Best Fishing Games for Android [FREE, Tested by ME]

Best Fishing Games for Android

Being an angler is not just a hobby, for many, it is a certain lifestyle.

When we are not outside fishing, we read about it, plan our next trip and much more.

If you are a passionate angler, maybe you would like to try out a few fishing games. After installing many of them and playing them, I was able to single out the best fishing games for Android.

All of these are quite fun, not too complicated and great to amuse you when you are bored.

Here I am going to list them and tell you their best feature which made me like them. So, read on and pick a few to try.

And the best thing is that all of these are completely free!



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Best Fishing Games for Android Tested by ME

Here are the best fishing games for Android. I am going to explain basic details and advantages of every game. If you are an Android user (here is article for iPhone users), you should be able to install them easily. All of these are available in Google Play Store.

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch

This game enables you to fish in popular world fishing locations in 3D.

The game requires no fishing knowledge and experience, which makes it suitable for beginners and children too.

Controls are easy and you can do everything with a single touch. This makes it suitable for users who are not used to playing mobile games.

There is a tutorial available for new users to get to know the game. Although this simplicity may sound boring to some, it really isn’t! This fishing game is fun.

Graphic is quite good, and when combined with good screen, vivid colours and images will look great. Much better than you would expect from a free app.

Those who have a bit of angling experience can customize rods and lines to suit them. Of course, possibilities are limited and not as versatile as in real life, but it is more than enough.

Another cool thing is that as you change locations in a game, you get access to local and native fish species.

And the best thing is that you can play with friends and other user in organized tournaments! This interaction really makes the game worth your time.

Fishing Clash

This one is classified as a fishing simulator rather than a game, and has numerous users around the globe ... 

This is actually great because you can play with other users in real time. Even if your friends are not interested, you can always find someone to play with.

Graphic is very good and 3D fish are looking great. You can also choose your gear and have more possibilities. As you make progress through the game, you will get rewards and useful things to make you even better. From new gear to lures, you will uncover many items.

Same as in the previous one, you can choose exotic locations around the world.

Tournaments and events are organised weekly and these are time limited. This is good for someone having a lot of free time, but if you are not able to play at any time, you will unfortunately miss some of those events.

There are even differences in catching certain species, so that you can “feel” how a certain fish behaves in real life. That is why they call it a simulator. It is a bit harder to figure out some things than in the previously mentioned one, but it is still simple enough for most people to get used to it.

For those who like a challenge, want to level up and play with others, this is the most competitive choice on this list and you will enjoy it!

Let’s Fish

Although this game is classified as simulator, it is still just a game. However, it’s a good one.

Same as the previous it offers a lot of exotic location and fish species. What makes it different is simple and versatile choice of fishing gear. You can really customize your tackle. If that is very important to you, this game could be the one.

There is also a multiplayer mode which gives you access to tournaments and contests with other game players.

Because this game is equipment-oriented, you will not be able to catch a huge fish using a small and not suitable rod. You will have to choose everything that would work in real life. This is actually cool for a complete fishing beginner to get to know the differences in a fun way. Although, its still a game and you can’t expect it to replace real experience.

The downside is that you will have to play regularly if you want to make progress and get access to good equipment. It will take ages to do so if you play it once a week for a few minutes.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator

This game has good graphic and it is quite easy to play and get used to it. However, it offers less locations and fish species.

You can customize your equipment and participate in tournaments, however, this game has much less users than some of the previously mentioned ones.

The game itself is fun but has certain glitches and hopefully there will be an update to resolve it.

Because of its simplicity, this could be a good starting point for someone who has absolutely no experience with fishing or mobile games, and it is suitable for kids too.

Although it is called a simulator, it has a bit less “simulating” abilities than other games. It is a game which will entertain you but it’s not that realistic.

Monster Fishing 2020

This one is a bit different than the previously mentioned ones.

This game enables you to travel around the world and fish for monster species like whales.

