Ultimate Fishing Hacks for Your Next Big Catch

Fishing Hacks

Fishing is a complex activity, and even when you are fishing in familiar waters, things can easily go very differently than planned. 

So, how does an accomplished fisherman catch a big one every time? Well, they all know various tips and tricks that can be used to your advantage. 

When you’re on the  water, you have to consider everything from baits, fish behavior, weather, lure, rig, all the fishing gear, and to be ready to change your approach to catch fish as often as necessary. Consider yourself not just an angler, but a biologist, meteorologist, and adventurer too!

Don't worry, you don't necessarily have to spend a ton of money, but you have to be ready to learn and gain knowledge. 

Before you head out to your next fishing trip, whether you are into bass fishing or targeting large tunas offshore, check out all the fishing hacks I have learned through decades of experience!



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Hack #1: Tackle Box for Baits, Hooks and More

This may seem irrelevant, however, it is a first step to do in order to always be ready for any fishing challenge!

Besides having a healthy stash of lures, floats, leads, hooks, swivels, and other usual items, you need some extras that will help handle everything else.

So add needle nose pliers, nail clippers, knife, scissors, and first aid for you! It's hard to handle equipment with bloody hands and small accidents can happen! 

Invest in a quality box with multiple compartments and keep it well organized. You can use safety pins to keep swivels organized, or you can cut a pool noodle or similar item to protect the sharp ends of hooks. You will simultaneously protect your fingers and hooks!

Fishing Hacks - Tackle

Hack #2: Fish Finders and Other Electronic Help

How do you think that some people always catch a fish?

Even if they won't admit it, they are probably using fish finders or flashers!

I know that some old-school anglers will say that using electronics is cheating, but if you want to catch a fish every time, you absolutely need one! Fish finders are very useful in all waters, especially on a boat. Besides, modern devices can make your navigation through unfamiliar areas easier and safer. 

Even if you know the area well, you must have noticed already that sometimes, fish are nowhere to be found, in seemingly the same conditions you usually expect to see them in certain places. Fish finders will make sure that you don't waste any time and that you present baits in the right spot

In addition to that, weather apps or a barometer can help you predict ideal conditions when to fish, and usually, that is when the pressure is dropping fast before the storm arrives. 

Hack #3: Situational Awareness

Focusing solely on the water below without periodically scanning around is a big mistake.

Observe other creatures to get an idea of where the fish can be. You will either notice predators or baitfish that are commonly followed by predators you are interested in. 

Are there birds catching small fish nearby? Are there dolphins chasing fish? There may be big fish below using the commotion to feed.

Similar signs can be found in both freshwater and saltwater. 

You should also observe the weather, wind, clouds that are coming, and other natural occurrences, even for your own safety. If you see lightning coming towards you, it's time to finish for the day.

Fishing Hacks - Observe the Weather

Hack #4: Strong Rods and Other Gear

To catch a big one, especially offshore, you will need a heavy-duty rod, reel, fishing line, and everything else. Don't lay your hopes into undersized and underpowered equipment because it leads to failure. 

Rods with strong blanks, fast tips, and heavy power that ensures quick hooksets. Conventional reels are better here, but there are certain models of extremely powerful spinning reels you can also use. Make sure they have a powerful drag system and large spool to accommodate a lot of line. Braided lines are usually stronger, however, leader lines are almost always necessary, especially for fish that can bite through the line.  

When you’re fishing from a boat, make sure to have strong rod holders. 

Hack #5: Simplicity is Key for Anglers

Sometimes, anglers tend to overcomplicate and make some wild rigs with oversized hooks and baits in the hope of catching a big fish. Usually, this happens in the middle of the fishing day when you start losing hope. 

When it comes to fishing, keep it simple. The more natural your approach and presentation are, the bigger your chance for success. 

Simplicity it’s also a great way to get to know fish behaviour and natural habits without compromising it all with overcomplicated procedures and gear. 

You will have a great time on the water if you prepare in advance, and study the fish you are targeting and the place you are going at. There is no need to invent complicated solutions to a problem that could have been prevented with proper preparation at home. 

Hack #6: Gear Maintenance

A great way to get dependable equipment you can count on is to maintain it. This goes for both entry-level and professional gear

It’s a big mistake not to clean it, especially after saltwater use. Even if something is saltwater-rated, that doesn't mean it will survive rough and frequent use while full of salt and dirt. 

You should also regularly maintain your reels, oil them, and inspect all parts. There is nothing worse than losing a huge fish due to equipment malfunction at the worst possible moment! 

Lines also have a shelf life so keep that in mind.  In case of damage, parts of the line should either be cut off or the whole line replaced. Keep your hooks sharp, and your soft plastics firm. When a lure is damaged, and that goes for any kind of lure, it's time for replacement.

Fishing Hacks - Clean and Repair

Hack #7: Chumming for Right Fishing

Attracting fish with only lure or bait may not be enough in certain situations, especially if you are targeting species like trophy-sized carp. 

Chum should be thrown in the water in quantities that are enough to attract fish and make it interested, but not enough to feed it. 

Also, add whatever you will use as bait into your chum mix so that fish can get used to it. By doing so, when you present your bait, the fish won't get suspicious and it will gladly bite. 

How much chum depends on species, water depth, strength of currents, and year time. Check it out for your targeted species. Just keep in mind that there may be law regulations about it, especially in freshwater. 

Hack #8: Additives 

Freshwater anglers often decide to spice up their baits, or chum, with some additives from a tackle store. Those will add more flavor and will spread further away to attract fish. 

This is a great way to make your homemade, or even store-bought baits, more efficient. 

You can choose among a variety of flavors, so check what your targeted species like and what they prefer at certain times of the year. 

Some anglers are very experienced in creating the perfect baits, and they will keep those secrets forever. However, some will gladly share it and you can find a lot of guidelines online.

Fishing Hacks - Homemade


Whether you are experienced, or just starting your fishing journey, these fishing hacks will help you land a big one, and also land more fish than before!

You know how they say, "the devil is in the details" and if even one small detail does not work as it should, it can cost you to miss out on a catch of a lifetime! 

Oh, and one more thing, don't get too distracted with these and forget your fishing license! Make sure you have it with you! 

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