Shimano Baitrunner ST RB - Fishing Reel Review

Shimano Baitrunner ST RB - Fishing Reel Review
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In the recent years, Shimano built a reputation as a fishing gear manufacturer.

Among all the innovation, they invented the “baitrunner” system. Today the baitrunner is produced by numerous other manufacturers of fishing reels (like Daiwa).

Shimano reels are extremely high quality, durable and dependable. They are successful in different fishing techniques.

One of those reels is Shimano Baitrunner ST RB 10000.

It does not stand out because of its price, but because of its qualities.

Even if you are just beginning your fishing adventures, you have probably heard of Shimano reels. If you are considering buying one, here is everything you need to know.

Shimano Baitrunner ST-RA was one of the best-selling models on the market. This new version, ST-RB is an improved version.

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Entry level model, but high-quality and lovley

Shimano Baitrunner ST-RB is an entry level model, but don’t be wrong, its low price is not a reflection of low quality.

Fishing experience that this reel has to offer is outstanding. Although cheaper than many other models on the market, Baitrunner ST-RB looks astonishing. Shimano really made an effort when they constructed and produced this reel.

Material used is XT-7 Polymer Graphite and it looks great while you are on the water. Also, this material makes the reel light but strong and durable.

This material provides hard and stiff casing for the more sensitive inner mechanisms. You can use it intensively for prolonged periods of time.

Except of the looks, this reel will amaze you with its practicality and how well it feels in the hand.

Shimano Baitrunner also has excellent brakes. It is produced as well as more expensive models, maybe even better than some. Very simple to use, just one pull or push to activate or release the brake.

Except brakes, there is an excellent double handle, that works very smooth, and aluminum AR-C spool which will never disappoint you. It is designed to remove the possibility of rearward backplay while the reel is in the anti-reverse mode.

Shimano Baitrunner spool, together with an angled spool lip is constructed for preventing backlashing and wind knots. That feature is especially useful if you are using braided lines.

It also enables very precise distant casting. Power Roller minimizes the possibility of twists and it is good for both braided and monofilament lines.

Also, that gives you the possibility to use very thin lines, especially on the Baitrunner 6000 model.

Shimano, as a manufactures, designed the Varispeed line lay technology ...

It is a dual gear system that enables your line to lay parallel when it is spooled up. One gear is squared shaped, and the other one is oval. Baitrunner ST-RB is constructed with this technology.

DynaBalance system eliminates wobbling and shanking while retrieving. Baitrunner system is one of the easiest systems to use that exist today and that why it is widely accepted by anglers everywhere ...

It is popular among beginners, but also among experienced people. Also, fishing for carp is very popular for both of the given groups of anglers and this reel is designed mostly for that.

For all of you who are not familiarized with Baitrunner system, it works in a way that leaver which is located in the rear part of the reel, when activated, enables the reel to work in controlled freespool. When a fish bites it can swim around pulling the line freely.

When you deactivate the lever, the drag is set again. RB stands for rear-drag. That function puts a low pressure on the spool, and while minimizing the impact it controls the running fish.

If you never tried this system before, now is the time to do it.

The main advantage of this system is that you can set the desired amount of drag while your bait is in the water and play a fish without the need to adjust the settings continuously.

To take a closer look at this awesome baitrunner reel, you can see it here (#ad) on Amazon.

Who is the Shimano Baitrunner ST-RB reel for?

Baitrunner ST-RB reel is designed for anyone fishing for Carp or any other larger fish, on larger distances, on larger waters.

Next to the 10000 model, we also have a Shimano Baitrunner 6000 that is a bit of a downgrade model.

That one you can use for thinner lines. It is 5 grams lighter than 10000 model. Both models have 4.6:1 gear ratio that provides more than enough power.

Baitrunner 6000 is recommended for anyone who is fishing on shorter distances for smaller fish like tench, bream or barbel. It is also made for predator fishing. I you decide to get 6000 model, it is still occasionally usable on larger waters.

Except being slightly lighter, 6000 model has lower line capacity. For this model line capacity is 0.3-270, 0.35-240, 0.4-140 mm/m.

Baitrunner 10000 can handle longer lines, 0.3-500, 0.35-350, 0.4-250 mm/m.

If you search the Web looking for reviews about this reel, you will be surprised how much positive feedback it has in different fishing communities world-wide. Both beginners and fishing experts give it a 5 star reviews. Except precision and practicality, durability is one of the greatest advantages. Even if used many years it still performs well.

Shimano Baitrunner ST-RB reels are perfectly balanced and can be used with a variety of fishing rods for carps. Matt black color prevents reflections and is very pleasant to use in bright sunlight.

What is the price of Shimano Baitrunner ST-RB reel?

When we draw the line, Shimano Baitrunner ST-RB for about €65, will offer more than other reels in that price range.

It is pleasant to use, light, good looking, and the brand is very famous. It will last a long time and it will make your fishing experience more than enjoyable.

It is a high-performance piece of equipment that cost a reasonable amount of money. Paired with any dependable rod it will complete all the tasks you want.

If you are questioning yourself weather to try this reel or not, the answer is definitely YES.

Give it a chance (#ad), you won’t get disappointed.

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