Penn Pursuit II - BEST Cheap Spinning Reel Review

Penn Pursuit II - BEST Cheap Spinning Reel Review
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Penn Pursuit II is a spinning fishing reel ...

As an entry level piece of equipment it gained a status of dependable and good product.

It has been on the market since 2013, and it is available in five different models (sizes).

As a reasonably priced fishing reel it has become one of the first choices for inexperienced anglers.

Here I will list the basic information about Penn Pursuit II Reels, pros and cons, and other necessary information, so that you can decide is this reel the one that suits your needs.



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Product Description

This lightweight reel made from graphite is resistant to corrosion.

Gearing is smooth and the real is designed well. Oiled-felt drag system is smooth and reliable. Instant Anti-Reverse system removes the chance of back-play.

Different sizes of Penn Pursuit II Reel are available, from 3000 model to 8000 model.

All the Penn Pursuit models have:

• Graphite body
• Oiled-felt drag system
• Instant Anti-Reverse
• Machined and anodized aluminum spool
• Four shielded stainless steel ball bearings

Difference between the models is of course line capacity, maximum drag and gear ratio.

Line capacity for monofilament fishing lines goes from 235/06, 160/08, 130/10 (Yd/lb) for Penn Pursuit II 3000 model, to 395/20, 360/25, 260/30 (Yd/lb) for 8000 model. Braided line capacity for the smallest model is 280/10, 240/15, 175/20 (Yd/lb) and for the biggest model is 525/50, 430/65, 380/80 (Yd/lb).

Maximum drag is 10lb (4.54 kg) for 3000 model and 25lb (11.34 kg) for 8000 model.

Gear ratio varies from 5.2:1 for 3000 model to 4.3:1 for 8000 model.

Weight goes from 11.9oz (0.45 kg) to 27.4oz (1.04 kg). All the models are in black and silver color combination and look good.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of Penn Pursuit II are:

Low cost - it is easily accessible and suitable if you are on the budget
• Made by a reliable manufacturer
• Very good and efficient drag system
Has every quality that beginners and occasional anglers need

There are some disadvantages too:

• All models, especially larger, are a bit heavy
• Four shielded stainless steel ball bearings are shielded not completely sealed
• Not suitable for professionals because there are upgrade models from the same manufacturer available

You can Check for Penn Pursuit II Spinning Reel on Amazon (here (#ad)).

Or look at the new one Penn Pursuit III (#ad).

User reviews

When searching for online reviews, this product has a very good rating on some reliable websites.

Majority of the users are satisfied with the product, especially for the given price ...

Some do resent this reel for not being too reliable for everyday use and not being suitable for some rods. But considering this is an entry level model we can conclude that a beginner user will not have a collection of rods and will buy a compatible one.

Also, as an entry level Penn Pursuit II is not suitable to be used as frequently as some other, more expensive spinning models. So if you know what to expect this could be a good purchase for you.

Also, the majority of the users recommend Penn Pursuit II smaller models.

If you take proper care of it, it can last for quite some time.


Depending on the location, availability and model, price goes from approximately 35€ for the Penn Pursuit II 3000 model, up to 65€ for 8000 model.

Considering the price this is a good deal. If you have a limited budget, the best option is to buy one of the smaller models. You will get a decent product and you will still have enough money on the side to invest in other pieces of equipment. If you are considering bigger models, for slightly larger amount of money, there are more advanced Penn reels available on the market so maybe you should consider those, because of better performance. Penn Pursuit II reels are available in many fishing stores around the world and can be ordered from numerous websites so getting one is very simple.


If you decide to buy Penn Pursuit II fishing reel (#ad) you will get a good and durable product.

Or you can also Check for model Penn Pursuit III (#ad).

It is ideal for beginners but experienced anglers looking for sophisticated reels should consider other models.

It is easy to use, cheap and durable and it will enable you to have fun but also to have a decent piece of equipment.

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