Best Spinning Reels for Braided Line in 2024 [My Pick]

Best Spinning Reels for Braided Line
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Using braided lines for spinning reels has many benefits. These lines are thin, strong, and suitable for many lures and fishing conditions. However, many pro and beginner anglers think that those pair well only with baitcasting reels.

Baitcasting reels are hard to use, and beginner anglers often skip on braided fishing lines experience. However, that is a mistake!

There are spinning reels suitable for braided lines and have tried and tested a lot of them! Here I will share the results with you and make your selection process a bit easier! No matter which one of those you choose, you will not go wrong!

The best spinning reel for braided line is made by reputable manufacturer, braid ready, and durable! Which one exactly you will get depends on preferred fishing technique and personal preference.

After I list my top choices, I will answer some frequently asked questions to resolve any dilemma you may have about it!

So, enough with the introduction, let`s get straight to the topic!



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What are the Best Spinning Reels for Braided Line?

Whenever I test a reel I consider features like overall feeling, materials, build quality, features, casting ability, drag performance, weight, smoothness, line capacity, and everything else important!

So here are my choices based on all of the above!

Best Spinning Reels for Braided Line - Which

#1: KastKing Sharky III

The first one on this list is one of the famous KastKing models - Sharky III (#ad).

This upgraded version is lighter than before, and that makes it ideal for all day use. Body and rotor are made from fiber reinforced graphite which ensures small weight and greater resistance and durability.

Carbon fiber drag disc give up to 39.5 lb /18kg of drag (depending on size) which is sufficient to land a big one! As you know, braided lines are often used due to their strength, so when combined with this reel, you can catch almost anything.

When using it in rough condition, intrusions shield system will keep all the water and dirt out of it to protect sensitive parts from corrosion and abrasion damage.

The 10 double shielded ball bearings ensure incredible smoothness. Available sizes go from 1000 to 5000. Gear ratio is 5.2:1.

And the best of all, it is braid ready! Overall, this reel feels and performs excellent.


• easy casting

• high line capacity.

• excellent instant anti-reverse.


• a bit noisy under pressure.

• reel is quite small when compared to same sizes of different brands.

#2: Pflueger President

Pflueger makes great reels, and the President model (#ad) found its place here.

It is available in different sizes from 20 to 40, with some variations among models of different sizes. The smallest one has 7, while others have 10 ball bearings that work excellent and everything seems smooth.

Same as the previously mentioned model, this reel comes braid ready so no backing is necessary.

Body is made from graphite, as well as the rotor, and the reel feels very sturdy and well made. Drag washers are sealed and protected so this reel won’t let you down in crucial moments.

One of the features I like the most is slow oscillation gearing. Due to this feature line lay is impeccable, better than in many other reels I have tried.

Gear ratio is 5.2:1 on all sizes. Instant anti reverse is great and line capacity is very good also.

Reel handle is very comfortable and ergonomic, which is very important when reeling in all day. Money for value ratio here is very good!


• no line twists

• quiet when under pressure

• feels very smooth


• max drag available 14lb/6.4 kg

• doesn’t cats as well as some other models here

#3: KastKing Megatron

Among the best spinning reel for braided line models here is another KastKing - Megatron (#ad).

This is by far the sturdiest and toughest model here. When you see it and feel it, you will know what I’m talking about. Aluminum alloy body is impressive, and the reel is saltwater rated.

Aluminum is used in other reel parts too, such as handle and the spool too.

Carbon fiber drag performs well and feels trustworthy. Largest model offers 39.5lb/18kg of drag which is very good for bigger specimens.

Double shielded ball bearings (7 of them) ensure very smooth reel operation.

This model is available in sizes from 2000 to 6000. Two smallest ones have 5.2:1 gear ration, while other sizes have 4.5:1, which is on a bit slower side. Of course, it is also braid ready.

Line capacity is very good, and although bulky and strong, reel is not too heavy. It is a pleasure to use it!


• very robust

• excellent value for money

• drag works impeccable


• although saltwater rated, I consider it more of a freshwater reel

• slow gear ratio

#4: Penn Pursuit

The next one that deserved to be on this list is Penn Pursuit (#ad).

It comes in sizes from 2500 to incredible 8000, which is the biggest one here. It is ultra-light and corrosion resistant which makes it good for frequent saltwater use. I know that some reels, although saltwater rated, can`t withstand a lot of salt, but trust me, this one can.

It has 4 stainless steel ball bearings, which may sound like a low number, but the quality of those is incredible and it works extremely smooth!

Instant anti reverse eliminates all possible back play of the rotor and enables precise hooking.

Up to 4000 size gear ratio is 6.2:1, and from 5000 and up it is 5.6:1. Smallest sizes are the fastest on this list.

