TOP10 Easy Fish Drawing Ideas [for Kids and Adults]

Easy Fish Drawing Ideas

Fishing can be a part of everyday life and it can bring you joy and fun far away from the waters, especially if you have kids.

Making kids, and adults too, interested in fishing can be done through fun and easy activities like playing and drawing.

Fish drawing is actually very easy. Simple body shapes and your imagination are enough to create masterpieces and wake up your creativity! You can draw on paper with pencils or you can even use paining pads like a real artist!

For those of you who think that you don’t have the skills, I have good news! Step by step guide will enable you to draw almost anything you can imagine.

Some drawings are extremely easy to do, while others are a bit more complicated, so you can try them all to get some experience.

In the following chapters I will list everything you need to know get started!



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How to Draw a Fish Step-by-Step?

Fish drawing is easy if you follow these simple rules.

Of course, drawings are divided into categories, and some require a bit more time. Here I will start with simple black and white pencil drawing instructions. When you have a basic shape, you can colour it if you wish to do so.

Here is the easiest fish drawing step-by-step:


Positioned in the middle of the paper, an outline will be the base of your drawing. Use a thicker pencil to create a simple shape of a fish.


This is the part that divides your fish in two main parts, which are body and head. A semi-circular line is drawn on the first third of the body length.


The same but smaller line should be drawn on the part where tail connects to the body.


Add small, almost triangle shaped mouth on the fish at the front point of the outline. In the middle of the lips and a diving line between lower and upper lip.


Eye is a tricky part because that will make or break your driving. It is a large circle with a relatively large pupil inside. Position it towards the back of the head where the lower part of the eye is in the same line as corner of the lips.


Firstly, add the dorsal fin. Draw a curved line that follows the shape of the back from back of the head to the tail and finish to create a pointy end of the fin by connecting the line to last quarter of body length.

Pectoral fins are oval and elongated with a pointy front and back. Create them with two simple curved lines.

And lastly, there is a ventral fin located on the fish belly. It is almost a triangle, but with slightly curvy lines. The front part of the fin should start on the outline belly line, directly under the centre of a pectoral fin. Finish it slightly behind it.


Add simple semi-circular overlapping scales. Instead of scales you can make straps or any other pattern you would like to colour later.


This is a step that you can skip, but you can add waves, other fish, or simply colour the background in one colour.

And that’s it!

Fish Drawing - Step-by-Step

What are the Best Colours for Fish Drawing?

Fish drawing colour depends solely on your imagination. You can use natural colours like green, yellow, brown, or even add some sparkly silver and gold if you are using fancy colours.

But, it does not need to represent a real fish. You can make it pink, blue, purple or any other kind! Orange can be great for popular cartoon characters, or kids drawing.

To make it stand out, use opposite colours of the colour wheel to create a very memorable image. If you want to do natural, try to shade the fish from dark grin to yellow, where the upper back starts with dark green, then it goes towards lighter green along the middle of the body length, and finish with dark and then light yellow along the belly line.

There is no right or wrong here, just use your favourite colours to create an image you like!

Here are Best and Easy Fish Drawing Ideas [for Kids and Adults]

Easy fish drawing is done best if you have an image for inspiration! Here are my favourite fish drawings that can easily be copied by kids and adults too!

Easy / Simple Fish Drawing

Simple fish drawing ideas are the ones that are similar to those described in step by step guide. They are suitable for small kids or adults who are yet new to drawing world. These simply drawings can be a great addition to any of the cool fishing quotes, and you can use them for gift cards!

Fish Drawing - Easy / Simple

Cute Fish Drawing

Kids love cute fish drawing that can be used to decorate their room. You are not limited with paper only, and you can even draw them on the wall to have a great art piece.

Fish Drawing - Cute

Small Fish Drawing

Creating a small fish drawing may seem easy, but smaller art can be harder because you need a calm hand. However, you can use one paper to draw a few of them and you can see your progress in creating tiny masterpieces!

Fish Drawing - Small

Big Fish Drawing

Creating a good big fish drawing can be done on larger papers, and an outline may be easy to draw. But, for it not to look dull and empty, you will have to add colours and details like scales to make the drawing full!

Fish Drawing - Big Whale

Realistic Fish Drawing

Realistic fish drawing can be a hard task to do, especially for those with no drawing experience. But, it does not have to be a complicated art piece. Realistic images can also be created by using simple shapes filled with realistic colours, or by copying a simple outline of a well-known fish species (like carp, pike, etc.).

Fish Drawing - Realistic

Koi Fish Drawing

One of the best-known fish species in the world is Koi. It actually comes from carp family, but it looks like a huge goldfish. Kids love them, you can see them in ponds or big fish tanks, and due to their simple shape and bright colour, they are easy to draw! Here are some koi fish drawing ideas.

Fish Drawing - Koi

Cartoon Fish Drawing

This is the category that kids adore! Cartoon fish drawing is basically copying the cartoon characters. One of my favourites is Nemo! A small and simple nicely coloured fish will make any kid smile!

Drawing cartoon fish can be a great activity for kids fishing birthday party!

Fish Drawing - Cartoon

Fish Skeleton Drawing

Fish skeleton drawing may seem easy, but it requires some precision and a steady hand! It looks cool in both black and white and coloured version!

Fish Drawing - Skeleton

Jellyfish Drawing

One of the most fun ones to of is jellyfish drawing! You can do all kinds of shapes, you can copy existing and real jellyfish, or let your imagination create one! And the best of all, it is easy to do! Due to their stricture, jellyfish can be shaped as you want and you don’t need to be very precise!

Jellyfish Drawing

Star Fish Drawing

And lastly, there is star fish drawing. Although it is not a fish and don't have a brain, it is a great marine organism that both kids and adults love! It is an easy shape to create and one of the most fun for colouring!

Star Fish Drawing

If you are not very handy with a pen and paper, you can try to do these pictures in numerous programs you can install on your computer. By doing them in digital world, you can create great fishing memes!


Fish drawing is fun and creative way to spend some quality time with friends and family when you can`t go out on the water.

By following simple steps and copying inspiration images under different categories, you can create anything from a simple outline, to realistic looking fish!

Use these images to decorate children’s room, draw it on gift cards, or keep them as a memory that will last a lifetime!

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