5 Best Spincast Reels for Saltwater Fishing - Buyers Guide

Spincast Reels for Saltwater Fishing
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Saltwater fishing requires a bit different equipment than the one used for freshwater. Salt can cause a lot of damage, and because of that, always use saltwater rated gear, especially reels.

Choosing the right one is not an easy task, but for a beginner it is important to know where to start. Spincasting reels are easy to use, suitable for those who are angling even for the first time.

From Zebco to Pulsinno, there are many reals that are made by reputable manufacturers, come at a reasonable price, and are able to withstand harsh conditions that are frequently encountered at sea. Here I will recommend 5 of the best ones, and provide some guidance.

When buying spincast reels for saltwater fishing you have to pay attention to many details to get the best possible product.

After trying out a lot of different reels through years of my fishing experience, I decided to make this guide and recommend those that proved to be the best. You will not go wrong by choosing any of the models.

So, think about your wishes, get to know different features of products (and benefits), and choose the one that suits you the most!

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My No. 1: Zebco Spincast Reel 808 (#ad)

Runner-Up: Zebco Spincast Reel 33 (#ad)



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How to Choose the Spincast Reel for Saltwater Fishing?

When choosing the best saltwater spincast reels, there are a few important factors to consider.

Ideally, all of them should have satisfying properties, so that you can get a perfect product. But, considering that spincast reels are frequently used by beginners for smaller fish, be realistic.

These reels simply can’t be as good as some high-end spinning or baitcating options.

So, here are the important features:

MATERIAL – aluminum is excellent, however, stainless steel is also frequently used to get a lower price.

GEARS AND BEARINGS – look for those with all metal gears and quality made ball bearings.

WEIGHT – the lighter the better, however, be careful not to get light and cheap as that means they are full of plastic components.

INSTANT ANTI REVERSE – this feature can come in handy.

CORROSION RESISTANCE – when choosing a saltwater reel, it is important that it is corrosion resistant and that sensitive parts are sealed to prevent water and salt entering and damaging the reel.

TAKE UP PINS – having more than one is excellent because it enables quicker start of line retrieval.

LINE CAPACITY – spincast reels usually have smaller line capacity than other reel types, so try to choose those with larger capacity.

REEL SPEED – spincast reels are relatively slow, but there is still a difference among them. Choose slower ones for more cranking power, or faster ones that enable faster retrieves.

As I always say, quality is more important than quantity, especially when it comes to reel parts such as bearings. It is better to have less, but well made.

In addition to that, reel should be comfortable to use, so if you have a chance, hold some models in your hands and see what suits you better.

Best Spincast Reels for Saltwater Fishing

In my opinion, spincast reels for saltwater stated here are the best ones you can get for a reasonable price.

In the list below, I will mention all of their features (and benefits), together with pros and cons of every model, so that you can make an informed decision if you decide to get one of them.

#1: Zebco Spincast Reel 808

I will start with probably the most popular model on the market (#ad).

This reel is quite strong for a spincast reel, and you can even get it in combo with a medium-heavy power rod from the same manufacturer.

Corrosion resistant finish is really well made, and even if you frequently use the reel, with the right maintenance, it will last a long time.

It is on a slower side, but that is because it gives you a lot of cranking power.

Gear ratio is 2.6:1, and it is suitable for heavier lures. Size 80 means that you will have no problems while landing even a bit bigger fish than you would with other spincast reels.

Mono capacity is 145/20, which is more than enough for spincast reel.

Among other excellent features it has all metal gears, dual ceramic pick-up pins, dial adjustable drag, and stainless-steel ball bearing drive.

Altogether, this is probably the toughest saltwater spincast reel on the market (#ad).


• Oversized knob that feels great in a hand and it is comfortable to use.

• Built-in bite alert.

• Comes prespooled with 20lb line.

• Strong and dependable drag.


• Sometimes, it is hard to engage anti-reverse.

#2: Zebco Spincast Reel 33

Here is another Zebco on this list. This model (#ad) has a long tradition and excellent reputation among anglers.

All metal gears and built-in bite alarm are excellent features. Dial adjustable drag is not as strong as on the previous model, but that is normal, because this one is smaller.

