Where are Pflueger Fishing Reels Made? [Here is the Truth]

Where are Pflueger Fishing Reels Made

Pflueger is one of the best known and most popular reel manufacturers, especially in North America. It offers great reels, both entry-level and those a bit more expensive.

This company is American, and was founded in the USA, but where are Pflueger fishing reels made? Unfortunately, the answer is not the one you may expect.

All Pflueger reels are manufactured overseas, more precisely in China (like Kastking), where production costs are much lower. However, these reels are still very good and made up to American standards. This enables you to buy good products at a much lower price.

If reels, and other similar high-precision devices, were manufactured in Western countries, their price would be much higher.

But don’t worry, if you really want an American made reel, there are plenty of manufacturers (like Penn, etc.) still making them locally and you can choose among various models and price ranges.

Here I will tell you more about Pflueger reel manufacturing and mention a few popular models.



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Where are Pflueger Fishing Reels Made? In the US?

Pflueger started its business in the fishing industry in the 1880s. It started as a hook manufacturer, but with time, business grew and expanded.

First reel was produced in Ohio, in the 1960s. The rest is history.

But, globalization and production costs inevitably started forcing them to transfer their manufacturing business elsewhere. It started with “outsourcing” just a part of it, but now all their reels are made outside of the US.

Company still has American ownership, so design and quality control are under American standards, however the production itself happens mostly in Asia, more precisely, in China.

Despite this fact, they did not lose any loyal customers, and the company maintained their status among anglers.

Now you know where are Pflueger fishing reels made, but does it affect their quality? I will answer that a bit later.

Which Pflueger Fishing Reels are Made in China?

You already know who makes Pflueger reels. Chinese factories that manufacture for Pflueger make all of their reels. None of the production is based in the US anymore.

For entry-level spinning reels this is actually very good because you do not have to spend a fortune to get a decent reel you will use and abuse to learn how to fish.

Pflueger has many popular models, and one of the best known is the President. I`ll mention it in the next chapter.

This company makes all types of reels for various fishing techniques. All of their spinning, baitcasting, fly-fishing, and other reels are made in China.

If you ask local anglers, or check online reviews, you will see that Pflueger reels almost always get the highest grades, and everyone will tell you that they really like them.

The design is still American, as well as the high standards they have to satisfy in production.

Where is the Pflueger President Fishing Reel Made?

Pflueger President, in all variations, is probably the most popular Pflueger reel.

It is too made in China, in factories that Pure Fishing is using there. Pflueger, although still American, is now a subsidiary of Pure Fishing, and it is not an independent company.

Pflueger buyers don’t have to worry about their reels, including President series, because numerous shops and repair services exist across the US and customer support is quite good. You will never end up without important parts that have to be replaced.

This is why anglers love Pflueger so much, and that makes reputable companies different from some no-name reels ordered online.

Where are Pflueger Fly Fishing Reels Made?

I already said numerous times where are Pflueger reels made, but what about fly-reels?

Fly fishing has little similarities with regular fishing, and the whole concept is different. Does the same apply on gear manufacturing?

Unfortunately, not. Fly reels too are manufactured in China. But, I will repeat again, that does not mean that these reels are bad. You will get what you pay for, and you will have a dependable and durable fly reel.

For those who like the art of fly fishing and want to have some tradition equipment, maybe just for decoration, I have good news. You can still find vintage, original, Pflueger fly reels made in the USA. There are online communities where you can find such items and share your experiences with other anglers.

Where are Pflueger Fishing Reels Made - China

What Fishing Reels (Brands) are Made in the US?

American made fishing reels are something that every angler wants to have. In the world of reels, American companies are known for high-quality products.

However, even if the reel is labeled as “made in the US”, that doesn’t mean that all of its components were made locally. Some of the manufacturers import all kinds of reel parts from overseas, assemble them in the US, and call it an American product.

But, some are still completely American made, including all of their parts. Here I will mention both. Among popular American made reels are IRT, Penn, Seigler, Abel, Accurate, Teton, Hatch, Avet, Ross, Galvan, Lamson, and Aspen.

Some of these reels can come at a high price, and they may not be the best for entry-level anglers. However, if you choose any of these, even the low-end ones, you can rest assured that you are buying a good product which will not disappoint you.

And one more thing - very high quality fishing reels are also the ones made in Sweden or Japan. Check them here and here and here! ;)


Anglers are often very cautious when it comes to reels and the country of their origin. As much as we would love to have locally made products, in this day and age, it is not a good business model.

I like to get a good reel at a low price, and I’m sure that you like it too. Despite the fact these reels are made in China, they are still very good and made up to an American standard.

If you ever tried any of the Pflueger reels, you know that they are good, dependable, and well made.

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