Fishing Rod vs Fishing Pole: Which One Is Better for You?

Fishing Rod vs Fishing Pole

Fishing rods come in many shapes and sizes, and choosing the right one affects your fishing success a lot.

But there is another, a bit different, category of these items, and those are called fishing poles. Those two are not the same.

Fishing rods offer you more possibilities, while fishing poles are very basic, although they too have some advantages. Kids, or even beginners who just want to try fishing for a couple of times can choose poles because they are easy to use and often cheaper. Besides, when it comes to just lowering your bait in front of a fish, they are more precise.

In some parts of the world, people refer to fishing rods as poles, but there is actually a large difference, and I will explain it in the following chapters.

Experienced anglers will often use rods instead of poles, even in situations when poles would make more sense, because they are simply used to them.

If you are confused by this, and you have troubles deciding fishing rod vs pole, read more to see which one would suit your needs better.



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Fishing Rod vs Fishing Pole: What is the Main Difference?

Many people call them either rods or poles, but that is not actually correct.

Through out the history, before modern technologies and complicated manufacturing processes that gives us so many different rods, people were fishing with poles.

Poles have a fishing line attached to their tip, with no reel seat, line guides, and other parts that distinguish rods from poles.

Poles are excellent for placing your lure in front of the fish, and they are extremely precise and easy to use for this kind of technique.

Rods are more complicated, they are meant to be used with reels, and they have the ability to cast lures and achieve greater distances. This is something that a pole can’t do.

Rods are more versatile, and there are models for different fishing techniques. Also, rods can be used instead of poles, but not the other way around.

Despite this, poles are excellent for certain applications, and even experienced anglers use them. Sometimes, simple things are the best.

Fishing Rod vs Fishing Pole - Guides

When and Where to Use a Fishing Rod or Pole?

Rods are meant to be used in situations where you have to cast your lure further away, or when you are using lures that have to cover a lot of water in search for fish. Also, rods are suitable for all kinds of baits and lures, and enable various possibilities. You can use lures like spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and similar lures that attract fish with their movement.

Another advantage is that rods can be used to present your baits/lures in various depths.

You can use jigs, and lower them down to the bottom, or use lures that are presented in the middle of the water column. Rods are excellent for topwater fishing too.

If you plan to practice any of the techniques mentioned above, rod is the one for you.

Poles are extremely useful when placing your lure in front of the fish. There is no casting, you just lower it down. For doing this, poles are a much better option than rods. This is especially important when fishing around many obstacles, and there is a chance to get tangled in them. Poles give you a lot more precision.

Also, if you are fishing somewhere where fish can see you, and the same fish are easily spooked, poles are a better option. There is no splash, no sudden movements, and the end result will definitely be better.

Poles are also suitable for kids, beginners, and all kinds of smaller fish species that do not require any special fishing techniques.

Unfortunately, poles are not suitable for very large and hard fishing fish, as getting them out without a reel is very hard.

Is Fishing With a Pole Easier than Fishing With a Rod?

When thinking about getting fishing rod or pole, you probably want to know which one is easier to use.

The answer is a pole!

Poles have a lot less parts, and you do not need any previous knowledge. This also means that there is nothing to break or get stuck.

Rods are mostly used for casting, and although casting may seem easy, doing it right and precise requires certain experience. Placing your bait in front of the fish is much easier.

Poles are usually shorter than rods (with some exceptions of course) and that means that handling them and manoeuvring around obstacles like trees, or even fellow anglers, is much easier and safer.

Of course, there are some techniques that require use of very long poles, but those are not suitable for beginners because using them requires knowledge and practice. Poles like that are used mostly in UK.

How Much Does a Fishing Rod or Pole Cost?

Price is often one of the most important factors when choosing any kind of fishing equipment, and deciding between fishing rod vs fishing pole also has a price factor.

In general, fishing poles are cheaper, because they have less parts and are easier to manufacture. Of course, there are some very cheap rods too, but when you consider some average prices, rods are more expensive.

There are some very long and specially made poles that cost more, however those are not standard, and can’t be compared with the average equipment.

Mostly, you can find these poles in some parts of Europe, as the UK, where pole fishing is popular, and their poles are specialized and quality made items that can cost a fortune.

But, the downside of affordable and easy to use poles is their availability.

In some areas of the world, like North America, they are not very popular, and finding them in tackle stores is not an easy task. Also, when you find them, those will be just basic models suitable for kids and beginners.

Which One Is Better for You? A Fishing Rod or Pole?

So, fishing rod vs pole, which one to get?

Well, both if you can! :)

But, if I had to choose one, it would probably be a rod.

Although less precise for fishing right in front of you, rods can be used for that, and with experience, precision will increase too. Having a rod enables you to practice a lot more fishing techniques with one item.

But, if you plan to take your kid fishing, or if you just want to catch crappies a few times a year, and you would like to save money and time used for learning how reels and rods work, then pole is the one for you.

Although simple, poles are very effective.

Fishing Rod vs Fishing Pole - Difference


Deciding between fishing rod vs pole may seem a bit confusing, but you should ask yourself what kind of fishing would you like to do, and choose in accordance with that.

If you can, get both, and change them. Learning something new is always beneficial. Sometimes, the most basic approach gives the best results, and poles are an excellent proof of that.

Rods are versatile, but come at a greater price, and you have to invest a bit more time to learn how to cast properly (like fly casting).

No matter what you choose, try to get the most of it, get to know your local fish and waters, and enjoy fishing!

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