alerts are quite accurate and you will be informed if dangerous conditions are on the way.

This app also collects info from fishermen in real time and offers you to bookmark favourite places.

Besides wind, FishWeather will give you information about tides, sea surface temperatures and satellite and radar images. Additionally, nautical charts are available.

For sea/ocean anglers, this may be the best choice.


Fishbrain is a bit different app.

It will give you information about weather, but also a lot more. This app is very interactive and enables users to create fishing logs and maps.

You can search for certain fish species and get information about local fishing conditions and opportunities for a specific fish.

Fishing forecast includes a calendar which will inform you about best times per month and season.

You can log your catch and find info about the best baits too. When users upload their data, you can see which places are popular.

You can connect with other anglers and learn from their experience. For those looking for just a forecast map, this may be a bit too much, but if you like to incorporate modern technologies into your fishing experience, this could be for you.

News and info about fishing techniques, including fun stuff as ice fishing, are also included. Some of the features are unfortunately available only in a paid version, but the basic, free one, has more than enough useful info.

Although the app has millions of users (Android and iPhone), the downside is that in countries where this is not so popular, information otherwise provided is limited.


BassForecast was made specifically for bass anglers.

This app gets the data from AccuWeather and although it does not have as many users as the previously mentioned ones, it is very precise.

This app works in a way that it collects and analyses data about bass feeding behaviour and patterns regarding to certain weather conditions and creates a forecast which will tell you when to fish for bass.

It shows you conditions on a 1-10 scale, where 1 means bad conditions, and 10 means absolutely perfect conditions.

Additional function called Tips is available, and it will give you useful tips about catching bass even on bad days.

It is created in a way that all the calculations take moon phase, sunrise, sunset and much more into consideration. It may sound too good to be true, but it is really excellent.

Logging your catch, uploading pictures and bookmarking favourite spots is also a part of the app.

Unfortunately, as cool as it is, it is available only to anglers located in the USA. Hopefully, this will change in the future.

If you are a USA based bass angler, search no more, because this app is for you (find it for Android or for iPhone).

WeFish - Fishing Forecast, Diary and Marketplace

This app is also very interactive, and offers a lot more than just a weather forecast. It is available for Android and for iPhone.

You can log your catch and keep the info as your track record, or you can choose to share it with others. Fishing forecast for a specific location includes additional tips, and even gear selection.

Weather info includes temperature, barometric pressure, wind info, solar and lunar phases and waves.

One feature is really cool, and that is the marketplace. You can browse through fishing gear adds and buy or sell some of it. Even guided tours and trips are available for purchase.

There is a News section too, with interesting info about fishing.

If you want, you can even participate in an app fishing challenges. Overall, if you want something interactive, what you can use all the time, not just before you go fishing, this app is for you.

There is not a lot of users, and anglers living in certain countries will not be able to use all features, simply because there are no other users in the vicinity.

Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time

And the last app on this best weather app for fishing list is Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time (only for Android users).

This app, as the name suggests, also goes into “the best fishing times app” category.

This app collects info about solar and lunar phases and animal (both fish and land) feeding patterns.

The results of those calculations are shown as a forecast which tells you when to go out and fish, in order to increase your success.

You can save favourite locations and see the moonrise, moonset, sunrise and sunset times, daily reviews, weather forecast and calendar.

There are even tide charts available.

If you upgrade in PRO version, you will have all of the features and details available, but the free version is quite good too.

This app is great for those who actively participate in both hunting and fishing. Weather is accurate, feeding predictions too, but if you are interested in fishing only, maybe you should consider some other option, simply because those specialized for fishing provide more detailed info.

FAQ's about The Best Fishing Weather Conditions:

If you already picked your best fishing forecast app, you should know a little bit more about the importance of weather conditions when fishing.

Here are the answers to most frequently asked questions.

These answers are based on my personal experience, and the experience of my fellow anglers.

Best Weather App for Fishing [FAQs]

What is The Best Barometric Pressure for Fishing?

Barrometric pressure is one of the most important factors when fishing. Extremes like low or high pressure are not good.

During normal pressure, there will be some fish activity, but the best conditions are when the pressure is dropping, before the storm arrives.

During this time, pressure will rapidly decrease and fish will go into the feeding frenzy. During this time, you will take advantage of their natural instincts. When it comes to gear and bait selection, hungry fish will be less picky than usually.

Many of these apps will give you detailed info about barometric pressure so next time you go fishing, make sure that you do it during a declining pressure.

What is The Best Time for Fishing?

Best time for fishing depends on a yeartime, location and weather.

And when you take that into consideration, best time changes. In summer, try fishing early in the morning and later in the evening. During winter, your chances are the best if you go after midday. In early fall and late spring, conditions are similar like summer, while late fall and early spring are more similar to winter. Of course, there is a transition period too.

Fish are looking for cooler water in summer and warmer in winter, that is why the time of the day varies.

Also, you should consider spawning period and behaviour of certain fish species, because times mentioned are just general rules.

What is The Best Weather for Fishing?

Weather conditions are extremely important for fishing, and when a day seems nice for a picnic, it is not good for fishing.

As already mentioned, you should try fishing before a storm hits. These conditions are unstable, windy, with a cloud coverage. Lower light conditions caused by clouds can also be your advantage.

Wind stirs up the water surface and in both fresh and saltwater, this can be your advantage.

If you are going fishing before a storm, make sure you stay safe and if you are on a boat, don’t go to far, and keep an eye on the weather as you go.


Weather conditions have a great influence on fish behaviour and feeding patterns. So, if you plan your trip right, you can turn weather into your advantage.

Think about installing the best weather app for fishing, the one that suits your needs the best, from this list. When you get used to it, it will be easy to track everything related to weather and to pick the best time to go fishing.

Think about getting a fish finder too because that will make your fishing experience even better! Some can be connected to your phone so you will have all the relevant info at one screen.

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