TOP15 Fishing Spots around the World in 2024!

Fishing Spots around the World

You are an avid fisherman ...

And you can't wait for your holidays to begin, so you can break out the rods, dust off boat deck and head to your favourite fishing spot.

But like others of your ilk, you yearn for an adventure, you want that holiday that you will talk about for years to come.

With after many years discussing fishing spots with different friends and acquaintances, I've put together a list of up we think at the best places to fish around the world.

We hope that you get the chance to try one or more of the most the next time you go fishing.



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TOP Fishing Spots in Europe

The first fishing spots we recommend are in Europe, three of which are in Eastern Europe places that 30 years ago would have been out of reach of most of the fishermen of the world. Luckily this is no longer the case and virtually anyone with the time and resources can now visit the places we discuss.

#1: Croatia, Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is one of the classic European fishing destinations; this place is so beautiful; it's sometimes difficult to believe it even exists.

If it wasn't famous before Game of Thrones, it certainly is now at the setting for King's Landing. If you never went fishing in Croatia, a visit to Dubrovnik is a must. You can spend weeks just wandering around the old town and walking the city walls taking in beautiful views.

Famous for its stunning coastlines Croatia has much more to offer than just old buildings, we're here to talk about fishing there's a bunch of spots available. If you're staying shallow waters bass and dentex are aplenty. If you want to go up out to deeper waters, you can wrestle some swordfish, tuna, Mahl Mahl to name a few.

#2: Slovenia, Bled Lake

Slovenia is a sleeping giant of fishing destination, one of these places that complete the flies under the radar. But it's a visit you will never regret, it's a small country so moving around pretty straightforward.

Still, most people get captivated the minute they set their eyes on Lake Bled, usually spending far more time there than they had planned. The town itself is only an hour's drive to be on the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. Despite its proximity to the Capitol, it feels like you're entering a different world are even a different century compared to other European holiday destinations.

The beauty of the drive to Lake Bled is worth the price of the trip alone. Once you get there it only gets better, from an intriguing Island fortress in the centre of lake bled and the stunning slopes of the Alps Low Down 2 lakes edge the area is simply breathtaking. You can either choose to fish the lake itself or the Alpine streams that flow down to it.

Famous for carp and pike fishing it even offers some Xander in its depths. The rivers flowing into the lake are known to stock four varieties of trout.

#3: Montenegro, Herceg Novi

A fishing town in Montenegro that can only be described as a paradise.

You should take a boat from the airport in Tibet and cell directly through the Straits of the Bay of Kotor. What is Teppan to the document created by amazingly friendly people smell of delicious fish add beautiful warm sunshine, not a wrong way to start a holiday.

Another exciting feature of how to tell is that the sailors from the town used to bring back plants and trees from their travels to decorate their Gardens. Giving the whole city of truly exotic feel So many of the locals have boats, which they use in the evenings to catch fish for their dinner.

So get used to feasting on John Dory, score Scorpio, squid and many many more, and you can watch all this down with some fine Montenegrin wine. Once you finish beating the time that out I got some fish for yourself, you can catch some tuna and swordfish, who's warning when they tell you that they breed them to be down here.

#4: Portugal, Madeira

Madeira is a place to visit if you have a sense of the dramatic. The Island is famous for its lush green forest, and black volcanic Mountain, all of this is surrounded by hundreds of miles of the open ocean. This place has held a legendary status for hundreds of years.

In more recent time it becomes a famous fishing destination, I must-visit destination for anyone who calls themselves a big game fisherman. Home to nearly every blue water predator you can name, Swordfish, Bluefin Tuna, Mahl Mahl, white Marlin, Spearfish not to mention I have hundreds of breeds of sharks.

Fishing Spots - Madeira

#5: Inverness, Scotland

Some may be surprised to see Scotland included on the list definition of in Europe.

It the exact the Mediterranean, but Inverness is beautiful, and on a perfect summer day, it offers exceptional fishing opportunities.

The town itself has a long and exciting history, there are many museums and come out with old buildings in the weather. You are surrounded by stunning countryside that's just waiting to be explored. But if you find yourself out there in the cold went summers day. How old is full of Posey tea rooms and pubs are you relaxing. The town aside let's talk about the fishing. If you're an avid fly fisherman you're probably already aware of Inverness, is this is where fly-fishing what's invented.

Explore the banks of the River Spey to try and catch salmon or trout. If you're looking to cut something bigger Loch Ness is a short drive away and has an abundance of Pike, grayling and other Loch Ness Monsters.

TOP Fishing Spots in North America

The next five fishing destinations are in North America, Yes we know there are thousands of fishing spots in every state and province worthy of a mention. But with five places up for grabs, we had to be pretty selective.

#6: Florida the keys

When you talk about fishing in America you can't Overlook the Florida Keys, known as the Fisherman's Paradise, it's merely the best fishing spots in the insert in u.s — boasting Bonefish, Snook and redfish, to name a few.

The warmer waters of the Gulf Stream meet the Atlantic Ocean which attracts in abundance of sea life. The best way to fish here is the charter your boat, take a chance at catching blue or white marlin and swordfish.

READ MORE: Saltwater Fishing Regulations in Florida (+Bonus: Best Tips)

Fishing Spots - Florida the Keys

#7: North Carolina, the Outer Banks

If you're a seasoned fisherman who loves nothing more than catching fish, then this is a must-visit spot for you to put on your lips.

You will need a bit of an adventurous spirit cut the options for fishers seems to be endless, even charter boat is you can try fly-fishing, pier fishing, braking fishing if you choose. Flounder, sea bass and trout are just some of the varieties of fish that can be caught in the area.

The outer banks are one of those unforgettable fishing spots, that makes you yearn to return there time after time. This area is also famous for its seafood restaurants and little bars, where you can relax and enjoy the balmy evenings after a hard days work.

