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FREE Fishing Gear

Every good thing will cost you some money, but is it really always like that? Are there any ways to get something nice for free?

To be honest, no one will give you a brand-new bass boat free of charge but getting some basic free fishing gear is possible!

There are various ways to do so, and I listed 10 of the best! From testing gear, to browsing advertisement sites, you can get cool stuff for nothing! It is easy to do, and you don’t have to put a lot of effort, besides a bit of time.

This may sound impossible, but trust me, experienced anglers know how to find some “free samples”. Why would you spend money if you don’t have to?

Read on to get some ideas about obtaining free fishing gear!



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How to Get Free Fishing Gear? Is it possible in 2023?

When someone says that you can get free stuff, you will most certainly think that there is a catch or scam, and that things like that don’t exist anymore. The truth is you just have to invest some time and a bit of creativity to get useful things like lures, hooks, sinkers, and similar items free of charge. If you are lucky, you may even get a rod or a reel!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about great discounts, I really think completely FREE fishing tackle! This hobby can get really expensive, so anything free of charge is more than welcome.

If you want to know how to get free fishing gear, read on the chapter below!

10 Ways to Get Free Fishing Gear in 2023

Here are the best ways to get free fishing gear this year! Some are extremely easy, and for other you may need to use your creativity.

#1: Visit Classified Advertisement Sites

Awesome deals can be found on your local advertisement sites, especially popular ones like Craigslist. From entry level used stuff, even to your favorite fishing brands if you are lucky.

Anglers can list equipment they don’t need free of charge. This equipment goes fast, so make sure to check new ads every day. Most of those anglers list it for free and only want you to come and pick it up.

Check this website under “Sale” and then “free” section. I bet that you will find a few cool items very soon, especially if fishing is very popular in your area.

FREE Fishing Gear - Sites

#2: Contact Fishing Gear Manufacturers

Paying even wholesale prices can take a lot of money from your wallet when it comes to brand new gear from fancy manufacturers. However, many of them are ready to give you cheap items for free! Ok, you will not get a $600 reel, but an occasional lure or a hook can be given to you. Visit a manufacturers site and find their contact details.

Send a very polite email where you tell them that you are a fan of the brand, you have a lot of their stuff, and you would like to try out a new lure. They may even surprise you by sending free tackle box with free sample fishing lures! It doesn’t always work, but it costs nothing to try!

Most often, you will at least get a gift card, or a coupon!

#3: Browse Social Media Groups

Social media groups are an endless source of fishing gear. Sometimes, gear is for sale, and in some other instances, users are giving it away for free. They may even state that they want to donate free fishing gear for veterans or to kids.

Find fishing groups in your area, participate in discussions, be active, and you will find what you are looking for!

This is also a great way to make someone happy with gear you don’t use anymore.

FREE Fishing Gear - Social Media

#4: Consider Trading Gear

Trading is ancient. Even before money was a thing, people were trading goods among each other. Everyone has something they don’t need anymore but it is still in good condition and usable. Consider trading it for an item you need.

You can post it on social media groups, advertisements sites, in local fishing clubs, or even ask your fishing buddies trade something.

Usually, people trade items of similar value, but if you are lucky and you have some rare item someone really needs you may even get a lot more expensive thing in return!

#5: Get Sponsorship

When someone says sponsorship, many of us think about a guy on a front page of a fishing magazine holding a record catch! But there are different sponsorships.

If you are a capable angler, even on a local level, and you participate in tournaments, you can get a sponsorship deal with a gear manufacturer, or even a local tackle store! You will advertise them on tournaments, and in return they may give you some free fishing gear to test or to use!

If you are not on that level yet, this could be a good motivation to perfect your fishing skills!

#6: Participate in Giveaways

Giveaways are a great way to get some free stuff, however, you depend merely on your luck here, not the effort you put in!

There are all kind of fishing giveaways available, and you can participate in all!

Manufacturers can organize such events on their social media pages. Sometimes you have to get creative and submit a video, or a photo, to enter the contest. Sometimes you need to fulfill branded surveys.

You can get free fishing samples by mail from websites like “https://reviewyourgear.com/” . You just have to provide your email address and get their newsletter. There are monthly giveaways, and you have high chance of getting something!

Among fishing giveaways, there are sites like Rusty Angler or Wired2Fish. Tons of stuff are given to the readers regularly. During season, there are even weekly giveaways. Being on their mailing list has many positive sides!

Two more excellent sites for this are Premier Angler and BioSpawn.

Sometimes, giveaways or contests are enlisted in fishing magazines, so make sure to check all the pages!

#7: Do Fishing Equipment Reviews

Product testing, or fishing gear review (like I do), can be done in various ways.

Creative ones among you can start a blog or a social media page, and when you get enough followers, you can ask local tackle stores or even manufacturers to review some stuff. Start with small things, like lures or floats and build towards bigger.

Another way is to leave reviews on seller website, or directly on fishing gear company’s site. Sometimes you can get free sample fishing lures or similar gifts.

There are websites that seek for participants especially for gear testing. There are some requirements you must meet, and you will be obligated to report results. It is a great way to get free fishing gear to test. Field test fishing is one of those websites. Nothing besides answering a few questions an providing an email address is required.

FREE Fishing Gear - Reviews

#8: Promotions with Purchase

Free fishing gear samples 2023 can be obtained in stores or online while buying gear. Many manufacturers and sellers give loyal customers gift coupons of free samples of basic items.

Of course, the more you spend the more you will get. This a great way to attract potential customers and companies know it!

Another way to get a free item is to follow promotions where you can get free items if you make a purchase. For example, you buy a set of lures, and you get an additional cheaper set for free. Such promotions are often found when certain stores have to get rid of their inventory due to arrival of new stuff or other reasons.

Follow your favorite store on social media or official website and wait for a good deal that includes free stuff.

#9: Sign up for Newsletters

I already mentioned being on mailing lists when it comes to giveaways, but newsletters from different websites and manufacturers are a fountain of knowledge about everything mentioned above.

Newsletters will inform you about incoming contests, giveaways, promotions, and many other ways that lead to free fishing stuff!

This of course includes discount on fishing gear, so together with free stuff, you can get a good deal for fishing gear you want to buy.

#10: Contact State Parks

Getting ready for a fishing trip?

State parks, like some in Minnesota, have free fishing kits for visitors. Unfortunately, you can’t keep it, but you can use it free of charge.

You can contact them and ask about it! These kits are great, and even include a rod. Wisconsin has such program too, as well as some other states.

This is not widely advertised, so you will have to dig online. Quantities are limited, but with just a bit of luck and proper planning you can get a full set of fishing equipment to use for free!

Check it out here: https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/state_parks/loaner.html

FREE Fishing Gear - Park


Free fishing gear is something that can brighten you even on a bad day! Getting free stuff makes you feel great!

There are many ways to get it, and whether you decide to enter a fishing contest or you plan to contact your favorite fishing gear site and ask for it, you actually have a high chance to get something!

The more ways you try, the more chances you have, statistically. So, apply for fishing newsletters, write fishing gear reviews, upload fishing photos for contests, and enjoy the results!

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