Where are Penn Fishing Reels Made? [Here is the Truth]

Where are Penn Fishing Reels Made

Making quality equipment for fishing is not easy, and certainly not cheap. Because of that, many manufacturers decided to make their reels in countries like China (like Pflueger or Kastking).

But some will say that those are never as good as those made in the USA, so they like to buy a home-made product.

So, where are Penn fishing reels made? Well, it depends. Some are made in the USA, while some are made in China. But even those manufactured locally still use parts made in other countries.

That does not have to be a bad thing, because most factories, no matter where they are, follow some procedures and demands that companies like Penn have.

These reels are good, and a lot of anglers like to use them, so if you are thinking about buying one, you will not go wrong.

Here I will tell you more about where Penn reels are made and how they differ from each other.



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Where are Penn Fishing Reels Made? In the USA?

Penn reels are one of the most popular American made fishing reels, and the company is very proud about that. But is it really that simple?

Penn reels (at least some models) are really made in the USA. The company started out in Philadelphia, but the headquarters are now in Iowa. However, to produce a reel, you need a lot of different parts, materials, and much more. Making every single piece of it would be extremely expensive, so the truth is, some parts are made outside of the US, mostly in Asia.

However, the design, assembly, and final quality control are made in the USA, which makes these reels excellent.

Don’t worry, Penn is not trying to sell you something made in China as a domestic product, so you will find a stamp “Made in USA” on all reels that come from their factory in Philadelphia.

Unfortunately, today, not a lot of models are made in the USA, and when you observe the number of sold pieces per year, the majority of them comes from China.

Which Penn Reels are Made in the USA?

Penn reels made in USA are loved by many anglers, and Penn has a few popular reel models that are labeled as domestic product.

Those are Senator and International series. If you check their price tags, you will see that they can be pricey. Well, at least the International ones. But, for those willing to spend money, this is a great option.

American made fishing reels will never be as affordable as those made in China, and that is the main reason why manufacturers outsource it. Yes, some would pay a bit more to get a local product, but not 5 times more.

In addition to those two, Z series are also made in the USA, but same as with the previous models, components are imported.

Which Penn Reels are Made in China?

When it comes to Penn reels made in China, a lot of models are made there. To be more precise, all except the three mentioned above.

To be honest, you may notice some differences, but when it comes to entry-level spinning reels, you will not be disappointed with those that come from overseas.

Many anglers will disagree with me here and will say that Penn used to be much better. The thing is, people think that everything was better before because they are emotionally attached to those items. Mass manufacturing reduced the quality for some reels, but they are widely available, affordable, and good enough for any beginner or recreational angler.

Now you know the truth about where are Penn reels made and how it affects the price and quality.

Where are Penn Fishing Reels Made - American

What Fishing Reels (Brands) are Made in the US?

Fishing is extremely popular in the USA and of course, there is a lot of manufactures that sell their products there. But not all of them manufacture them in the USA, even if they are an American or Japan brand (like Daiwa, Shimano or Abu Garcia).

However, those who want to buy a locally made product can choose among various manufacturers, including IRT, Seigler, Abel, Accurate, Teton, Hatch, Avet, Ross, Galvan, Lamson, and Aspen.

Despite that, you cant always expect that every single piece of the reel was manufactured in the USA and some companies use components made elsewhere.


Penn is one of the favorite reel manufacturers and a lot of anglers own at least one. Various models exist, from entry level to those more advanced, but not all of them are made in the USA.

Outsourcing manufacturing process is a common thing, and Penn is no exception. However, some of the models are still made in the USA.

Don’t worry too much about where are Penn fishing reels made, especially if you are buying a beginner`s model. Penn is a good and dependable brand, and you can rest assured that these reels will meet your expectations!

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