Fishing Reel With Trigger: Fast Buyers Guide for Beginners

Fishing Reel With Trigger
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In the world of fishing reels, you have many types to choose. From spinning, to baitcasting and spincasting, they all have different features.

For a beginner, a reel needs to be easy to use, dependable, affordable, and well paired with the rod. If you are in the process of searching for the best reel, you are in the right place.

Among all options, you can choose a fishing reel with a trigger. This type is frequently overlooked; however, it has many benefits, especially for novice anglers that need something simple, yet very effective, suitable for light fishing and a variety of lures.

Besides ease of use, fishing reels with triggers are also available in the lower price range which is extremely important for complete beginners who are buying all equipment at once to start fishing.

Trigger reels can be open or closed face, so you can choose an option that is compatible with your needs. I have tried and tested quite a few of them.

Here I will tell you everything you need to know about these reels and recommend my favorite models!

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My No. 1: Shimano Syncopate 2500FG

Runner-Up: Zebco 33



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What is Fishing Reel With a Trigger and How Does it Work? [Underspin/Triggerspin]

What can confuse beginners here is multiple terms used for a single piece of equipment. Underspin reel and triggerspin reel are terms used for reels that have a trigger.

Underspin is a reel type that looks similar to spincast reel at first sight, with closed face, however it is mounted below the rod, like a classic spinning reel.

Trigger is a part of this reel that is used for casting purposes. When it comes to reel design, it has a hole through which the line goes out, and the housing and inner parts can be made from various materials, depending on the manufacturer.

But closed face reels are not the only reel type with a trigger. Some models of spinning reels (open face) also have a trigger feature.

Open face spinning reel with trigger enables easier casting because there is no need to open the bail manually. When activated, the trigger opens the bail for you.

Spinning reels with quick fire trigger are easy to cast and were insanely popular a few decades ago. They are still available on the market, so think about this option!

Fishing Reel With Trigger - Open Bail

How Does a Fishing Reel With a Trigger Differ From Other Types of Fishing Reels?

I already briefly described how it differs, but here is a bit more details ...

When it comes to appearance of the reel, trigger is the only thing that distinguishes this reel type from others. For example, spinning reels with and without trigger are the same in every aspect, besides added trigger.

The biggest difference is in reel performance, more precisely, casting.

For closed face trigger reels, casting is very easy. You need to press the trigger which then secures the line. Pull the rod backwards and swing it forward like in regular casting. While making this forward swing, release the trigger.

When it comes to open face reels with triggers, you can simply press the trigger with the hand you are holding your rod, instead of using your cranking hand to open the bail manually. However, if you wish to do it manually, you still can, despite the trigger. So basically, you have two casting options.

When using trigger, you must make sure the line is positioned between the trigger and your finger before the bail gets opened to avoid line sinning off the spool freely.

What are the Advantages of Using a Fishing Reel With a Trigger?

Advantages of trigger type reels are much easier casting, especially for beginners. The process is quite straight forward, and you can focus on fishing instead of handling complicated reels.

They go excellent with mono lines that are also easier to use by beginners, and work well on light setups for smaller fish species. Besides, mono will enable you smooth casting here.

Closed face trigger reels may be too small and light for some anglers, however, open face trigger reels are stronger, with better drag, and you can use them to land bigger species.

Depending on the model you choose, these reels are suitable for a variety of lures and fishing styles, so you will have a very versatile equipment for your fishing adventures.

Fishing Reel With Trigger - Advanatages

What is the Best Fishing Reel With Trigger?

The market is full of reel models with trigger, however I have narrowed down the choice for you and singled out my favorite models.

Shimano Spinning Reel With Trigger

Among all reel types, including fishing reel with trigger, Shimano is a manufacturer that you can not go wrong with. This brand is known for high quality and excellent performance, even in the category of entry level, affordable models.

Syncopate spinning reel with trigger is available in three sizes (1000, 2500 and 4000). The bigger two are definitely an option to consider.

With gear ratio of 5.2:1 these reels are in the medium range which makes them the most versatile option when it comes to bait and lure selection.

The 4 ball bearings are quality made and ensure smooth operation. Remember that with ball bearings, quality comes over quantity.

Maximum drag is fairly decent, ranging from 7lb for 2500 size to 13lb for 4000 size. Line capacity is also more than sufficient, and overall, this Shimano spinning reel with trigger is the best buy.

With the quiet low price, it is suitable for all budgets, although it is the most expensive option on this list.

More info and Price:

For more info and prices check the following links ...

Check Price for 2500 Check Price for 4000


• QuickFire II system and propulsion line management for easy and distant casting.

• Excellent retrieve properties.

• Reliable.


• Not suitable for very small hands due to trigger position and size.

Zebco Spincast Reel With Trigger

Zebco 33 is a classic spincast reel with trigger. This famous model is a closed face triggerspin reel for very light setups. Size 10 makes it small, light, and excellent for freshwater panfish and small trout!

