Where are Shimano Fishing Reels Made? [Here is the Truth]

Where are Shimano Fishing Reels Made

Shimano reels, especially certain high-end models, are among the best, if not the best, reels in the world.

This Japanese company is known for innovation, high-precision, and constant reel improvement and development. This is actually something that is not surprising, because Japan is a technologically advanced country.

But, although this is a Japanese company, do you know where are Shimano fishing reels made? Good news is that some of their reels, especially high-end models, are manufactured in Japan. But, a part of their reel production is done overseas, more precisely in Malaysia.

Despite this fact, Shimano reels are as good as it gets, and no matter which model you choose, I assure you, you will be more than satisfied.

No matter if you are a complete beginner or a pro, Shimano is always a good choice. These reels are durable, dependable, and excellent.

Here I will tell you more about Shimano reel manufacturing and how it affects the final product.



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Where are Shimano Fishing Reels Made? In the US?

So, where are Shimano fishing reels made? If you thought that some of the production is based in the US, you were wrong.

Production is done in Japan and Malaysia. But, these reels are popular across the globe, and you can buy them almost anywhere in the US.

Customer service is also very good, and you can find spare parts and repair shops too.

Japan is among rare places in the world where new technologies are being developed on a daily basis. When it comes to fishing reels, it is the same. Shimano is definitely a leader in the field.

This country is also known for extreme accuracy and precision, so naturally, their reels are top of the line.

Which Shimano Fishing Reels are Made in Asia? [China vs Japan vs Malaysia]

Where are Shimano reels made depends on a model.

High-end premium models are manufactured in Japan, while other, more basic models, are manufactured in Malaysia. Some series were even produced in Singapore.

Unfortunately, Malaysia is not known for excellent manufacturing abilities, so buyers are often very cautious about reels coming from those locations.

When it comes to China, no Shimano reels are manufactured there, however, it is possible that some reel parts come from their factories.

The truth is that the design, quality control, and high standards in general are still Japanese. These factories have nothing to do with those business aspects, and they are just making the reels in a way that is requested by Shimano.

Shimano reels made in Japan of course, are better, but those models cost a fortune, and even if those and some entry-level ones were manufacture in the same place, the high-end ones would still be better. Because of that fact Shimano made in Malaysia vs Japan is not a good comparison.

For a professional, those made in Japan are the best option, but for a beginner, that is not really relevant.

Shimano makes Stella, Aero, and some of the baitrunners in Japan, while other models, especially spinning ones, are made overseas.

Vanford, one of the very popular and not so cheap models is made in Malaysia.

Same as many companies, Shimano makes different versions of the same product for various markets. So, a certain reel for the US market is not necessarily the same, or made in the same place, as the same reel model for some other market.

Where are Shimano Fishing Reels Made - Malaysia

Where are Shimano Curado Fishing Reels Made?

Curado is loved by many anglers around the world, and some of them have their reels for years. Older Curados were made in Japan, but now the production is based in Malaysia.

According to many anglers who tried both versions, quality is the same. Shimano can’t really save money on quality because they would lose their reputation, loyal customers, and a lot of money.

Anglers can rest assured that Shimano reels are excellent no matter where they come from.

Where are Shimano Stradic Fishing Reels Made?

Shimano Stradic series are also manufactured in Malaysia. But, same as Curado, this reel is also very good.

These reels, considering their excellent features, come at a decent price. If they were made in Japan, the price would be much higher. Although we would love to have items made in Japan, for many anglers, those prices would be too high.

Stradics were made in Japan before, and many anglers, who have been using them for years, will tell you that new ones, although made in Malaysia, are even better when it comes to quality and performance.

Where are Shimano Sustain Fishing Reels Made?

Sustain, same as the two previously mentioned models, is also made in Malaysia. To be honest, every Shimano reel that is cheaper than about $400 is not from Japan.

Although some angers complain that they want these reels to be made in Japan again, and that they have the same models made in Japan that they have been using for decades, I can’t say that I completely agree with them.

Yes, Japanese craftsmanship is the best, but I haven’t noticed any decline in quality, and I have to tell you, I will be buying from Shimano, no matter where the factories are located.

/// You can also check my comparison between Shimano Sedona vs Sahara. Really good reels ...

What Reels (Brands) are Made in the US? And Which in Japan?

American made fishing reels are among the best you can find. But unfortunately, not all American companies make their reels locally. This is actually a global problem, because to be competitive on the market, you need to lower the production costs. This is why many brands (like Pflueger, Abu Garcia, Kastking, etc.) use overseas factories.

But, even in that case, the design and standards of quality are still American. Among popular American made reels are IRT, Penn, Seigler, Abel, Accurate, Teton, Hatch, Avet, Ross, Galvan, Lamson, and Aspen.

However, not all of these make all of the models in the US. And some that do, use reel parts manufactured elsewhere. If you want to have a locally made reel, check for the labels. Every manufacturer will proudly state that the reel was made in the US.

When it comes to fishing reels made in Japan, the situation is similar. Besides Shimano, Daiwa is another excellent reel brand, and some of their reels are made in Japan.

Some anglers mistakenly think that Okuma is also a Japanese brand, but they are based in Taiwan, it is a Taiwanese brand, and all of the reels are made either there or in China.

Where are Shimano Fishing Reels Made - High End


Now you know where are Shimano fishing reels made and how it affects them. No matter the country of origin, Shimano is definitely among the best reel brands in the world.

If you really want to get the top product, you can choose among models made in Japan, but that will cost you a lot. Although the price can be very high, in my opinion, these reels are worth it.

From entry-level to high-end reels, Shimano invests a lot into new technologies and constant improvement. That is one of the many reasons why I absolutely love this brand.

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