How to Build Your Own Custom Fishing Reel? [Personalized]

Custom Fishing Reel - Personalized

Whether we want to admit it or not, we all like nice, sometimes a bit expensive, fishing equipment. And the best of all is having a unique item made just for you.

But is it even possible, especially if we are talking about fishing reels? Is there any way to get one that is made to perfectly suit you?

Custom fishing reels can be ordered from a manufacturer, and you can choose limited custom features on it. Unfortunately, only one manufacturer offers this service. However, there are various repair and upgrade shops that can improve and customize your reel, and they can do it with almost any reel model and type.

But, this doesn’t mean that you can ask them to create something that doesn’t exist. Brands work with what they have, and you can ask them to make a model that you just “invented” in your mind.

Custom fishing reel can also be a wonderful present for a passionate angler, so even if you are not fishing, I would advise you to read this article.

In the following chapters, I will tell you more about brands that offer these services, what can be customized, and a few more details about it.



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How Much is a Custom Fishing Reel?

Quality made reels are expensive, so you must be wondering how much you will have to pay for a custom one. Custom fishing reels come in various prices, but they are always more expensive than the same, mass-produced models.

To create a custom fishing reel, manufacturers have to adjust parts of their reel building process to add features that are not usually present. It can just be a small thing like a color, but that costs time and money.

I can tell you about some average prices for minor customization like etching text or graphic on a reel. Brands like IRT will charge $60 to $100, depending on what you need. Details are available on their websites.

IRT reels are also excellent reels, so you can rest assured that you are paying for a quality product too, not just the graphic. Of course, if you plan to order this service, and you want to submit some graphic other than those they offer, you have to be authorized to use it, or it has to be your own design. They will not use logos and similar that were “stolen”.

If you give your reel to a shop that offers similar services, price depends on your wishes. It can be as low as $50 for a custom paint, up to a few hundreds of dollars for new reel parts.

What Brands Can Customize Your Fishing Reel?

I have already mentioned IRT fishing reels which is one of the brands that offers customization services.

Unfortunately, other companies do not have this option, at least not for now. But, there is a way around it. Depending on where you live, you can find various shops that service reels, repair them, and upgrade them. Servicing your reel is important to ensure its longevity. Some of these shops offer custom reel painting.

You all know that reels are usually available in only one color, so if you can change it, or even paint it multiple colors, the reel will look incredible.

I would not advise you to do it alone if you are not an expert. Painting something is a tricky process. If paint is distributed unevenly or gets inside some sensitive reel parts, it will be a nightmare to fix it. It can even make the reel unusable or speed up the corrosion process.

What Exactly Can Be Customized on Fishing Reel?

First of all, there is color. You can choose any color you want, or even various color on different parts. Mass produced reels look nice, but their color is most often plain black, silver, or similar.

Have you considered bright orange? Maybe purple or pink? Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to paint.

If you are handy, you can watch numerous videos about this. Just make sure to use colors suitable for reels.

Secondly, you can put some letters on it. It can be your name, initials, or maybe even a short and funny quote.

But, there is a catch here. Space on the reel is limited, so you can really write a poem on it.

And lastly, there is graphics. Maybe you want to put a logo of your fishing club on it? If it fits, it can be done.

In addition to this, you can make some other changes that are actually considered as upgrades. Repair shops have many parts that can be used on a reel if they are compatible. Maybe you want to install a better handle and be the only angler with the one that is not original. Some of these shops offer custom painting too.

If you want to go down that road, you can change the bearings, or even drag. Of course, there is a limit to all this, and you can turn $30 dollar reel into Shimano Stella.

Can I Buy a Custom Painted Fishing Reel?

Custom painted fishing reels can either be bought or painted. When it comes to buying them, you are limited with a number of manufacturers that offer it.

It is much easier to buy the reel you want, and have it customized later on. American made custom fishing reels like IRT can be bought with certain adjustments like logos and graphics, but their technique results in an off-white print. You cant choose among a pallet of colors.

Making your reel a custom fishing reel is easiest with the use of color. Companies like Pizz Customs and Tackle Trap (both are USA based) are specialized in reel customization, and you can arrange whatever you like with them. You can even ship them your reel and they will do wonders with it.

Custom Fishing Reel Personalized - Baitcaster

Can I put a Name on a Fishing Reel? How?

You may want to put your name on it, or you want to make a personalized gift for someone, and luckily that is possible.

If you are buying form IRT, they can do text etching and write the name. If you want to out it on some other reel, you should contact any of the shops that offer reel upgrade and customization.

It may look easy, but it is not, so I would let the professionals do it, especially on an expensive reel.

Engraving or painting the name are the only two ways. Be careful with any kind of engraving, as it can damage the reel if you are not extra careful.

Painting it is easier, and the best of all, it can be changed If you decide to change the look of your reel again.

What Fishing Reels are Customizable? [Baitasters, Fly Fishing, etc.?]

You can customize any fishing reel, but it depends on a reel what can be done on it.

Very large open water reels have enough space to put various logos or names, while a tiny and cheap panfish spinning reel can be customized by paint only. At least when it comes to changing the look of the reel.

If you want to install some upgrades or change parts, it can be done with every reel type too, and it can be done no matter the size.

To be able to do so, you should have a reel made by reputable manufacturers that is well made and can be serviced. Spare parts are widely available for those, and any repair shop can do it.

There are even companies that specialize in “reel tuning” and they make upgrades for clients. Custom baitcaster reels, or even spinning ones, are the types of reels that are most common for customization.

Custom fly fishing reels are not that common. Sure, you can change colors and customize the look of it, but these reels are basically line holders and have much less parts that can be changed.

Custom Fishing Reel Personalized - Fly

Custom Made Fishing Reel as a Gift - Yes or NO?

Are you wondering if buying a custom-made reel as a present is a good idea, the answer is definitely YES!

First of all, anglers love getting new fishing equipment. Secondly, if you make an effort and get a custom one, the receiver of the gift will be amazed and thankful!

You can get the reel in their favorite color, or with their name on it. Maybe even some graphic that they will like. You can choose a reel that suits a person you are giving it to. It can be a baitcaster, spinning one, or even a fly reel.

If you are not sure about reel gear ratio, size, and similar features, ask some other angler for help.

As an angler, I can tell you that I would be extremely happy if I got a reel like from someone!


Having a custom fishing reel is great. You can choose various colors, add your name on it, or even some logo that means something special to you.

It is not cheap to do it, but you all deserve something nice from time to time. It can also be an excellent present for an angler, if you create a reel that has a special meaning.

Just make sure to use graphics and logos that are your own, or you have permission to use them. If you are not a creative person, IRT has some of their own designs that you can choose!

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