It is not very realistic but it is quite fun. You do not have to make a lot of progress in this game to get equipment to catch a huge fish. In other games you will have to earn it, and here you start with it.

Graphics are quite good to and you will enjoy watching your catch. The controls are easy, everything can be done with a single touch. If you are a real-life angler, you will easily pick the gear and everything you need to start fishing.

Tutorial is available and made in a very simple and comprehensive way so that anyone can figure it out.

You can play this game alone and offline, which is great for all those who do not want to play with others and participate in tournaments.

If you are looking for a game to play occasionally, and you are not interested in levelling up to uncover new features, this game is for you.


FishingStrike is the last one on this best fishing games list. But that doesn’t mean that this one is somehow bad, it is quite contrary.

This game is quite fun and has enough action to make you completely concentrate on it. You can play with friends and groups of people which is a good feature.

You can choose a fish you want to catch so everything is happening quite fast. There is a wide choice of species and you will always have something new to try. Graphics are also good and your catch will look quite realistic.

However, the best and most unique feature in this app is VR and AR!

You can create aquarium and if using VR mode, you can enjoy it like you are in it! AR mode will enable 360 view on selected fish species. For those who like to play with these options, this is the best fishing game for you!

This game, especially VR and AR mode, are great for kids who are fascinated by the world of fish.

When it comes to fishing experience in a game, to be honest, there are better ones, but this one is definitely the most interesting one because of these unique features.

FAQ's about Fishing Games for Android:

Beginner users usually have a few questions about different games and apps, and these are the most frequent ones.

Hopefully the answers will clarify everything you wanted to know ...

Can I Play this Fishing Games Without Downloading?

Google play has an “instant” option which enables you to play certain games without downloading.

Of course, to do so, you need an internet connection.

This is enabled to save storage space and try out games. Unfortunately, games from this list have to be downloaded. At least for now, maybe that will change in the future.

You can easily check this yourself for any game. Open play store, and search for a game you wish to play. When you find it click on it. When it opens, you will either have “install” option, which means that the game has to be installed.

Or you will have two options, one will be “install” and one will be “try now”. By clicking on “try now” you will be able to play without the need to download it.

However, although these games have to be downloaded, they do not require a lot of space.

Are this Best Fishing Games for Android Free?

The answer is YES, they are. These games can be installed and played free of charge. However, some of them offer you in-app purchase option.

In-app purchase means that you can pay to get certain items uncovered, to get better gear or level up. However, that is not mandatory to play the game and if you don’t want to pay, you don’t have to do so.

Many people do it to make progress faster, but if you are playing just for fun, that is not necessary.

Some people will complain that if they don’t pay, they can’t make the same progress as users who do. Sometimes this is true, and it is quite logical. You get the game for free, you can do most tasks in for free, but if you really want to uncover absolutely everything, you will have a chance to join paying users.

What do I Need to Play Android Games?

To play these games, you need to have an Android system on your smartphone.

Most of these games require you to have a certain version of Android, and that is written in Google Play App in the “requirements” section of every game description.

If you are updating your phone regularly, and the phone is not a "million years old", I am 90% sure that you have necessary versions.

For example, minimum requirements for FishingStrike are Android OS 4.0.3, Ram 1GB. Today, most of the devices have a lot more than 1GB Ram and Android 10.

You will also need certain amount of storage space to download the game, but these games are not very big and occupy minimum space. If you don’t have enough, delete some apps or files you are not using.

Besides that, you will have to give certain permissions to these apps, if you want to be connected and communicate with others, such as camera and audio. You can always revoke these if you don’t want them anymore.


This list contains the best fishing games for Android that I have tried.

All of those have certain advantages and disadvantages, but they are also fun to play.

The best thing about these free games is that you can install it, try it out, and simply remove it from your device if you don’t like it. Give them a try and you will defiantly get hooked on them!

And don’t think that these are going to be very complicated to play if you have no experience, they are all user friendly and require minimum knowledge.

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