Largest model has 20lb/9kg of drag. Line capacity is very good, and the reel is braid ready. If you like to take a fishing trip to the coast and you need a dependable reel, this is the option you are looking for.


• big sizes available

• very even line lay

• excellent casting


• not a big upgrade from previous version of the same model

• you can hear the drag under high pressure

#5: Okuma Ceymar

And lastly, there is one Okuma model, called Ceymar (#ad).

This reel has a lot of features for its price rage. Cyclonic flow rotor is one of the most impressive and it minimizes the chance of water getting in and causing corrosion.

Elliptical gearing ensures very long casting distance and accuracy, as well and minimal friction. All of this reduces wear and tare so this reel can last a long time. These are not just fancy words, and the reel really works excellent.

There are 7 ball bearings which make it smooth. Graphite body is corrosion resistant and aluminum spool and bail wire are made strong and sturdy.

Line control system ensures even line lay and eliminates twists and annoying wind knots.

This model comes in sizes from 10 to 65, where gear ratio varies from 4.8:1 to 5.0:1 (high speed 6.2:1 version is also available). Max drag on the largest model is 35.2lb/16kg which is quite high.

Although this reel is excellent for braided lines and good choice for fishing, it does not come braid ready, so backing must be used. However, line capacity is so good that it won`t significantly reduce line length available (excellent casting distance).


• oversize line roller for friction reduction

• great casting

• compact


• loose handle screw

• bail tends to flip back to closed position

Best Spinning Reels for Braided Line - Fish

Can You Use a Braided Line on a Spinning Reel? [or NOT?]

So, can you use braided line on a spinning reel as described in previous chapters and are you still a bit sceptic? Simply, the answer is YES, you can!

Some spinning reels are braid ready and you can spool this line immediately. Other reels may require mono backing to prevent slipping. In both situations, braided lines can be used on spinning reels, if you follow common sense. Depending on preferred techniques, for some applications braided can be even better (for example jigging or spinning with heavy lures that proved a lot of resistance).

Even if you have braid ready reel, you can use mono backing to be extra safe.

Is Braided Line Good for Spinning Reels? [or BAD?]

Is braided line good for spinning reels is a common question, yet similar to the previous one. The thing is, it’s not about the reel, it’s about intended use. Both mono and braided lines have certain advantages and disadvantages, no matter the reel type.

So, braided line can go with spinning reel where you need lines with such properties. If you are using highly visible braided lines with no fluorocarbon leader in crystal clear waters, then it won’t be good. But that is not because of the reel or line. You get my point.

Braided lines have certain advantages and one of the main ones is low diameter, abrasion resistance and high strength. Due to low diameter you can spool more line length and have longer line available if required for fantastic casting.

In addition to that, it has no stretch, and it is more sensitive. If situation requires these benefits, then braided fishing lines are excellent to use on a spinning reel!

When Should You Use Braided Line on a Spinning Reel? [For What Fish?]

When you need more line length, more strength and more excellent sensitivity, you should use braided lines on spinning reels. If you have problems with mono lines twisting, braided is a good solution too.

In some situations, braided lines may require leader lines (like fluorocarbon lines) due to high visibility and in those situations, make sure to have a proper setup.

When it comes to fish species, braided lines on your favorite spinning reel are excellent for:

• Bass

• Pike

• Trout

• Crappie

• Many saltwater species

• Carp

Braid is great for heavy covers because of their strength and ability to survive harsh use.

And when it comes to technique, braided lines are great for:


• Large spinnerbaits

• Jigging

• Trolling

Best Spinning Reels for Braided Line - Lures

What Is a Braid Ready Fishing Reel & Should You Use One?

The best spinning reel for braided line can be the one that is braid ready, if you are one of those anglers that doesn’t want to use mono backing.

Braid ready reels have spool arbors covered with a rubber band. When attached to it, braided line will stay securely in place and wont slip around the spool.

“Regular” spools do not have this rubber part and if braided lines are attached directly, they may slip under pressure. To avoid it, you can either use mono backing, or put a rubber masking tape around the arbor yourself.

Braid ready spools can accommodate a bit more line because they do not require backing which is a lot thicker and occupies more space.

There is one downside however, and that is that rubber band around the arbor suffers from wear and tear and line slippage is inevitable at some point.

Best Spinning Reels for Braided Line - Braid Ready


Now you know can you use braided line on a spinning reel and what are the benefits. Braided lines are excellent for certain fishing techniques and species, so feel free to try them on your reel and see for yourself!

The best spinning reel for braided line is a matter of your personal choice and intended use, so choose any of the ones listed in this article.

Don’t forget to use leader lines when situations require so, and I wish you an excellent fishing!

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