Where are Daiwa Fishing Reels Made? [Here is the Truth]

Where are Daiwa Fishing Reels Made

Fishing gear has to be precisely made, especially the reels. Parts have to be precise and durable, but sensitive enough for the angler to “feel the fish”.

That is not easy to accomplish, so many anglers want equipment that is made in countries that are known for high-precision work and are sceptic towards items manufactured in locations like China.

Daiwa is among the most popular brands, so where are Daiwa fishing reels made? The truth is that some of their reels are still manufactured in Japan, while other, often more basic models, are made in factories overseas. But, when I say overseas, that doesn’t necessarily mean in China only, some are made in Malaysia and Vietnam too.

Although some models are made in southeast Asia, they are still made in accordance with manufacturer’s design and quality standards, so you can rest assured that even those items are well made.

As one of the top-quality reel makers Daiwa invests a lot in new designs and quality materials that will make your reel performance outstanding.

Here I will tell you more about Daiwa reel production and mention some specific models.



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Where are Daiwa Fishing Reels Made? In the US?

So, where are Daiwa reels made?

Daiwa is a Japanese brand which had its headquarters in Tokyo. Japan is well-known for new technologies and superior quality products. Their reels are no exception.

Daiwa offers both entry-level and high-end reels that are outstanding and anglers who try their reels often become regular buyers.

Some of the models are extremely popular in the US, especially those for bass fishing, so naturally, people want to know are these reels made in the US too.

When talking about where are Daiwa fishing reels made outside of Japan the answer is in countries where manufacturing processes are cheaper, mostly in south-east Asia and China.

Unfortunately, the USA is not one of them. But you can still find a lot of excellent reels made in the USA and I will mention some of those a bit later.

Daiwa has offices in USA, more precisely California, but there is no factory, just sales, marketing, and distribution.

Besides reels, Daiwa also makes fishing rods, and except for Asian factories, they also have a factory in the UK. Unfortunately, no reels are produced at that specific location.

Which Daiwa Fishing Reels are Made in China? And Which in Japan?

Daiwa reels made in Japan still exist, and although some are made in other Asian countries, they still have an active factory in Japan.

Some of the models made in their factory are, Daiwa Certate, Exist, Saltiga, Tanacom, and Seaborg.

Daiwa Luvias and Daiwa Alphas have some series made in Japan, but the following series were made overseas, so I can’t really say that those are all from Japan.

Don’t worry, all reels are precisely labelled, and you will always know where yours is from, if that is important to you. Daiwa is not trying to fool their customers, and that is great.

Not so recently their high-end models were made in Japan, but nowadays it is starting to change, and models like Zillion are manufactured in overseas factories.

When it comes to China, it is not the only country that produces Daiwa reels. They also have factories in Malaysia (like Shimano), Vietnam, Korea, and Thailand.

All their models, except those mentioned above, are made in these factories.

Where are Daiwa BG and Tatula Fishing Reels Made?

Daiwa produces numerous models, but some are, of course, more popular than others. So, where are Daiwa BG reels made and where are Daiwa Tatula reels made?

Those are among the most sold Daiwa reels around the world.

Daiwa BG is made in China. Being so popular and mass produced, of course that it has to be made somewhere else. But it is still a very good reel that is reasonably priced, and the quality is more than good.

Tatula is another popular model, and that one is made in Thailand.

As already mentioned, Daiwa has multiple factories in that part of Asia, so depending on a model, reels can come from various locations.

Model Crest is one of the products Daiwa made in Vietnam.

Where are Daiwa Fishing Reels Made - Japan

What Fishing Reels (Brands) are Made in the US?

American made fishing reels are top-quality, but they also come at a price.

Although many manufacturers make their reels in cheaper countries (like Piscifun, Pflueger, Abu Garcia, Kastking, etc.), some still make their products in the USA. Or at least, assemble them there.

Even if something is made in the USA, or any other country, that doesn’t mean that every part of the product was produced there. One of the examples is Penn which makes certain models locally, but uses parts manufactured overseas.

Among popular American made fishing reels are: IRT, Seigler, Abel, Accurate, Teton, Hatch, Avet, Ross, Galvan, Lamson, and Aspen.

Keep in mind that not all reel models from certain manufacturers I mentioned here are made in the USA, and some of them also have factories overseas.


Now you know the truth about where are Daiwa fishing reels made. No matter the location, these reels are still excellent.

Even if they are made in China, quality is still high because all those factories have to meet Daiwa standards. If you are looking for either entry-level or high-end reel, you will not go wrong with Daiwa.

Those who want to have a reel that is made either in the USA or Japan still have a wide selection of products to choose from.

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