Daiwa Black Widow - Carp Fishing Rod Review

Daiwa Black Widow - Carp Fishing Rod Review
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When starting a new hobby, you need some knowledge and proper equipment. The same goes for fishing.

After you gather all the information needed, next step is to buy the equipment.

First item we buy for fishing is usually a fishing rod. There are numerous manufacturers and models of rods, so choosing can be difficult.

The other problem is money ...

Equipment can be very expensive, and as a beginner is better to buy a rod which is good, dependable and easy to use, then to buy something very expensive and not suitable for our current needs.

Beginners often forget that the rod itself is not enough and has to be complemented with the reel and all the other pieces of equipment.

If you spend a fortune on a rod and attach a bad reel, you will find yourself in the situation where you are not satisfied with its performance.

Luckily, there are fishing rods available for reasonable amount of money, and they are also very good.

Daiwa Black Widow is one of those and if you are planning to start your fishing adventure think about buying one of these.

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What Daiwa Black Widow has to offer?

At first sight, this fishing rod does not look very special. The reason is that the manufacturer did not pay much attention to the physical appearance of the rod.

It is plain and simple and has been on the market for a long time. Newer models are not much different than the older ones.

It is available in fishing stores in most of the countries around the world, and cost less than €100.

Black Widow rod is easy to use, it is very light, dependable and very well made. You will get a quality product which is not too expensive.

According to the manufacturer it enables distance and precise casting, mostly made to be used for carp fishing. Handle, bellow the reel, has an excellent grip.

I have to mention, that is a very good feature for beginners as they are often not very handy with the gear so it will prevent sliding and dropping the rod.

Slim blanks are very powerful ...

And that enables tiring large fish. Matt finish of the rod causes very low glare, and that quality is desirable in very bright light. Materials used are lightweight and strong. Guides are incredibly low-friction and that protects your lines.

Everything that manufacturer stated is true. Black Widow rod is truly an amazing piece of fishing equipment.

It “lays” well in the hands, easy to cast, it is not tiring for the angler, and it is very fun.

Size of the rod depends on the model, but they are all lightweight, easy to store and to transport.

As a beginner it is important to focus more on fishing than taking care of all the other details, because all of that comes with experience. Daiwa Black Widow is an excellent option regarding to that.

Despite the fact it is made for carp fishing, this rod can be used for other fish too, and some people even use it on the sea, not just rivers and lakes. For a beginner this is useful.

You are still discovering fishing and you can’t know which fish or location will become your favorite. Daiwa Black Widow enables you to discover and experience everything that angling can offer.

Although in that case its performance is not the best it still helps you to explore different possibilities.

To take a closer look at this awesome carp fishing rod, you can see it here (#ad) on Amazon.

Reviews about Daiwa Black Widow fishing Rod for Carp

A lot of reviews can be found online about this rod. If you search for user opinions and experiences, you can find it on numerous forums and websites. Most of the users are more than satisfied with this rod.

Example of positive reviews from our page:

“I have been using this rod for 6 months – I have caught carp, amur and other fish. I paid less than €100 and it is still excellent quality. That is one more proof that you don’t always have to buy the most expensive, overrated products to get the perfect rod. I’m currently thinking about buying one more Daiwa Black Widow rod.”

“Great rod at an affordable price. I have had a lot of expensive rods, which, despite their high cost, were not as good as Daiwa Black Widow fishing rod.

If your resources are limited, this is the perfect rod for you.”

As we see, beginners are not the only group of users. No matter how experienced you are it is always good to have one simple rod which you can use when you go on a short afternoon fishing, or even to have it as a spare rod because it is very versatile.

Every product ever made, not just for fishing has a downside.

Some people (but not a lot of them) say this rod is too gentle and fragile, and that they don’t feel confident while fishing for very large specimens. Because reviews like that are extremely rare, it is possible they somehow misused this rod or that they expect too much from entry level equipment.

Daiwa Black Widow – YES or NO?

The answer is definitely YES!

Reading the reviews online we can see that this is an excellent option.

No matter if you are a beginner or even an experienced angler, Daiwa Black Widow is a good option. Despite the low cost, this is an excellent product.

This rod will enable you to catch a lot of fish, big and small. You will enjoy the experience on water.

Also, after buying this rod there is a higher chance you will have some extra money on the side to buy a good reel and other necessary equipment that is as important as a good rod.

And remember, no matter how expensive your gear is, you can still have fun and afford yourself an outdoor adventure.

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