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Responsible fishing means that you have to comply with all local rules and regulations (and that you need a fishing license). This is especially important if you are traveling to distant locations. You may be wondering who can buy a fishing license or which fishing license do I need? Lucky for you, I did a lot of research and decided to share what I learned with you!

Knowing when and where to obtain it can be confusing even for experienced anglers. A fishing license for tourists can be different from fishing license for kids. In addition to that, fishing license in Florida, Texas, Indiana, Alabama, and other states in the USA are not necessarily the same. Even bigger differences exist between fishing license in USA and fishing license in Canada, UK, Slovenia, or any other fishing license in Europe.

Knowing these differences can save you from legal trouble.

And finally, there are a few more questions, like how can I buy / get fishing license online / at bass pro shop / at Walmart?

Articles you can find here will give you all answers, and you will know are fishing licenses free, when are fishing licenses free, and all other important info about legal requirements!

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