How to Plan the Perfect Fishing Birthday Party? [Tips for 2024]

Fishing Birthday Party

Birthday parties are equally cool and fun for both kids and adults! It is a time when you can hang out with friends and family, and what makes it even better is organising a themed party!

For an angler, it can be a time to present fishing in another light, and organize fishing birthday party! It can be done anywhere, it is suitable for all, and those who know you may even surprise you with some fishing gifts!

To organize a perfect fishing party, you will need location, food and drinks, invitations, decorations, and some fun activities planned for the guests! All of this can be very useful to those who want to throw a surprise party for an angler, but they are not familiar with fishing!

If you don’t have any ideas, or time to think about them, don’t worry, I got it all covered! This year you will have the best party!

Here I will list all the necessities and you can either copy that, or it may light up your imagination and inspire you for your own ideas!

Whether it is for a child or an adult, I got it all covered!



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Choosing a Location for Your Fishing Birthday Party

So firstly, you need to choose a proper location to throw a fishing party!

Some of the locations may be suitable for both adults and kids, while others are age appropriate. So, here are some of the best fishing birthday party ideas!

Fishing Themed Birthday Party for Adults

Fishing themed birthday party for adults can be held basically anywhere, depending on planned activities. My top choices are the following:

  • Local pond or lake

If you will be hosting a fishing themed party with a lot of anglers, it may be the best idea to actually go to a fishing place where you can both fish and celebrate! Well maintained public spots may even have benches, tables, or even BBQ available so you don’t have to carry much stuff with you! Large outdoor spaces are great for higher number of guests!

  • Local fishing club

Fishing clubs may or may not be located next to the water, however, they have one huge advantage, and that is decorations. Places where people of the same interest congregate usually have many decorations all around. If you are a club member, I am sure that you could get the place for one day to celebrate! Your friends, even those who are not into fishing, will love it! This can of course, be listed as an indoor place too.

  • Your own back yard

Sometimes, the easiest way is to throw a fishing party in your yard if you have one. Everything is easily accessible from the house, it is easy to prepare food and drinks, and after if someone has a beer too much, they can safely rest on your couch!

  • Boat

Having a party on a boat is one of the best options! Maybe you or a friend have a bigger boat, or you can rent one to host a spectacular party!

Fishing Birthday Party - Boat

  • Your house

Maybe you don’t have a yard, or there is a snowstorm on your birthday. I assume that as an angler you are a nature lover, but don’t worry, you can throw a spectacular party at home! Decorations are very important here, and I will mention that soon!

  • A bar/restaurant

Bars and restaurants may be a bit more expensive option, especially if you decide to reserve the whole place for a private party and not just a table or two, however, it is very convenient. Food and drinks will be served, and you are there only to have fun. If a bar or a restaurant has a terrace, it can even be an outdoor space. Reasonable owners will let you bring your decorations and make a fishing theme!

Fishing Themed Birthday Party for Kids

Fishing themed birthday party for kids can be held in child friendly spaces, similar to those mentioned for adults.

  • Pond

Family friendly pond with a playground where kids can play and try to fish under supervision is a great option. Ponds are usually small and shallow so it will be easier to watch the kids and it is safer for them.

  • Your backyard

With all the same benefits it offers for adults, yard parties are also ideal for children.

The reason why I will not mention the fishing club here is that at a child’s party, there is a lot of children, some of them not familiar with fishing. As a space full of all kinds of fishing stuff, a club may not be the safest place for them when they are in large numbers and playing.

Fishing Birthday Party - Backyard

  • Your house

Having kids at home makes it easy to watch them, you have all the facilities like toilets and similar, and it is also suitable for babies.

  • Indoor playgrounds

If available, you can reserve an indoor playground for your kid’s birthday party and bring your own decorations to create fishing theme.

You can even organize fishing themed 1st birthday party if you are an angler. Your child may not remember it but imagine the happiness when the kid gets older and sees the pictures of a wonderful fishing party! There is a high chance that child will become an angler too!

Invitations and Decorations for Your Fishing Birthday Party

To make everything suitable for the theme, you will firstly need fishing birthday party invitations.

You can create them yourself and there are a lot of ideas. You can make a card with a funny picture of fishing meme and give it to the guests. The card can even be in the shape of a fish! A big fat carp with a funny fishing quote will make everyone attend your party! Make invitations to look like local fishing licenses with info about the place, date, and time of the party!

If you are not into paper invitations, you can always send an email or any other electronic form of invitation. Pictures, gifs, even videos, can be used here!

And when you invite people over, you will need perfect fishing birthday party decorations!

If you are very handy, all of it can be DIY, or you can buy it and spend a bit more but it will be stress-free!

Depending on a space size, budget, and your personal preferences, you are almost unlimited here.

