43 Best Fishing Memes of All Time (Funny, Dirty, Fly and More)

Best Fishing Memes

A true angler finds inspiration and fun in fishing every day and everywhere, not just when physically on the water.

You can enjoy something relaxing like a reading a fishing book, or you can use your phone or a laptop and get lost in the endless sources of fun on the internet!

I’m talking about fishing memes here! Those are fun to check out in the morning while having a fresh cup of coffee, can be a cool way to amuse your friends who are passionate about angling, or even a fun way to make your wife laugh (or get angry, depending on meme)!

Whether it is funny memes, ironic ones, or even bad ones, internet is full of them.

If you are in a search of good ones, you came to the right place! Here I collected those I like the most and I am sure that you will like them too!



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Where Can You Use Fishing Memes? [On Many Places!]

Depending on a source of them, you can use them almost anywhere! Send them to your friends in any chat apps or emails, use them on social media, your website… Or print a good one and stick it to your wall! Some anglers print them on shirts/coffee mugs and use for presents.

Of course, not all memes are free to use. Some memes are viral, internet is full of them, they have all kinds of variations, and no one knows who the original author is. But some memes may be protected by the author. If you plan to use someone else’s creative work, you have to ask for permission.

For those among you who are creative, you can even make your own memes and if you are lucky, they could become popular!

How and Where to find Fishing Memes? [On Instagram, Pinterest, etc.]

How to find memes is easy to answer! Google or any other search engine can be used to simply search for keywords like “fishing memes”. You will find endless websites with dozens and even hundreds of them!

If you want to search on some specific places, you can start with Pinterest. Besides that, you can find them in certain forums and social media groups/pages. Instagram is a popular place for all kinds of memes including fishing ones!

If you have friends who are into angling, I’m sure that you are getting a lot of memes in your phone chats.

Here are the Best Fishing Memes of All Time [FREE to Use]

Here are my favorite and the best fishing memes in various categories! Enjoy!

Humor and Funny Fishing Memes

Funny fishing memes can brighten up anyone’s day! Except for maybe your own.

1. “Fishing is the most relaxing way to get frustrated.”

Best Fishing Memes - Funny Frustrated

And whoever says that fishing is just a hobby is not a true angler. We all know it is impossible to stop.

2. “Social distancing tip – stay away from my fishing spot!”

Best Fishing Memes - Funny Away Spot

But although you like fishing, that doesn’t mean that you are necessarily good at it! Don’t worry, im not insulting you, I just want to share some humor fishing memes.

3. “When you bring your friend fishing, and he swears he knows how to use a rod.”

Best Fishing Memes - Funny How to Use

Dirty Fishing Memes

Let’s be honest, some anglers have a dirty mind, and for them I have a few dirty fishing memes. Just be careful not to send them to your wife accidentally!

4. “On the weekends I hook up with big girls who swallow.”

Best Fishing Memes - Dirty Swallow

As an angler you must know that size is everything. Size of the fish, size of your boat… Size of… well you know.

5. “Size matters!”

Best Fishing Memes - Funny Size

And there is nothing better than playing with yourself after a long day at work!

6. “I jerk it every chance I get.”

Best Fishing Memes - Dirty Jerk

I don’t know what your first thought was, but I was thinking about playing with fishing gear of course. We can continue in that direction, and here is another similar one!

7. “I love when she bends over.”

Best Fishing Memes - Dirty Bends

Girl Fishing Memes

If you are searching for girl fishing memes, here are a few! Of course, if you are a girl, sorry for the first and last one here!

8. “Don’t mind me, just fishing for compliments.”

Best Fishing Memes - Girl Compliments

If you are passionate about angling, you probably want to hear those magic words from your partner:

9. “Three magic words that every girl wants to her… Let’s go fishing!”

Best Fishing Memes - Girl Lets Go

Men are like fish in some ways… they react to baiting.

10. “Attracting men is like fishing, you have to wiggle the bait.”

Best Fishing Memes - Girl Biat

Wife Fishing Memes

If your girl didn’t dump you after she realized how much time and money you spend on fishing, and she became your wife, here are some wife fishing memes.

When you find 10 missed calls from your lady, here is one to send to her:

11. “Sorry I missed your call; I was on the other line.”

Best Fishing Memes - Wife Other Line

Of course, if your wife is not an angler (if you are a an anglers wife, STOP reading here, haha) make sure to hide your fishing friends.

12. “Fishing is a great hobby, if your wife never meets your fishing buddies.”

Best Fishing Memes - Wife Buddies

And if your wife finds out and you want to initiate a divorce, here is one to send!

13. “Quit bitching and go fishing.”

Best Fishing Memes - Wife Go Fishing

Birthday Fishing Memes

Every angler gets fishing memes for birthday, and send them to fishing buddies. If you are out of ideas, here are a few birthday fishing memes.

One year older, one year wiser they say… but hey, you are still getting old!

14. "Happy birthday! There is no de-bait-ing, you are old.”

Best Fishing Memes - Birthday De Baiting

And for a genuinely nice b-day card, here is these ones:

15. "May all your fishes come true! Happy birthday!"

Best Fishing Memes - Birthday All Fishes

16. "Birthday fish make a wish!"

Best Fishing Memes - Birthday Make a Wish

Fly Fishing Memes

Fly anglers are a special sort of people. You may like it, or you may hate it, but that’s a fact! Here are a few fly fishing memes!

