Does a 14 Year Old Need a Fishing License? [Be Careful!]

Does a 14 Year Old Need a Fishing License

Every angler has the responsibility to follow all the rules and regulations that apply to a specific location. One of those responsibility is making sure that you get a valid license.

Of course, there are some exceptions and special categories of anglers, who may not need one, or at least they can get it for free. One of those categories are young anglers.

So, does a 14 year old need a fishing license? The answer depends on a location. In some states it is not required, while in some everyone who is 14 or older needs one. The good thing is that there are special youth discounts, and these licenses are quite affordable.

Of course, parents are responsible for their underaged children and if you have a teenager that is a fishing enthusiast, it would be wise to teach him/her about licenses.

Money earned from selling permits is used for conservation and improvement of fishing locations and facilities. It is the only way to ensure healthy fish population for the future.

Here I will tell you a bit more about fishing licenses for 14 year old anglers and how to get them.



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Can a Kid Fish Without a License?

Can a kid fish without a license and do you really need one (and why?) for a toddler who is barely able to hold a fishing pole?

Small kids can fish without a license, and most certainly you do not need one for a toddler (however, there is one exception and I will mention it later). But, even though kids can fish without the license, they have to obey all the rules and regulations that are stated by the authorities selling the permit, as well as specific rules that may apply to some locations.

These rules include closed season, allowed number of hooks and baits, permitted chumming, and of course, limit of the fish in regard to quantity and size.

As a parent, you are responsible to supervise a child and make sure that your child is doing everything right.

However, even if you are just supervising your child without physically helping in the fishing process, you as a parent need a license. The same goes of you are on a boat and just observing or helping with various things. All participants in the process of fishing, even if they are not the ones with the rod in their hands, must have a license.

In some states, this is a “grey zone” and you may not need one for just supervising your child or helping to bait a hook, however, what is consider fishing and what helping? There are no strict definitions, and some say that only setting the hook and reeling in is considered fishing, while tying knots is just helping.

As I am not a lawyer, I can’t tell you what to do. My advice is to get a license and be safe.

Does a 14 Year Old Need a Fishing License?

Does a 14 year old need a fishing license is a good question, because most states require licenses for anglers older than 16, or sometimes even 17 or 18 years. But, in some cases this age limit may be 14, or even lower.

Carefully studying local rules and regulations when traveling to another state, or even countries around the world, is your responsibility.

For example, there are strict rules in Arizona, and anyone older than 10 years needs a license. There are special rates for kids available, so you will get a discount.

In Alaska, licenses are not required for those younger than 18, but only if they are residents. Tourists must have a license if they are older than 16. Keep in mind that these rules can change at any time, and make sure you check up to date info on official websites. These websites also offer online license purchase, which is great.

In Idaho, limit is 14 years, and the parent supervising a child must have a license. There are some differences for residents and non-residents when it comes to limits, so check that if traveling to Idaho.

What Age Do You Need a Fishing License?

Again, this highly depends on a state. So, here are a few examples to get a better idea about how this works. I have to tell you that this is a guidance only, and real, up to date info, is available on official websites of the authorities in a specific state.

Hawaii has one of the lowest age limits, and everyone needs a license, even toddlers. However, the price for minors is only $4.

In Indiana age limit is 17, while in Illinois the limit is 16.

In Kansas limit is 15, while in Nevada this limit is 12 years. In Oklahoma, only those that are 15 or older need a license, while in Oregon only those that are 11 or younger do not need it.

As you can see, every state has very different rules about what age do you need a fishing license, and you are responsible for obtaining a license for your child if it is necessary.

Of course, rules are different for saltwater (ocean) fishing, and if you are getting ready to fish in the ocean, you have to know that you can’t use the same license as you were using in freshwater.

Does a 14 Year Old Need a Fishing License - What Age

What Happens If You Fish Without a Fishing License?

Fishing without a license is very irresponsible and you must have it. But, what if it expired or you forgot to buy it and you get caught?

What happens depends on local authorities and how lucky you are that day. In the best-case scenario, you will get a warning, and your fish will be taken away from you.

If this is not your first time, you will get a fine. You may even get a fine if it is your first time. How much will you have to pay depends on a state and about a fact are you a repetitive offender or not. These fines can be up to 500 dollars!

Those who were caught many times can also end up in jail. So, to avoid all these problems and to enjoy fishing without worrying about legal consequences, buy a license.


Does a 14 year old need a fishing license or not depends on a state, and it is your responsibility to check all the requirements for your underaged child. Also, when helping your kid, you are required to have a license too.

I gave you some examples of age limits here, but to be sure, always visit official websites and read the up-to-date info stated by the authorities.

Except for license, some states (Montana for example) require additional documents like conservation license. That info is also available on official websites!

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