How and Where to Buy [Get] Fishing License Online?

How and Where to Buy [Get] Fishing License Online

As you probably know, everyone needs a fishing licence, and by getting one you are actually helping to maintain a healthy fish population.

Luckily, it is very easy and affordable to buy it, and it can even be done online. By doing so you are avoiding crowds in stores, and you can just go to the water and fish.

So, how and where can you buy fishing license online? You simply have to visit official Wildlife and Fish website of a chosen state. Then simply follow the instructions and after a few steps, you will be the proud owner of a chosen license. Just make sure to choose the correct one for you.

In many states, it can even be done by phone, so if you are inexperienced and have some troubles, you can call for help.

Getting a fishing license online is available at any time, any day, and unlike in stores, you can get it in the middle of the night if you want to.

In this short guide you will find relevant info and links which you can use for your next online purchase!



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Can You Buy [Get] Fishing License Online?

So, can you buy fishing license online? As I already mentioned, YES you can! It is actually the best way of buying one. You do not have to search for stores that sell it and find out about their opening hours, especially if you are traveling away from home to fish.

This simple process enables you to get it in just a few clicks, and it can be done anytime, anywhere. Of course, various types of licenses exist, and the price reduction is available for various groups of people like seniors or kids. Just make sure to read all info to find out is any of the categories applicable to you.

Along with the license, you will be able to read all the local rules and regulations that must be obeyed by the license owner, including closed season and similar important facts.

How to Buy [Get] Fishing License Online?

Here I will tell you how to buy fishing license online, and don’t worry, it simple, even if you have no experience with it. Every state has official fish and wildlife service that sells both fishing and hunting licenses. Use a search engine like Google to find one.

When you enter the website, you simply have to read the instructions. In some cases, you will have to create a user account (Indiana is one of the examples). When you create one, keep reading and following instructions to buy a permit. It is just a few clicks.

Some states, like Florida, even have apps available for your phone!

How and Where to Buy Get Fishing License Online - Renew

Where to Buy [Get] Fishing License Online?

If you want to get fishing license online, as I already mentioned, you have to visit official websites of a chosen state. Figuring out how to get fishing license online is simple, and here I will provide links and tips for certain states.

Here is a little help, if you cant find the official state website, in the right corner of this webpage, you can find links.

- Buy Fishing License Online for Texas

If you want to buy a license for Texas, visit this link.

Same as always, you will have to follow instructions, choose the license that suits you and pay for it. Just keep in mind that administrative fee may be charged, and it is $5. Of course, this can be changed in the future, so make sure to carefully read before you buy it.

If you are unsure about the license type, especially if you are a tourist, all of the sites, including Texas one, have detailed info about license requirements. Read this info to clear out any doubts.

- Buy Fishing License Online for Florida

Florida has a very interesting website that offers various fishing licenses, including packages where you get more for less money.

Simply click here and create your account. You will have to enter your name, date of birth, and last three numbers of your SSN. You can even download an app for your phone, if you prefer doing it like that.

Prices vary depending on you age, residency, and permit expiration date.

- Buy Fishing License Online for California

For California fishing license, use this link. You will have to register to get your GO ID number which will be stated on the license.

You can download and print it, same as with any of the mentioned licenses. If you want to renew your license, you will have to do it manually, as there is no auto renewal option. Every angler is responsible to check their license for expiry date and to obtain new one before that date. If you get caught fishing without a license, you may get a fine.

- Buy Fishing License Online for Ohio

In Ohio, the process of buying online licenses is similar. Anglers can do it online here and in case that you are a new user, you have to register first. The process is quite simple, and you will have to give basic personal information.

To be honest, part of this info you have to provide is an absolute nonsense (like your physical description), but the instructions are very clear.

- Buy Fishing License Online for Carolina

For Carolina license, click one of the following links for South Carolina, or this one for North Carolina. Of course, these licenses are not the same, and one can’t be used in other state, even if they share a name.

Only exceptions where one license can be used within two states if when they share a body of water, and you are crossing the border wile fishing. But, at that time, it is only valid for that specific body of water, not all waters!

- Buy Fishing License Online for the Rest of the world

Of course, licenses are required in most of the world, not just in the USA. So, if you are one of those anglers who like to travel the world and catch some new fish species in unknown places, make sure that you inform yourself about the law within a specific country. Here are a few examples and links.


Recreational fishing in Canada is regulated, and anglers have to obtain a permit.

Rules for local residents and tourists are different, and when buying a fishing permit for more than a single day, you will have to obtain the Outdoor Card too. These rules differ in various parts of the country, and Ontario is not the same as Quebec for example, so read the fine print carefully.

Similar to the US sites, you will have to create a user profile. Here are links to various sites, depending on a region in Canada.

Quebec - this is not a direct link for purchase, and the link is given on the website. I would like all of you to read the info first before buying a permit.

Ontario - links for purchase are available on the site, but same as for Quebec, read the important info first.

British Columbia - this link is for freshwater, while the following one is for saltwater.


In UK, anglers must obtain a permit, and same as elsewhere, various categories exist. You can find info and buy a permit here.


The rest of the Europe can be compared with the USA. Every country within Europe has different rules, and it is your responsibility to find relevant info. I would always recommend buying online permits when traveling abroad just in case that local stores and offices do not work.

Here is link for my favorite destination: Croatia - saltwater.

How to Renew Fishing License Online?

Very often anglers use their licenses year after year and renewing them is necessary. Tourists usually buy day or week types, so they can simply buy another license if they wish to fish longer. But, how to renew fishing license online?

The first important thing I have to mention is that automatic renewal is not something that you can count on in many states. Read carefully when you make your first purchase.

Great thing about renewal, even if done manually, is that you already have a user profile from your first purchase, so every next time the process will be easier and shorter.

In addition to that, you may even get an email to inform you about your license expiry.

Fishing license online can be renewed on official websites or mobile apps if those are available. Guidelines for the process are available there. If you have any doubts, you can call toll free numbers for info.

Keep in mind that prices can change, so don’t be surprised if the license is now more expensive, or cheaper if you are lucky, than the last time you bought it.

How to View My Fishing License Online?

Now you know how to renew fishing license online, but you may be wondering how to view my fishing license online?

Online fishing license can be seen on websites or apps where you purchased it, by logging into your account. It would be wise to print one too, just in case that you have some technical problems later on.

Some states will even email you the permits along with important info after purchase so you can always scroll through your emails to find it.

Make sure that you always have the license with you while fishing, so that you can show it to the local authorities in case they do a fishing license check.

For fishing license renewal, process is the same. When you renew it, you can log in at any time to see it.

How and Where to Buy Get Fishing License Online - Check

What Do You Need to Buy a Fishing License Online?

Where to buy fishing license online has been explained, but what exactly do you need to get one?

To create your account, you will have to provide personal info. What kind of info depends on a state and type of fishing license. If you are a resident, you will have to give ID number or even last few digits of your SSN. Tourists will have to provide different credentials.

Except for that, you will need to give your name, date of birth, and of course, you need a credit or a debit card to make a purchase. As those are official government websites, you do not have to be concerned about your personal info security.

In addition to that, you must have a valid email address.


Deciding to buy fishing license online has many benefits. You can do it anytime; you will gain access to all other important info on a website that states local rules and regulations.

This is especially useful for travelers who plan ahead and want to have everything ready before they arrive to their destination.

By purchasing fishing licenses, you are taking care about fish population and ecology, so that others can enjoy this wonderful activity in the future.

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