All Inclusive Fishing Trips in Alaska [Best Packages for 2024]

All Inclusive Fishing Trips in Alaska

It is no secret that there are no better trips than fishing trips! And they become even better when you are going to one of the worlds best fishing places.

But, organising a trip can take a lot of time and effort, so if you just want to enjoy without worrying about anything, think about all inclusive fishing trips in Alaska!

These trips include everything from accommodation to local transport, together with experienced guides that will help you catch a fish and learn local fishing secrets. You just have to show up and enjoy! There are one day and multi day options and various packages to meet everyone’s needs!

But don’t underestimate such trips, especially in Alaska. It is still a wild place, and you have to be up for the challenge.

If you are thinking about treating yourself with a spectacular trip, look no further! I have listed some of the best options.

Here I will tell you more details about it and mention some costs too, because we all know that fishing can be pricey!



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Is Alaska Really So Good for Fishing?

Alaska is not “good” for fishing. It is absolutely excellent! But why is that?

Geographically looking, Alaska has a very high number of waters, including rivers, lakes, streams, and ocean. There are literally millions of bodies of water. If you don’t believe me, look it up!

Large space with not a lot of people and cities means pristine nature and clean waters. There is an abundance of various fish species in Alaska.

Secondly, there is fishing tourism. It is a place where anglers from all around the world come to fish, and local communities recognized it as an important tourism branch. This is why you will find guided tours, shops, clubs, equipment rentals and all other supporting businesses. There are of course all inclusive fishing trips in Alaska that offer complete packages for travellers.

And lastly, there is versatility. You can catch dozens of species, you can fly fish, go trolling, fish from boats or river banks… You can enjoy a quiet afternoon on a local pond, or go on the adventure of a lifetime to remote wilderness. Anyone, depending on their wishes and abilities, can find a suitable fishing activity. That is something that not a lot of places can offer!


How Much Do Alaska Fishing Trips Cost?

Now when I got you interested in Alaska, let’s get down to numbers ...

As you can assume, Alaska fishing trips packages for 2023 are not very cheap, however, there are many reasonable offers (here is my another article about Cheap Alaska Fishing Trips).

Price varies in accordance with trip length, included activities, and many other factors. If you are not limited by the budget, you can rent a helicopter to take to the wilderness for some spectacular fly-fishing experience!

Depending on a company that is providing this service, you can count on about $600-1000 per day for all inclusive. But, everything is included in that price! Stated price is an average and you can find cheaper, but also more expensive options.

Of course, the longer the trip, the less price per day you will pay.

Time of year also plays the role and in prime time for certain species you will have to pay a bit more. There are discounts for children and young anglers and those can vary from 10 to 30%. Time of booking also affects the final price. If you book well in advance, you may get a discount.

If all that is a bit too much for you, you can opt for a day trip during your own stay in Alaska, and you can get that from around $250 per day or more, depending on selected trip.

To get a final price, you must add the cost of your travel to and from Alaska, which of course, is not included in the price.

What Does All Inclusive Fishing Trips in Alaska Include?

As I already mentioned, best Alaska fishing packages include absolutely everything.

Firstly, there are transfers. Depending on a location, that may be by boat, car, or even a plane for some high-end packages.

Secondly, you will get all the gear needed. This is great if you are traveling to Alaska from the other side of the world. You don’t have to carry all that equipment with you.

Of course, all activities are guided, and guides will be present there at all times.

You will get all the meals and non-alcoholic beverages. Boat rental is also included in the price if the fishing trip includes boat fishing.

And most importantly, there is accommodation. You can stay in various places, and most often those are wonderful lodges that are well equipped for comfortable stay.

In addition to that, you will be fishing in small groups and intimate atmosphere without worrying about crowds.

Details of every package are listed on providers websites, and you can contact them for info.

And the best thing is that the majority of them include packaging and shipping your fish to you!

All Inclusive Fishing Trips in Alaska - Best

What is the Best Month to Fish in Alaska?

The best Alaska fishing packages are made to follow the best times for fishing for certain species. Generally speaking, summer months are the best, and the most comfortable for the angler if you are considering weather.

Most expensive will be from mid-July to mid-August. You can save a few hundreds of dollars by going in June or September when the season is still good but not the best! Experienced anglers won’t have a problem catching a fish at that time too!

Wintertime can be a bit harsh for the anglers and slow when it comes to fish activity. Spring and autumn can be OK, but nothing compares to summer. Many fishing tourist agencies have available packages only in summer.

Summer is the best for salmon, halibut, and many other species. It is not warm there, and that is well liked by both anglers and the fish!