You can make various fish out of paper or any other material and hang them around. You can use your own fishing equipment and place it in various places.

Fill your fishing net with fish toys or paper fish and use it as a centerpiece.

Dress code can be fun way to enhance the theme! Tell your guests to come in camouflage colors with fishing hats and shirts!

Take an old tackle box and fill it with candies. Place it at an entrance for the guests to take one. Order fish-shaped balloons and decorate the space! All of these decorations are suitable for both adults and children!

Fishing Birthday Party - Decorations

Activities and Games for Your Fishing Birthday Party

Fishing birthday party supplies can be something that you have at home, or you can buy in relatively cheap stores!

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Nets

You can use them as decorations on walls or as a tablecloth.

  • Small metal buckets or similar

You can label them with funny labels such as “Bait” and serve snacks in them.

  • Fishing line

It can be used to hold other decorations like balloons or paper fish.

  • Floats

Use floats as decorations on the table or around the space.

  • Napkins/Paper plates/Paper cups

If you can find those with fishing or water motives, it can really lighten up the theme!

And to make the event fun, you will need some fishing birthday party games! Some are for kids, some for adults, and some can be done by anyone.

  • Fishing contest

If you are on a pond fishing, you can have a small tournament with your guests!

  • Knot tying contest

You can have a fun time with a contest in which the fastest one gets a small present!

  • Quizz

You can have a quiz where participants answer some questions about fish and fishing!

  • Story telling

After a few drinks, let everyone tell the funniest story that happened in their fishing career!

Fishing video games

There are certain fishing games that can be played in multi-player mode and that can be a fun activity for kids!

Fishing pool

Buy a small inflatable pool and plastic fish. Attach a magnet on every one of them. Use any kind of rods or sticks to attach a line and a magnet to the end of it. Catching plastic fish like that is fun for kids, or even for adults after a few drinks, with a blindfold haha!

Fishing Birthday Party - Games

Food and Refreshments for Your Fishing Birthday Party

Finally, you will need to serve something for your guests! Fishing birthday party food ideas are the following:

  • Fish shaped cake

This may not be easy to make, but you can order it. It may be in a shape of a fish or with a funny picture on it.

  • Bait resembling snacks

Those who like to cook can make cookies that look like boilies, worms, hooks, or anything related to fishing! In addition, you can buy gummy worms and serve those too!

  • Fish

Of course, you can always serve fish as a main course. If you are fishing on a pond or on a boat, it can be a fresh fish you catch.

Fishing Birthday Party - Food

Fishing birthday party drink ideas are similar:

  • Cocktails

You can make a cocktail bar in your own kitchen with funny cocktail names and your guests will be ordering “Stinkbait” or “Bottom feeder”.

  • Juice and soft drinks

Similarly to cocktails, give some names to regular juices. Find inspiration in a bait store and flavor attractants!

  • Beer

I think that every angler loves beer! Serve it in cups with funny fishing quotes written on them!

Fishing Birthday Party - Drink

Safety Considerations for Fishing Birthday Party

Fishing birthday party ideas can be very fun, but keep in mind that you need to play it safe, especially with the kids involved.

If you are outdoors, make sure to have plenty of water and sun protection. If it gets hot, avoid alcoholic drinks.

Make sure that you keep an eye on children at all times to avoid falling in the water or injuries with fishing gear.

Indoor parties are great, just avoid decorations with real hooks and similar dangerous items.

Those who are partying on a boat must be very cautious. Anyone who can’t swim or who is drinking should have a life vest, and you should avoid navigating through water at night!

If you follow common sense and avoid dangerous situations, you will enjoy the party!

Other Tips for Best Fishing Birthday Party in 2023

If you are planning your special fishing birthday party this year, here are 5 more tips to make it unforgettable!

  • TIP #1: Make a small thank you gift for your guests and give them at the end of the party. It can be a fishing float with your special date written on it, or a card!

  • TIP #2: Serve green or blue juice in a huge transparent glass bowl and label it as pond water. Put a few (clean) floats to float inside. Serve it to guests.

  • TIP #3: Create a playlist with songs about fishing. YouTube is your friend here, and you wouldn’t believe how many there are! I hope that you like country or digital music because most are like that!

  • TIP #4: Wear funny fishing t-shirts with cool sayings.

  • TIP #5: Take a lot of pictures to create lifetime memories!

Fishing Birthday Party - Tips


Fishing birthday party is a great way to celebrate while surrounded with something you love. It is also a great way to show what’s it all about to guests that are not anglers!

It is especially fun for children who will feel like great explorers and adventurers while enjoying the theme, and all activities you have planned for them!

And for the grownups, a fishing themed party is a great way to relax and keep your mind off everyday problems and life!

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