You can also choose between micro and max size, depending on your needs and preferences. It is on a faster side, with gear ratio 4.1:1, which makes it suitable for various presentations.

It comes prespooled with 10lb line, and the capacity is good, 120/10. Reel size is 30, which is excellent for catching smaller fish.

Dual ceramic pickups are very good, and stainless-steel covers are keeping the interior safe.

If you are in a search of a smaller but dependable reel, this is the one for you (#ad).


• No tangle design that really prevents tangles.

• Various versions available (slower and heavier max, or faster micro).

• Excellent for very light saltwater setups.


• Can’t achieve large canting distance.

#3: WataChamp Spincast Reel Bees

When you see this reel it may seem like a cool gadget, but it is actually quite good (#ad)!

Dual pick-up pins work well, even when you have slack on your line. Stainless steel bearings are shielded and that is excellent to prevent saltwater damage.

For a spincast reel it is very fast, and the gear ratio is 4.3:1. It operates smooth and it is very quiet, which surprised me. There are no cracking noises or similar problems that frequently occur on cheaper reels.

Mono capacity is 6/110, which is very light for saltwater. Carbon drag washers work excellent. Tangle free design works well.

If you are a complete beginner, or looking a reel for your kid, this is one of the best options (#ad), especially to learn how to cast.


• Very easy casting.

• Very light (graphite frame).

• Comes prespooled.


• Not as durable as some other models on this list.

• Suitable only for the smallest saltwater species.

#4: WataChamp Spincast Reel Tarzan

This is another reel from the same manufacturer (#ad) as the previous one.

It has the same gear ratio, but it is slightly heavier, and the bearings are aluminum. It is also suitable for slightly larger fish, but still, those in the “small” range.

It also comes prespooled with a mono line, and the capacity is excellent, 10/150!

This reel has dual pick-up pins, which is one of the features that is mandatory for these reels, as it enables easier line pickup even when you have a lot of slack.

Zinc alloy drive gears operate smoothly, and Teflon drag washers are well made.

This is an excellent entry level model, and quite affordable too (#ad).


• Excellent line capacity.

• Comfortable stainless-steel handle.

• Instant anti-reverse works great.


• Drag can be hard to adjust precisely.

#5: Plusinno Spincast Reel Kids

Last, but not the least, here is one Plusinno spincast reel (#ad).

If you want to introduce your kid to fishing, this is the place to start. This reel looks fun, it is extremely easy to operate, and it is suitable for any kid that is big enough to hold a rod.

Of course, it is also the cheapest model on this list. But, despite its simplicity, this is not just a toy. Fish can be caught with it, and fun is guaranteed!

It is lightweight and has a low-profile design.

Casting is really easy, and the drag is adjustable. Of course, considering targeted users and price, many parts are made from plastic. It will not rust, but it is not as durable as other, stronger, materials.

Bright orange color makes it easy for you to find it when your kid misplaces it somewhere. Of course, it comes pre-spooled.


• Drag can be adjusted with one finger.

• Designed for small hands.

• Release button is very easy to use.


• Not very durable and not suitable for larger kids.

FAQs About Spincast Reels for Saltwater Fishing:

In case you have some additional questions about saltwater spincast reels, here I am going to answer the most common ones, in order to clear out any dilemmas you may have.

What are Saltwater Spincast Reels Good for (Benefits)?

Spincast reels are excellent for anglers who do not have a lot of experience, or wish to have a simple setup to use occasionally.

Learning how to use them and casting them is fairly easy. Line tangles are not a big problem, and there are no backlashes.

These reels are also budget friendly, so those with a limited budget can find a good real without spending a fortune.

Spincast Reels for Saltwater Fishing - Boat

Which Brand of Saltwater Spincast Reels is the Best?

Well, this question is not easy to answer and, in a way, it is a matter of personal preference. Some anglers are brand-loyal, and opinions are very subjective.

The most popular brand is probably Zebco, but Plusinno definitely comes close. Either one you choose; I can guarantee that you will be satisfied.

My personal preference is Zebco, because of durability, reliability, and the long tradition in manufacturing spincast reels.

Of course, you can’t expect that an entry-level reel is going to last forever, and your expectations should be realistic.

What's the Best Gear Ratio for Saltwater Spincast Reels?