17. “If fishing is religion, fly fishing is high church.”

Best Fishing Memes - Fly Church

And there is nothing better than treating yourself with an adventurous fly fishing trip.

18. “Who ever said money can’t buy happiness has never booked a fly fishing trip.”

Best Fishing Memes - Fly Never

And lastly, here is a classical one:

19. “I only fly fish on days that end with “Y””

Best Fishing Memes - Fly Ends on Y

Bass Fishing Memes

Bass anglers are also a special kind, but I think it in a good way! You can use these to slightly annoy your bass fishing buddy!

20. “Weather during practice, weather during tournament.”

Best Fishing Memes - Bass Practice

And bass fishing is not complete without a boat!

21. “Sees the perfect log on the other side of the bank, 10 seconds later crashes the boat into it.”

Best Fishing Memes - Bass Crash

Among bass anglers it is important to leave good impression! Be careful how you do it!

22. “He is using spinning real, calls it finesse fishing.”

Best Fishing Memes - Bass Finesse

Trout Fishing Memes

Trout anglers tend to overthink when it comes to fishing. That’s the first trout fishing meme for.

23. “Night before flight fishing.”

Best Fishing Memes - Trout Flight

And of course, the fish looks kind of bigger when you hold it…

24. “Biologist say trout grow one inch per year, but when you catch them, they grow an inch each day.”

Best Fishing Memes - Trout Each Day

There is nothing better than enjoying some solitude, and fly anglers for trout know it best!

25. “Trout anglers… practicing social distancing since 200AD.”

Best Fishing Memes - Trout Distance

Walleye Fishing Memes

Walley anglers are probably the happiest anglers in the world when the fish bites, and the most frustrated other 99% of their time! Here are some walleye fishing memes for you!

26. “God created bass to allow everyone to catch a fish, then he created walleye to distinguish men from boys.”

Best Fishing Memes - Walleye God

And here is the one for that situation we all experienced!

27. “I don’t usually bite, but when I do, I get off with your $30 lure.”

Best Fishing Memes - Walleye 30 Dollar

And if someone knows how waiting looks like, that are walleye anglers!

28. “Me waiting for walleyes during golden hour.”

Best Fishing Memes - Walleye Waiting

Gone Fishing Memes

Best time of any angler’s life is when he/she goes fishing! Here are some gone fishing memes for all of you!

29. “How I look when you go fishing without me.”

Best Fishing Memes - Gone Without Me

And you all know that going home is the hardest part!

30. “Just one more cast…no one ever said truthfully.”

Best Fishing Memes - Gone Cast

There is only one person that hates it, and that’s your partner! If that’s the case… better luck next time!

31. “This could be us, but I’m going fishing.”

Best Fishing Memes - Gone Us

Ironic Fishing Memes

Anglers’ life is full of ups and downs, and here are some ironic fishing memes for that!

Work and life often get in the way of fishing in the worst way!

32. “When I finally get to go fishing.”

Best Fishing Memes - Ironic Finally

And loosing a fish is a nightmare, especially it that was “the biggest one ever”.

33. “Should have seen the one that got away.”

Best Fishing Memes - Ironic Away

And let’s be honest. There is nothing that can even remotely compare to fishing!

34. “Whoever said that Disneyworld is the happies place has never been fishing.”

Best Fishing Memes - Ironic Disney

Hilarious Fishing Memes

Laughing is the cure for anything bad, so here are a few hilarious fishing memes!

35. “The low tide “actual picture” of a 100 lbs catfish you almost caught."

Best Fishing Memes - Hilarious Catfish

If your boss has a sense of humor, maybe to send this one?

36. “Sorry I was absent I was sick all week. My arm was in a cast.”

Best Fishing Memes - Hilarious Cast

Girls thing that guys with boats are rich, but anglers know the truth…

37. “BOAT - break out another thousand!"

Best Fishing Memes - Hilarious Boat

Bad Fishing Memes

Some memes are so bad that they are actually good! Here are some bad fishing memes!

38. “Doesn’t know how to fold his socks, but can keep this organized.”

Best Fishing Memes - Bad Socks

I really don’t believe that there is an angler who didn’t tell at least one lie to someone when it comes to fishing!

39. “Told her I have to go to the bank, but I didn’t say which one.”

Best Fishing Memes - Bad Bank

Sometimes, anglers tend to be philosophers too!

40. “Sometimes I wonder do fish think about me too.”

Best Fishing Memes - Bad Wonder

Christmas Fishing Memes

Everyone likes holidays! Anglers secretly hope for gear under the tree! Christmas fishing memes can be a cool way to wish someone a merry Christmas. Here are three ideas:

41. “I fish you a merry Christmas and happy new gear!”

Best Fishing Memes - Christmas Gear

42. “Merry fishmas!”

Best Fishing Memes - Christmas Fishmas

43. “Dear Santa, I have been a good boy….”

Best Fishing Memes - Christmas Santa


Fishing memes are great for fun! Whether you are checking them out for your own amusement or you need a specific one to brighten up your fellow anglers, there must be one suitable for you!

Any topic you can think of exist in a form of meme, and you can use them in almost any situation and occasion!

I hope that you enjoyed these mentioned here and that they inspired you to maybe create your own!

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