Fishing for Beginners

Fishing for beginners
is a section, where you will find articles that will serve as a guide to people who are new to the sport of fishing. Most articles will assume that you are an absolute novice and try to help build your knowledge base and skillset in a systematic but straightforward manner.

We will publish articles on a wide range of topics such as; do catfish have scales, teeths or bones and how long do they live out of the water.

We will also cover the topics like what are fishing rods made of, what is the best barometric pressure for fishing, what is jigging, trolling and spinning in fishing and much, much more...

If you have dreamt of entering the world of fishing, but you were never quite sure about where to start, you have come to the right place. We love fishing and are excited about passing on our decades of experience to new fishers. It is a perfect excuse to get away from the concrete jungle and escape to nature; you can even enjoy it as a family or with a group of friends.

Fishing is a challenge which involves learning different skills. Part of the problem is that the challenge you face when fishing is never quite the same from one day to the next. There is an endless list of things you need to learn, from how to use spinning reel, what type of reels and type of rods do we know in to how to hold a fish, so it doesn’t escape your grasp. These things may seem simple to master, but depending on the catch, you will need to deploy very different tactics.

Fishing is a journey of life long learning; once you think you have mastered all the skills that you need, new challenges are just around the corner. But rest assured you will soon be able to find your quiet corner of this world, to work through these issues for yourself.

We all looking forward to sharing this incredible journey with you and we hope that you will enjoy reading our different fishing guides (like about ice fishing, surface fishing, boilies, bobber fishing and more) and tips as you venture into the world we know to you soon learn to love.

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I am Siniša Pintar (friends call me Sina), the guy behind and eBook writer. This site is base camp for fishing enthusiasts from all over the world. I love fishing and want to share all my stories, knowledge and my experience with any and all potential anglers. Read more ...

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