How Much is a GOOD Fishing Rod? [Cost With Examples]

How Much is a GOOD Fishing Rod

Fishing equipment, at least the good one, can be expensive. Some things may cost a fortune, and beginners can sometimes be worried because they have to buy a lot of things to start fishing.

One of the most important items is a rod, and luckily, there are quality made rods that are both durable and affordable.

When thinking about how much is a fishing rod, you have to consider the type of a rod because prices can vary a lot. But, some general prices are from around $35 for a beginners rod which is perfectly fine for learning purposes, up to $1000 for a professionally made masterpiece.

I would always advise you to buy from well-known and reputable manufacturers even if it costs a bit more. Those rods are well made and can be repaired in shops if you accidentally break something.

Professionals and experienced anglers often choose more expensive models, but as a beginner, you should start with basic equipment.

Here I will tell you a bit more about rod prices in accordance with the intended use and rod type.



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How Much is a GOOD Fishing Rod? [for Various Purposes]

How much is a good fishing rod depend on the rod type.

Of course that a small spinning rod for panfish costs a lot less than a tuna rod. So, to show you the average prices, I have to break this down into sections. Let’s start with bass.

Bass Fishing Rod Prices

Fishing rod prices for bass start around $40 to $50 for a decent model. Some of those models are spinning rods made by Berkley od Shimano. Even Abu Garcia has rods in this price range. Of course, the exact price depends on a shop where you buy it. You can even get them on discount of you are lucky.

If you decide to give a bit more money, starting at $100, you can get some excellent St. Croix models. This is an excellent US brand that offers a lot of rods for bass fishing.

If you are one of those anglers who want to have the absolute best, you can choose among G. Loomis models that cost $500 or more.

As a beginner, you should focus on the lower price range.

Carp Fishing Rod Prices

Carp is one of the most popular game fish species around the world. But, carp can grow big, so rods have to be quality made and their price often shows it. Carp rods are also quite long.

One of the best brands for beginners is Shimano, which has some excellent basic models. Depending on the exact model, price starts at around $60. Daiwa also has carp models that start around the same price. You can find cheaper rods, but I wouldn’t advise it for carp.

Of course, the same manufacturers also have some very expensive models. Daiwa has some that cost more than $500, like Basia.

How Much is a Good Fishing Rod - Carp

Fly Fishing Rod Prices

You all know that fly fishing is like no other fishing technique, and sometimes even the prices show it. How much is a fly-fishing rod depends on a brand and model, but here are some price ranges that guarantee a good product.

Okuma makes decent fly rods which are on the lower end of the price range. For about $60, you can get a fine rod.

St. Croix and Orvis offer great models between $150 and $250, while G. Loomis models can cost more than $1000!

It would be nice to own such an expensive and excellent piece of art, but don’t worry, you can get a good fly rod under $100.

Telescopic Fishing Rod Prices

Telescopic rods are excellent. They are versatile and great for transport. When collapsed, they are ideal for travelers or hikers who like compact equipment. When extended, they come in various lengths.

And what about the price? Well, if you are a complete beginner who targets smaller species, you can get some basic Pulsinno rod models for as low as $20. You can even get a combo with a spinning reel. Those are great for some basic vacation fishing.

For a bit more, you can get a KastKing that is available in various lengths and both in spinning and casting type, and that will cost you about $50, depending on a length.

Daiwa has an excellent telescopic all-around model (Megaforce Tele Spin) that is available for a bit less than $100.

Most of the telescopic are very affordable and they are an excellent option!

Ice Fishing Rod Prices

Ice rods are short and relatively simple, which is great when it comes to the price. If you are buying on a budget, you can get rods under $20 made by Berkley or 13 Fishing. For about $25 you can buy Shakespeare rod.

If you want to buy in some middle price range, think about Fenwick or Okuma ice rods which can be bought for around $50 to $60. Some 13 Fishing models are also in this price range.

And for those who like expensive things, G. Loomis has models that cost up to $200. Those are excellent to have but are by no means necessary to enjoy some ice fishing.

Even the most expensive rod won’t help you catch a fish if you don’t know how to use it.

Surf Fishing Rod Prices

Surf rods are also a special category. They can be quite long and made in a way that anglers can achieve long casting distance.

You won’t be able to get a decent surf rod under $50. Some of the cheapest surf models withing $50 to $120 price range are made by Daiwa and Okuma.

Among the most expensive surf rods you can find models from St. Croix and Lamiglas, that cost $350-$700.

Some medium price range is up to $200, where you can find certain Shimano models, as well as cheaper Lamiglas and St. Croix.

How Much is a Good Fishing Rod - Surf

Tuna Fishing Rod Prices

Tuna is a large and strong predator that requires heavy equipment. Rods are extremely sturdy and wont break even under prolonged periods of pressure and rough use. Also, size of a tuna plays a major role in rod selection as well as the price.

Prices usually start around $120 and climb significantly after that. It is true that some brands offer even cheaper tuna rods, but those I would not recommend.

The best manufacturers in this low-price ($120-$150) range are Shimano and Penn. Of course, both have other models that cost up to $700.

If you are interested in some serious big game fishing for, let’s say, bluefin tuna, you will have to pay a lot more. Those prices are more likely to be around $500 or more, even up to $1000.

As a beginner, you should not try to use this alone. Find local guided big game fishing trips. Those will lend you the equipment, and that may be the best and the cheapest option for those who just want to try this kind of fishing. Keep in mind that the rod is the among cheapest items for tuna fishing. You need an offshore boat too.

