Ice Fishing at Devils Lake in North Dakota: Comprehensive Guide!

Ice Fishing at Devils Lake ND

Ice fishing at Devils lake in North Dakota is an experience like no other.

Devils lake is gaining more and more popularity, especially during winter.

This location is developing fast and every year numerous anglers, both local and tourists, come here to experience what the lake has to offer.

In this short guide, I will answer the most common questions about ice fishing at Devils lake ND and hopefully inspire you to join all those anglers who already recognized its value, in the following chapters:



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Why go Winter Fishing on Devils Lake?

There are dozens of reasons why you should go ice fishing at Devils lake, and here are the main ones.

Abundance of fish

This lake has a strong and healthy population of fish species like walleye or perch. Experienced anglers often catch a lot and even come close to the daily limit. Beginners can practice their skills here. Pikes, quite large ones, will happily bite your bait too.

Increasing size

This lake is now bigger than it was in the past. Actually, it is five times larger than it was 20 years ago.

And don’t think that the fish are now scarce. Fish population grew together with the lake. The lake has more than 180 000 acres, and you will find places full of anglers if you want to have company. For those who like solitude, there are plenty of locations where no one will be in your way.


Lodges, fishing stores, guides, and everything you need is located in numerous places around the lake, so you can get whatever you need. Access roads are there too, so you won’t have to carry your equipment by foot.

Long ice fishing season

In general, the ice is thick and safe enough between mid-December and mid-March, but in colder years, the season can be even longer. During this time, the ice can be extremely thick and strong, so you don’t have to worry. Driving vehicles, event trucks, is safe to do during those cold months.

What Kind of Fish Species are in Devils Lake ND? (Walleye, Perch, etc.)

There are three main fish species that anglers like to catch in winter.


Walleyes are usually active in the morning and evening, during the golden hour.

You can find them on many locations. Locals often use bright coloured rattle spoons to attract them, and spice them up with pieces of minnows. In the lower parts you can find them around 6 ft deep, while on the upper part they can be as deep as 20 feet.

If you need more tips about ice fishing for walleys, check this article!


If you are wondering what to do when walleyes are not biting, the answer is fish for perch.

To find them, many anglers use fish finders and modern technology.

When it comes to technique, be aggressive in bait presentation. Perch here are well fed and they tend to be a bit lazy, so you will have to show them how attractive your bait is.


Pikes grow huge here, and there is a chance that the biggest one you ever caught is waiting for you under the ice.

North Dakota has very “loose” laws, so you can use up to 4 lines. Drilling multiple holes and setting everything up will make you actively participate in fishing and your day is going to be exciting. Find drop off points any you will find pike.

Ice Fishing at Devils Lake ND - Pike

Best Places for Ice Fishing in Devils Lake (Fishing Trip)?

If you are new to ice fishing, it would be good to hire a guide to show you the techniques and take you to the best places.

Fishing is possible everywhere around the lake.

But some spots to fish are always better ...

Fishing resorts and charters are frequently placed near the good spots. Some of them will plow roads in snow and charge a few dollars for access.

I can’t tell you which hole in the ice I the best, but try fishing in areas near Woodland resort, East bay or West bay.

Black Tiger bay is a good place to start too, and then go around and choose a suitable location.

Mentioned places are located on different sides of the lake and at least one will be suitable for you, depending in which direction are you coming from, or how far you are willing to drive.

Before you arrive, ask around about the roads. After heavy snow it may take a while for snow plows to do the job.

Basic Fishing Regulations on Devils Lake ND

You must always obey the law and fish accordingly.

For perch anglers, there are good news. Perch season is open year-round and there is no size limit. Maximum daily allowance is 25 fish.

Fishing for northern pike, fish species which will really test your skills, is a bit stricter. Daily limit is just 1. Size limit is 32 inches, which is the minimum length.

When it comes to walleyes, you can keep up to 5 pieces, and the minimum length is 15 inches.

Fishing licence price varies, depending on your residential status and other factors. Always check up-to-date information because the rules can change yearly.

Price usually varies from 20$ to 50$. Non resident can buy 3- or 10-day licence, which costs 28$ or 38$.

Anglers have to have their licence with them and show it to the authorities whenever that is necessary. You can obtain it online or at the location.

Always read all the fine print when you purchase a fishing license and follow every rule. Not just to avoid fines, but to keep the fish population healthy for the future.

Are There Any Guided Fishing Packages? (Best Guide!)

If you thinking about ice fishing at Devils lake but would like some assistance or guidance, there are plenty of guided ice fishing tours available.

These guided fishing trips are a great way to explore new fishing spots and increase your chances of making a big catch.

A guide service will provide experienced fishing guides who have extensive knowledge of the area and can help you navigate the lake safely. They will also provide you with the necessary equipment, such as rods, ice shelters, ice augers, electronics, boat and other ice fishing tackle.

Guided packages may also include transportation, hot meals, and even accommodations (like ice houses, hotels, etc.), making it a convenient and hassle-free experience for you.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced ice angler, a guided tour can enhance your fishing adventure and maximize your chances of success.

And what about the prices? Here are some examples:


Ice fishing at Devils lake is an amazing experience, suitable for everyone.

No matter how long you stay there, you will never be able to try out every single fishing spot, and due to the lake size, you will always have something new to discover.

And don’t forget to use all the safety equipment because ice fishing can be dangerous and fishing insurance!

Ice fishing equipment is very important and there are essential items you should have. Think about your safety and the safety of others.

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