#8: Hawaii, Kona

Kona is one of the most popular fishing areas in Hawaii, and it has been a popular destination for tourists and avid fishers for decades.

Big-game anglers love the city because it offers the opportunity to catch some severe swordfish. The waters of the Kona river are very calm, and this makes it an anglers paradise. Offshore the seas are pretty deep, and this makes it a breeding ground for Tuna, Sharks and Mahl-Mahl as well as the swordfish above. The Island itself offers a stunning backdrop for those out on charter boats.

When you are not fishing, you can enjoy Hawaii's great welcome and nightlife.

#9: Ontario (Canada), Crow lake

This Ontario lake is home to a nice variety of catch, from bass to muskies, even some late whitefish the diversity of the lakes schools of fish are fantastic. The lake is also home to some northern pike. Famous for being a breeding ground for some monsters, fishing here is not for the weak of heart or of the arm. If you have a harkening for some open water fishing, the Hudson Bay is not far away. Home to an abundance of whitefish, salmon, plaice and Artic Char you will not be left empty-handed.

#10: Canada, Nunavut, The Tree River

It is widely considered the premier fishing ground for the Arctic Char, located in the northwest of the province it is genuinely only a destination for real fishers. The record weight for an Arctic Char caught in the area was 32 pounds, you never know that record could be there for you to find. Getting to Nunavut is a bit of a treck, but isn't that all part of the adventure.

TOP Fishing Spots all Around the World

The next five-place is on Four different continents, Africa, South America, Asia and Oceania. Because of the sheer volume of places to fish in these regions, we didn't hold back. I am recommending five options that would certainly test your metal as a fisherman.

#11: Russia, The Umba River

The Kola peninsula is a true winter wonderland, combine the snow, reindeer and the breathtaking views of the Aurora Borealis, and it can be breathtaking. Once spring hits this place becomes a different beast, the river's bursting at the seams with salmon.

Fishers from all over the world race to the banks of the Kola to grab the opportunity to catch some the fattest salmon you will ever see. Not to worry though the river stretches for 127km, there is plenty of room for everyone.

#12: Australia, Cairns

Home of the giant black marlin one of the most sought after catches on the planet, this beauty can weight in at 750kg and swim at up to 130km per hour. This is not for the faint of heart, and it takes true grit to land one of these. Many a hardened fisherman has tried and failed.

#13: Mongolia, Eg Our River

When you picture Mongolia, you probably conjure up pictures of endless grasslands, very salty tea, and nomads with their herds of Yaks. But this is one of the last places on Earth that you will find the Taimen, a rare species of giant trout.

The locals call them the river wolves. These are actual river monsters, who can hit the scales at nearly 90kg, they are also cannibals so be very careful if you wish to take the risk.

#14: Brazil, The Amazon Basin

There probably isn't the Fisherman on Earth hasn't spent some time watching Horrible piranha horror movies. But now you can take the opportunity to catch one of these big boys for yourself.

From the capital of the Brazilian state of Amazonia, you can choose one of the many tours that are now offering people the opportunity to catch piranhas for themselves.

It may not appear very sporting of first hanging a chunk of meat over the side of a boat, but these boys are a sight to behold. You need to be extremely careful with your catch to make sure that the only one that got away is you.

#15: The Congo, The Congo river basin

I think I've kept the best last if you are looking for us to attend adrenaline rush you got to try and catch the Goliath tigerfish in the Congo. This to the Beast is genuinely terrifying another vicious temper two. This is Africa's answer to the piranha, and it has a rich history of attacking humans, is even known to catch birds in flight. You can weigh up to 70 L and stretch to 1.5 m in length. Take a day-long trip on the river, according to others you will experience one of the most significant fishing challenges known to man.

#16: USA, Florida, Sarasota

Sarasota is a fly fishing paradise. Many people think about fly fishing as a freshwater sport, but actually, saltwater fly fishing can be even better.

Anglers can catch a variety of fish species, including spotted sea trout, bluefish, Spanish mackerel, and even more challenging species like snook and reds.

Fishing is possible year-round, and charters are available in the area. You just have to show up and start fishing! Even if you do not have any fly fishing tackle, don’t worry, charters will provide it for you.

If you are one of those anglers who prefer freshwater fishing, there are numerous opportunities for you too. You can fish for bream, crappie, and bass in numerous locations on inland waters.

Whether you are a professional angler, or just a beginner you will find a fishing opportunity that suits your needs and your skill level.

The city itself has a lot to offer when you are not catching fish, so your vacation is going to be complete.

#17. USA, Texas

Among many popular fishing destinations in the USA , like Florida or Hawaii, Texas can easily be overlooked by anglers, but that is a huge mistake.

This destination offers some of the best bass fishing opportunities in the country. Numerous lakes are home to some of the biggest largemouth bass, and many records took place in locations like Lake Fork.

And that is not the only lake to fish, as a matter of fact, excellent locations can be found through out the whole state.

Those who would like to get the most out of this bass fishing experience should test their skills during spring, when the bass bite like crazy. For a recreational angler, this may be the best opportunity to break a personal record.

You can find all kinds of services in the vicinity of the popular destinations, including accommodations, boat rental, tackle shops, and even professional guides.

If you want to learn more, check this article about best bass fishing in Texas.


Before anyone gets annoyed led that we left someplace of the list, rest assured you are not alone, this list is subjective and there are undoubtedly many places worthy of a spot on the list.

For the spots that didn't make the list, please take the opportunity to point out the gaping holes in my narrative by dropping us an email.

Apologies to the residents of all the other great fishing spots around the world who didn't make this, next time maybe?

I hoped you enjoyed reading the article stay tuned for my next instalment.

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