Although small and simple, this reel features instant anti-reverse, adjustable drag, and no tangle design.

But that’s not all, and Zebco 33 also has built in bite alert that will inform you when fish takes your bait. With a gear ratio of 4.3:1 it is a bit slower from the previously mentioned reel, but still versatile enough for various freshwater conditions.

Materials used in manufacturing are good, including all metal gears, and graphite composite finish.

Mono line capacity is quite good for such small reel (90yds/4lb). Putting heavier lines on this reel is not recommended.

Of course, due to its small size, Zebco spincast reel with trigger is very light and easy to use even for kids, or adults who like to cast over and over again from sunrise to sunset.

More info and Price:

For more info and prices check the following links ...

Check Price on Amazon


• Very durable and affordable.

• Smooth casting and retrieve.

• No tangles.


• Not suitable for larger fish and a bit heavier setup.

Daiwa Spincast Reel With Trigger

And last, but not least, is closed face spincast reel with trigger from Daiwa. You can choose from three available sizes, and those are 40, 80, and 120.

With gear ratio of 4.1:1 it I the slowest reel on the list, with slightly lower line capacity than the previous model (85yds/4lb).

Nevertheless, this reel has some excellent features, including rigid aluminum alloy construction, smooth adjustable drag, metal gears, and titanium nitride line pickup that is rotating with the line to enable longer and smoother casts.

It comes with only one ball bearing, but it works excellently and smoothly when casting, and also retrieving.

It is very lightweight and easy to use for long periods of time. Of course, same as the previously mentioned models, it is made to be used in freshwater.

More info and Price:

For more info and prices check the following links ...

Check Price on Amazon


• Very durable and affordable.

• Works very well with shorter rods.

• Spool and line hole are quite big and enable excellent casting performance.


• Retrieving heavier fish is a hard task.

Are There any Rod and Reels Combos With Triggers?

Choosing the best spinning reel with trigger and pairing it up with a perfect rod may take some time, so why not get a combo? You will save a couple of dollars and get perfectly paired equipment ready for the water.

My favorite trigger combo come from Zebco and include already mentioned Zebco 33 triggerspin reel. The difference between the two combo options is the rod.

The first option is a one-piece rod with a cork handle, 4ft 6inch long. It is made from fiberglass and although the whole setup is very small and light, it is very responsive and durable. Of course, if that rod length is not suitable for your needs, you can choose the same combo with longer rod, 5ft 6inch. Both have four line guides plus the tip.

The second Zebco option is a two-piece rod with EVA foam, that is exactly 5ft long. Being in two pieces, rod is easy to assemble and disassemble, as well as to store and transport.

This rod has three line guides plus the tip guide. Rod blank is made from fiberglass, and it is also very durable and quite responsive.

This setup is excellent for ultra-light fishing for panfish and small trout and, you will never feel tired or have pain in your arms after all day on the water.

Both combos are very affordable and excellent for everyone, from kids to experienced anglers looking for a light setup for local freshwater venues.

Fishing Reel With Trigger - for Kids

FAQs about Fishing Reels With Trigger:

In case you still have some doubts, here are the answers to your questions!

Are fishing reels with triggers suitable for beginners?

As already mentioned in previous chapters, the answer is YES! What makes them great for beginners is compatibility with spinning rods, ease of use, easy casting, versatility, and low price.

How do I properly maintain a fishing reel with a trigger?

Reel maintenance is important, and it ensures longevity. Closed face trigger reels should be maintained in the same way as other closed faced reels, and open face reels trigger like regular spinning reels. Trigger is a moving part and has to be taken care of to avoid malfunction.

Clean the reel from dirt after every use, store in a dry place away from heat. Once or twice a year, disassemble the reel, clean the inner parts, and lubricate or oil it.

What are some popular brands that offer fishing reels with triggers?

Shimano, Zebco, and Daiwa were already mentioned, however there are more brands available that offer good products, and my first pick after these three are Abu Garcia and Pflueger.

Are fishing reels with triggers more expensive than other types of reels?

Luckily, the answer is NO. Reels with triggers are actually on the lower end of prices and are suitable for anyone’s budget. You can find a great one below $50.

What factors to consider when choosing a fishing reel with a trigger?

Same as when choosing any other reel type, consider the manufacturer, materials used, compatibility with the rest of your equipment you already have, and features like maximum drag and gear ratio.

As already said, these reels are the best for lighter setup, and have slow to medium gear ratio.



Using fishing reel with trigger has many benefits, especially for beginners. Casting is easy, and this reel type is a great addition to any lighter setup for smaller freshwater species.

Casting is smooth, easy, and you don’t need to worry about backlashes and similar issues associated with more complicated reel types.

Anglers can use various baits and lures with trigger reels, and this is why even some very experienced anglers choose this type of equipment! It is not reserved for beginners only, and anyone can benefit from a trigger!

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