Spincast reels usually come in lower gear ratios than other types of reels. The most common range is between 2.6:1 to 4.3:1.

Which one to choose depends on fishing techniques you are planning to practice, and baits you are going to use.

Go for faster ones in this range if you want a bit more versatile reel. By slowing down or speeding up your reeling, you will be able to present your lures at a bit slower or even faster pace.

But, if you want to catch larger species, go for slower ones, because larger spincast reels can handle the stress, and they usually come with lower gear ratios.

What is the Difference Between Saltwater and Non-Saltwater Spincast Reels?

Saltwater reels, not just spincast, but all of them, have greater corrosion resistance and greater durability. Their inner parts are usually sealed to prevent water and dirt from entering.

Materials used for saltwater reel production are a bit better, and because of that, the price can be a bit higher. Also, saltwater reels often have a bit higher line capacity.

Corrosion resistance is mandatory!

But, keep in mind that spincast reels are closed, and seeing dirt, water, or damage inside is a bit harder, so make sure that you maintain the reel and clean it after every use.

How Do You Clean Fishing Reel After Saltwater Fishing?

First of all (when cleaning a reel), you should rinse the reel with clean fresh water after a day of fishing. Do it thoroughly to remove all the salt.

If necessary, use soft damp cloth to remove any stains that are still present. After that, let the reel dry.

It is important to oil the visible moving parts because saltwater removes the oils that are necessary for the reel to work properly. For that purpose, use oils that are safe for fishing reels.

Some manufacturer, like Zebco, advise users to remove the spool and soak it in freshwater after saltwater use. Remove excess water with a soft cloth, and use lubricants that contain corrosion inhibitors.

If you are not sure about the details, always check manufacturer’s instructions.

Are Spincast Reels Good for Beginners?

As I already said, yes, they are!

Simple push button system allows anglers to cast easily, and relatively precise.

Also, because these reels are mostly used for smaller fish species, the rest of the equipment can be entry-level too, so the whole setup can be quite affordable.

Line twists are also rare, but when twists or even tangles occur, especially inside of the reel, it can be a nightmare to resolve the problem.

Spincast reels are usually the first reels that anglers use, before upgrading to more complicated types.

Spincast Reels for Saltwater Fishing - Kids

What Lures Should I Use With Saltwater Spincast Reels?

Spincast reels are excellent for slower presentations because of their lower gear ratio.

You can use all kinds of natural bait, or even artificial lures that do not require high speed and maximum precision.

Also, the lures should be light. In addition to that, make sure that you use light lines. Heavy ones do not work well with this type of reels.

So, use light and slower lures, like soft plastic weightless tubes, or even slow rolled spinnerbaits. But keep in mind that some lures are harder to use with this type of reel. Also, the lures mentioned here can work with faster spincast reels. Slowest ones are more suitable for various baits.

What Type of Rod Should I Use With Saltwater Spincast Reels?

Because spincast reels sit on top of the rod, unlike spinning ones that hang below, you should get a casting rod.

These rods have line guides above the rod. For this reel type you can choose light rods, to suit light lines and lures.

Shorter rods with smaller line guides are an excellent choice, especially for beginners.

Another thing to consider is to get a rod that is suitable for saltwater use, and that metal parts (like those on line guides or reel seat) are corrosion resistant.

For What Fish are Saltwater Spincast Reels Used For?

Spincast reels for saltwater are suitable for smaller, weighting up to approximately 5lbs/2kg, at least the majority of those reels. Zebco 808 can handle a bit more.

That includes grey mullets, sea breams, and similar species.

These reels do not work well with heavy lines and lures, so catching bigger fish with it is not the best idea. If you wish to catch big and aggressive saltwater species, go for bigger and stronger spinning, or even spincasting reels.


Spincast reels for saltwater fishing are very useful tools that will help you catch more fish and enjoy the experience even without previous knowledge.

The most important thing when choosing a specific model is that it is made by reputable manufacturer, because that will save you money in the long run.

By choosing any of the reels from this list, rest assured that these reels will satisfy all of your needs.

Some are even suitable for kids, so if you have a little one who would like to participate in your fishing adventures, you can use these reels as their first ones.

And of course, when fishing, always obtain required permits and follow local rules and regulations!

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