Best Packages for All Inclusive Fishing Trips in Alaska in 2023

So, lets list some of the best Alaska fishing trips packages 2023! From budget friendly, to high-end, I got it all covered!

#1: Waterfall Resort Alaska – Best historical and classical option


If you are looking for 3–5-day trips, and you want to catch some salmon, this is the place to go! Starting point Ketchikan.

I will not bore you to death with details because all are available on official websites, but there are a few highlights I would like to mention:s

• Floatplane transfers
• Possible upgrade for having a boat just for yourself
• All gear included, including all weather clothes

Prices for 2023 start from $4010 for a 3-day trip!

#2: Alaskan Fishing Adventures – Budget friendly multi day trips


If the first option sounded a bit pricey and you don’t want a plane ride to your accommodation, you can get a cheaper but equally fun trip here! Fishing trips are organized to Kenai river which is one of the best fishing destinations in Alaska. Starting point is Seward or Homer.

Here are some highlights:

• Additional activities can be included such as bear or bird watching
• Various lodges available at various prices
• Day trips are also available

Prices starting from $2199 for a 3-day trip!

#3: Wilderness Place Lodge – Excellent One Day trip options


This is the most versatile and adventurous option! From day trips to more than a week! You can choose from deluxe spa lodges to floatplane rides! Of course, the price depends on what you choose to experience. Starting point is Anchorage.

Some highlights are:

• Additional day kayak or hiking trips
• Special offers for couples
• Access to very remote and wild areas, even on day trips

Day trips are starting from $295 and $5570 for a 5 day all inclusive!

#4: AK River Tours – Best winter daytrips


I said that summer is great for fishing, but winter can be fun too! Imagine ice fishing while observing norther lights!

Here you can get exactly that, together with a nice dinner. Starting point is Fairbanks.

Here are some highlights:

• Short trips that can be incorporated into any vacation schedule
• Excellent ice fishing cabins
• Suitable for all skill levels

Day tour prices start from only $139!

#5: Alaska Ocean Pros – Best Ocean Trips


And last but not the least, here we have some saltwater adventures! These day trips are long, 10-12 hours, and will take you to remote places where you can enjoy halibut fishing! Starting point is Homer.

Here are some highlights:

• Both short- and long-range trips are available
• Not limited to halibut only, you can fish for lingcod, salmon, or rockfish too
• Possibility to see whales, sea lions and sea otters

Day trips start from $400.

As you can see, besides having different offers, these tours also have different starting points and no matter where in Alaska you plan to travel, you will find at least one excellent option!

All Inclusive Fishing Trips in Alaska - 2023 Map

What are the Best 3 Day All Inclusive Alaska Fishing Packages?

Most often, anglers book 3 day all inclusive Alaska fishing packages.

Three days are more than enough to experience local fishing adventures, but it is short enough so that you do not have to rob a bank before travelling.

If you are going on a 3-day adventure, consider the following:

• Travel time – pick locations that are easily reachable so that you spend more time fishing and less time getting there.
• Three days is a relatively short stay so opt for basic accommodation instead of an upscale lodge to save some money.
• Go for fish species that can be caught relatively easily in that time of year, not to go home empty handed.

Besides those mentioned above, if you are looking for some additional recommendations, here two of the best ones:

#1: Drifters Lodge – Versatile and Affordable


This place on Kenai River offers packages from 0 to 9 nights, and selection of 3-day options is excellent. Depending on package you choose, you will pay around $2200. You can upgrade these packages for day trips or private boat rentals. There are Premium and All-Inclusive packages that significantly vary in price depending on selected services and accommodation. Starting point is Copper Landing.

The best thing is that packages are customizable, and they can be both budget friendly and high-end.

#2: Wildman Lodge – Fancy and remote


This is the perfect trip for a fly angler that wants only the best! Wildman Lodge is isolated and there is nothing nearby. No other accommodations, or even other anglers! It is an upscale experience where you will be taken by a plane or a helicopter, and you will enjoy your 3-night stay like a royal!

Trips are starting from $5795 from Anchorage, and flights are included in the price. If you can afford it, go for it!

All Inclusive Fishing Trips in Alaska - 3-day


Booking any of the all inclusive fishing trips Alaska means that you will have an excellent fishing experience without worrying about anything!

Prices may seem high, but you are paying for the experience, as well as for the ease of mind and time saved you would otherwise spend on planning a trip.

Despite the fact that you will be guided by professionals, Alaska is still very challenging, and you will experience some world-class fishing!

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