6 Best Locations for Carp Fishing in Slovenia

Carp Fishing in Slovenia

Slovenia is one of the most incredible places for sports fishing in Europe and in the world.

Pristine nature full of crystal-clear waters offers unforgettable fishing experience. Most anglers know it for fly-fishing, but carp fishing is unfairly underestimated.

Carp fishing in Slovenia is one of the most popular and exciting fishing activities ...

There are numerous lakes and ponds where you can catch the carp of your dreams, where the biggest ones weigh more than 30 kilograms.

Here we are going to list the best locations chosen by experienced anglers.


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What do you need to know if you're going carp fishing in Slovenia?

Before you go carp fishing in Slovenia, you must be aware of some rules and regulations that apply to every angler.

Cultivated carp fishing has no special restrictions except from fishing during spawn season. It is also important to mention that ice fishing is prohibited by law in Slovenia.

Every angler is obligated to purchase a fishing licence. Rules and regulations are defined by state and all of the requirements are displayed on the licence itself.

Fishing families are in charge of fishing districts and they also sell recreational fishing licences. As a tourist, who is not a fishing family member, you are required to have a day fishing licence, which is valid for a certain fishing district.

There are two different kinds of licences, day licence and night licence. It is also possible to buy multiple day licence. Licences are sold online and on the fishing spot itself.

If not written otherwise, you can fish with only one rod and one bait. Dehooker set is mandatory for every angler.

Rules and regulations stated here are the most important ones, make sure you know all the details before heading out to the water.

Carp fishing in Slovenia - which are the best locations?

Carp fishing in Slovenia is becoming more and more popular every year ...

Number of tourist anglers is increasing but you can still enjoy your own piece of paradise as it is always possible to find a place without others. Catch and release technique is practiced on most locations.

One of the interesting examples of successful carp fishing and catch and release was in 2013, when one of the largest Slovenian carp was caught, weighing 34 kilograms.

The fish was released back into the Šmartinsko lake.

Licence prices vary, starting from about 7 € for night catch and release, up to more than 50 € on some locations for day licence.

If you want excellent carp fishing experience, visit the following locations.

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Carp fishing in Slovenia - lakes and rivers

- Bled lake

This extraordinary beautiful glacial lake attracts many tourists, including anglers.

Small island is located in the centre and the surrounding nature make this location unique. Water area is over 240 ha, which is more than enough to find a perfect place for yourself.

Fishing techniques permitted are trolling, spinning, bottom and bleak. Fishing season is from April 1st to December 31st.

Anglers can purchase fishing licences in various locations in the vicinity of lake.

Prebaiting of any fish species, including carp is strictly forbidden. Anglers are allowed to have two fishing rods, required to have soft net (90 centimetres minimum length) and unhooking mat. Among various rules, keep in mind that fishing is allowed only 100 meters from the coastline.

Bled lake is a great location for multiple day fishing trip. Near by town has wonderful tourist offer and accommodation options.

- Slivniško lake

Slivniško lake is one of the most popular artificial lakes for carp fishing in Slovenia. It is known for trophy size fish that thrive in it.

The largest Slovenian freshwater fish was caught here in November 2013. That fish was 95 kilogram, 255 centimetres long catfish.

Three species of carp are living in the lake; grass carp, silver carp and crucian carp.

Types of allowed fishing techniques are bottom fishing, float fishing, fly fishing and spin fishing. When choosing a bait, three kinds are allowed, and those are artificial baits and baits of animal and plant origin.

Carp Fishing In Slovenia Slivnisko Lake

- Gajševsko lake

Gajševsko lake is famous for number of carps that successfully live and spawn there. The lake itself and all the fish species are well maintained and taken care of by the fishing family in charge for it.

Water surface of Gajševsko lake is 68 ha and fishing is permitted on 58 ha. The remaining 10 ha is a fish reserve which is well marked and all the fishing activities are strictly forbidden.

Common, crucian and grass carp are carp species that can be caught in Gajševsko lake.

Fishing techniques anglers are allowed to practice are bottom fishing, float fishing and spin fishing.

When it comes to baits, anglers can use artificial baits, baits of plant origin, plug and silicone baits.

Beginners could consider this location because numbers are on your side.

- Vogršček

Vogršček is divided into three parts. This man-made reservoir is 4 kilometers long. Temperatures in this lake are higher than average so the fish species are thriving.

Big lake

In Vogršček big lake anglers can catch common, grass and crucian carp. Techniques allowed are various, including boat angling, bottom fishing, float, fly and spin fishing.

Also, anglers can choose between four bait types; bait of animal or plant origin, artificial bait or bread.

Middle lake

Middle lake is famous for carp fishing competitions, using float fishing technique, frequently organized there.

Same three carp species live in the middle lake as they do in the big one. Same baits and fishing types are permitted, except boat fishing.

Little lake

Except size, nothing differs the little lake from the middle and the big one. If you are fishing for carp here, same rules apply as in the middle lake.

Keep in mind that due to lake size, carp living here are usually smaller. Little lake is more of a pond than a lake, and it is ideal for beginner anglers looking for smaller fish.

- Šmartinsko lake

This is one of the largest artificial lakes in Slovenia, with 113 ha of water surface. Average depth varies from 4-6 meters, depending on the exact location. If you are looking for deeper parts, 8-9 meters, they are located in the vicinity of the dam and the barrier.

You can fish for three carp species here; common carp, white grass carp and silver carp.

Angers can also choose different types of fishing including boat angling, bottom, float and spin fishing. Baits allowed are artificial bait, bait of animal origin and plant origin.

Also, Šmartinsko lake offers a rout with designated fishing spots that can be booked. That is an excellent option to avoid the crowds.

If you are going carp fishing in Slovenia, keep in mind that the biggest carp was caught on this lake.

Carp Fishing In Slovenia Smartinsko Lake

- Other

For carp fishing in Slovenia, there are dozens of smaller ponds and lakes.

They are easily accessible, well maintained and interesting to anglers of all experience levels.

Some anglers prefer fishing for wild carp on rivers. That is usually more challenging and exciting.

If you are one of those anglers, and you are planning to go fishing in Slovenia, visit one of the following rivers.


This charming river is home to very large carp specimens and it is ideal for experienced anglers looking for a hard fight. It is very popular among local carp anglers too.


From Zagradec to Soteska, Krka river has many pools, cascades and hiding places where fish feel secure. Common carp is one of the species frequently caught in those locations.


Upper flow is mostly dry but there are some nice fishing locations before the river flows into Postojna cave. Common carp can be caught there if the conditions are right.


River Vipava is dividen into three fishing section. Carp is more frequent in the first section, from the bridge in Vipava to the Brje dam, and the third section, from the Selo village to the Prvačina bridge.

All the rivers mentioned above are under management of certain fishing families and in order to lawfully fish, anglers must obtain a valid fishing licence. Rules and regulations may differ.


Anyone looking for carp fishing destination should consider Slovenia.

Beautiful nature, excellent fishing locations and abundance of fish make it a fishing paradise.

Lakes are the best for large carp fishing and even beginners can give it a try in a safe environment.

For more experienced adventure seekers, fishing for wild river carp will be a real challenge. When planning your next fishing trip, choose carp fishing in Slovenia.

Make sure you obey the law and acquire a valid fishing licence.

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