Custom Fishing Rod Prices

Fishing rod prices are easy to state for mass produced rods made by famous brands. But some anglers want their rods custom made. Sometimes, that means just getting it in a different color. But sometimes a fully custom rod is made especially for you. You can decide everything about rod features and the builder will make one for you.

Number and complexity of these modifications will state the final price.

Some starting prices are $300, and can rise significantly if you have some fancy requests.

Many of those who are building custom rods that include all the specifications you want, including the rod being balanced for you and build to suit your arm length, will not state their prices before they hear your wishes.

If you want a custom rod, contact your preferred rod builder (you can find some recommendations online for these services in your area), and make and inquiry.

Beginner Fishing Rod Prices

How much is a good fishing rod for a beginner depends on a rod type, as I previously mentioned. To get the answer check out the previous prices in every category. Lowest end of given prices is the one that is more than enough for someone who is just learning how to fish.

Keep in mind that as a complete beginner, you will have to buy a lot more than just a rod. There are lines, reel, lures, nets, floats, weights, hooks, and even a chair for you to sit on. Altogether, that is a big investment.

In addition to that, you may break the rod while learning, and cheap rods are ideal for that. When you gain some experience and see what exactly you need from a rod, you can’t try out some better and more expensive models.

All the rod manufacturers I mentioned are good and offer good products. Avoid some “no-name” rods from suspicious web shops and everything will be fine. Angler is the one that catches a fish, not the rod.

How Much is a Good Fishing Rod - Beginner

How Much is the Cheapest Fishing Rod?

Some of you may ask how much is a fishing rod, and I will give you two answers. If you are asking what is the cheapest one I would recommend, than it is from this list under Ice fishing rods category.

Ice rods are small and simple, so their price is also low. You can get a nice 13 Fishing Infrared Ice Spinning Rod for $20. That is an excellent price. It is even available as a combo with a reel, for around $15 more!

However, that is not the cheapest. There are many suspiciously cheap rods that I would not recommend. Those are flimsy, unreliable, and are likely to break during first use. Busying something like that will only cost you more money, because when it fails, you will have to buy another, decent, rod.

How Much is the Most Expensive Fishing Rod?

Some of these expensive rods cost like a used car. Did you know that the most expensive rods have a starting price of $4600?

Oyster Bamboo Fly Rods are handcrafted and finished after you make a purchase. They are engraved by hand, and you can choose some features.

These rods are art pieces. They will last a lifetime and the build quality is immaculate. Every detail is crafted until perfection, and some very lucky anglers can enjoy fishing with these masterpieces.

Slightly cheaper, starting around $3000, is Orvis Penn's Creek Full-Flex Bamboo Fly Rod. For additional $45 they can add some personalized details to it.

Both of these are fly rods, and as you can see, fly fishing is truly special, even when it comes to prices.

How Much is a Fishing Rod at Walmart, Amazon, etc.?

Prices of the same models of rods can vary depending on where you buy them. If you are buying in a tackle store you may pay slightly more than if you are ordering from a manufacturer, but that is not always the case.

Sometimes, you will have to pay for shipping or some similar fees. Many supermarkets, like Walmart, sell basic fishing equipment, and prices there are usually similar to other shops.

If you want to save a few dollars wait for some special promotion and discounts. I like to order my gear online because it is convenient. Amazon is a good place to do so because you can also read hundreds of reviews from other anglers who tested the product!

BONUS: What to Look for When Buying a Fishing Rod?

Before thinking about the prices and asking how much is a fishing rod, think about rod features. And I am not saying the rod type, but specific details that are present on all rod types.

Power and Action

Fishing rod action determines how much of the rod length will bend under pressure. Fast rods bend only on the upper third, medium bend to the half of the length, and sow bend to the bottom third. Power is resistance to bending, and rods can be light, medium, and heavy (or even combinations like medium-heavy).

Light ones are for smaller fish, and with the size of fish, you should also increase power. Action is related to casting distance and control. Medium is versatile and goes with variety of lures. Slow is great for live bait, while fast is excellent for bass fishing.

Line Guides

Line guides (or Eyelets) will have to withstand all the forces applied by fighting fish. They have to be strong and of course, resistant to corrosion. Check out the materials but keep in mind that they will also affect the price. Ceramic, and especially silicone carbide or titanium carbide are top of the line. Those are not present on cheap rods.

Aluminum oxide is great and much cheaper, while plastic and steel should always be avoided.


Handle has to be comfortable and offer a good grip. Good handles will never slip, and they will be resistant to damage. EVA foam and cork are very common, especially in lower-end models.

Reel seat

Reel seat has to accommodate the reel. Saltwater rods usually have bigger reel seats to accommodate larger reels. Also, materials used are more resistant to corrosion. Anodized aluminum is a common material used for reel seats.


Whether the rod is multi piece or telescopic, when in use, connection points have to be firm and dependable. Make sure to take care of your rod, prevent impurities from getting inside, and clean it after every use.

How Much is a Good Fishing Rod - Buying


Rod prices vary a lot. This is a good thing because no matter the budget, you can always find something that will suit you.

Rods that cost hundreds of dollars are great, but for a beginner or a “weekend-angler” that is not necessary.

Cheaper rods are more than enough for various uses, especially for learning purposes when there is a high chance that you will break it.

Just make sure to buy from reputable manufacturers and to plain the rod with a suitable reel!

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