Where are Abu Garcia Fishing Reels Made? [Here is the Truth]

Where are Abu Garcia Fishing Reels Made

Fishing reels are the most complicated parts of your fishing equipment. All the moving parts have to work in harmony to help you catch a fish.

Naturally, you want such a product to be well made and you are probably wondering where your favorite reels are manufactured.

So, where are Abu Garcia fishing reels made? The truth is that most of the models are manufactured in Asia. Just a few popular models are made in Sweden. Unfortunately, they do not have any factories in western countries except for Sweden.

Despite this fact, Abu Garcia reels are one of the most popular brands and you can be sure that their reels are well-made, no matter the factory location.

Even when manufactured in China, reels have to be made in accordance with the brand standards.

Here I will tell you more about Abu Garcia reel production.



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Where are Abu Garcia Fishing Reels Made? In the US?

Where are Abu Garcia fishing reels made is a frequent question among anglers. Because of their popularity in the US, some people think that they are made there.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. But the confusion comes from the fact that Abu Garcia is actually owned by American company. This is a good thing because buyers can rest assured that the design and quality control meet the highest standards.

Abu Garcia reels are mostly made in Asia. Same as many other manufacturers (like Penn, Kastking, etc.), Abu Garcia transferred this part of their business to cheaper locations.

However, some of their popular models are still manufactured in the original Swedish factory.

Which Abu Garcia Fishing Reels are Made in Sweden?

So, which Abu Garcia reels are made in Sweden?

One of the most poular models, the Ambassadeur, models C3 and C4, 4000-7000 series are still made in Sweden, in Svängsta, which has been operational since 1921. Interesting fact about it is that they used to make watches.

Except for these specific models of Ambassadeur, no other Abu Garcia reel is made in Sweden. Although this may sound disappointing to you, the truth is that it is quite remarkable! Abu Garcia survived for a hundred years, and they are among top reel manufacturers in the world. Keep in mind that Sweden is very expensive and keeping a factory operational while keeping the production cost low enough to be able to sell a final product at a decent price is quite a challenge.

Which Abu Garcia Fishing Reels are Made in China?

Abu Garcia made in China is still a good product. China is not the only Asian country that makes Abu Garcia reels. Korea and Taiwan make certain models too. I talked with some of my fellow anglers about this, and they all say that Korean made Abu Garcia reels are absolutely amazing.

Among popular models made in Asia you can find Revo, Black, Silver, Max, Cardinal and Zata.

Revo models are made in China, except for Revo S, which is Korean. Black, Silver, and Max are manufactured in China. Cardinal is made in Korea.

If you have the opportunity to compare reels from different Asian countries, I advise you to do it. Surprisingly, there are no noticeable differences between those made in Korea and China.

Where are Abu Garcia Revo Fishing Reels Made?

Revo is one of the most popular Abu Garcia reel models. So, where are Abu Garcia Revo reels made?

Unfortunately, as already mentioned, they are not made in Sweden. Revo S is the only Revo model manufactured in Korea, while all other models of the same reel are manufactured in China.

None of their spinning reels are made in Sweden, only the baitcasting ones. But Revo is still an excellent reel and no matter where they make it, it is a good and durable product capable of fighting even the most demanding fish you will catch.

I haven’t noticed any large differences between Revo from China and Revo from Korea.

Where is Abu Garcia Black Max Fishing Reel Made?

Black Max is another great model, and anglers often ask where is that one from. The answer is, from China.

The majority of the production happens in Asia, and Black Max is no exception. But, I can tell you that the reel is still very good and can be compared with the reels of similar performance made by some other manufacturers.

Fishing with it is fun and easy, nothing is flimsy, and it is quite durable. And the best of all, it comes at a fair price.

If all of these reels were manufactured in Sweden, anglers would pay a lot of money for basic reel models. That is not a good business practice, and the majority of reel brands make their reels in countries where that is cheaper.

Now you know where are Abu Garcia reels made and are they any good.

Where are Abu Garcia Fishing Reels Made - Sweden

What Fishing Reels (Brands) are Made in the US?

American made fishing reels have an excellent reputation among anglers, and I can understand why. Firstly, people always trust products made by technologically advanced countries with high quality standards. When something comes from countries like China, users are frequently worried that the product is not made up to their expected high standard.

If you want to fish with American made reels you have a variety of products to choose from. Among popular American made reels are IRT, Penn, Seigler, Abel, Accurate, Teton, Hatch, Avet, Ross, Galvan, Lamson, and Aspen.

But don’t think that all models of all mentioned brand are made in the US. Some have just certain models made locally, while others use components manufactured overseas to assemble the reel in the US.

If you want to be sure about your reel, check the markings. Manufacturers always state where the reel was made (made in USA, Japan, China, etc.).


Where are Abu Garcia fishing reels made is a frequent question among anglers. Some think that it is made in the US because the Abu Garcia owner is an American company.

These reels are mostly manufactured in Asian countries like China and Korea, but that doesn’t make them less good. Abu Garcia reels are still excellent.

Some of the Ambassadeur models are produced in the original factory in Sweden, however, these reels come at a price.

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