Where to Sell or Buy Used Fishing Gear in 2024? [Marketplace]

Used Fishing Gear

Let’s face it, fishing gear is not cheap, especially if you are looking for some specific, high-end items. Whenever you can save a bit and still get an excellent product, you should think about it!

I think that everyone I know, including me, bought at least one used item in their lifetime. Whether it was a car or a phone, it was cheaper than the brand-new product.

Used fishing gear can be found on numerous websites, and some of them are even specialized for selling just that! It is a great way to get rid of something you are not using, or to buy something below the store price. From Facebook to Dangler, your options are diverse.

Everything has pros and cons, including this way of getting new tackle, however, it is worth considering. You wouldn’t believe how good some items are!

Of course, you have to be careful and check the sources, as well as the condition of items you are buying.

Here I will tell you more about the most popular markets and explain some details about it.



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Where to Sell or Buy My [Old / New] Fishing Gear?

Do you have some used fishing gear? Or maybe you want to buy some. Whatever it is, you can do both in the same places.

Internet is number one option, but before I list the websites, I will give you a few more ideas in case that you like to do it differently.

Local fishing clubs – every place has a fishing club or some form of a place where fishing enthusiasts get together. It is an ideal place to ask if someone needs your old tackle, or to find something for yourself.

Used items stores (second hand) – these may not be available in every city or a country, but if you are in a place where such stores exist, you can try your luck there! You can sell or buy anything, from tools and furniture, to fishing tackle!

Local websites – places like eBay connect buyers and sellers from all over the world, and that may be a problem when it comes to delivery or custom fees. Or maybe you want to see the product before buying. Search for local websites that are dedicated to selling used items in your own area.

Friends and family – If you know someone who is active in your local fishing community, ask them for assistance. They may know some local tips and tricks that you or I don’t know!

Where to sell my fishing gear is a frequent question among many anglers, and the places mentioned here are a good option.

But the best option are the places listed below:

#1: Used Fishing Gear on eBay

Used fishing gear on eBay can be bought anywhere, at any time. This website connects buyers and sellers from basically all over the world. Local fishing community may be a good start, but if you want to have a wide selection of gear to choose from (or sell) eBay is among the best.

No matter what kind of fishing gear you are searching, you will find it. Do you want a vintage reel for display at home? You want top of the line carp rod? They have it all!

You can buy hooks, lures, baits, lines, nets…. Unlimited options make it very attractive for anglers.

#2: Used Fishing Gear on Craigslist

US is one of the largest used fishing gear markets in the world. It is no wonder, because every fourth American has owned a fishing license at least once. Buying used fishing gear on Craigslist is very common among US anglers.

On Craiglist you can find all kinds of items, from brand new to old but still functional and cheap. You don’t even have to go thorough all the ads, you can create a post that you are looking for a specific item and receive offers!

Altogether, it is a very convenient way of expanding your tackle collection.

#3: Used Fishing Gear on Facebook

Used fishing gear marketplace can be found on Facebook too. First of all, there is a marketplace where you can buy or sell various items. But that is not all. You can join fishing groups that gather fishing enthusiasts in one place that is dedicated to buying and selling used fishing gear.

These groups are often local, which means that you can meet the seller/buyer, inspect the equipment, and you can save money on delivery fees.

It is almost like selling in your local fishing club, but with more buyers, and from the comfort of your home!

#4: Used Fishing Gear on Dangler

And last, but not the least, there is Dangler. It is most definitely the best place to buy used fishing gear if you are based in the UK.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell fishing equipment, this is the place to go. No matter the fishing discipline, from carp angling to fly fishing, you can choose among thousands of items and hundreds of top brands! It’s a no brainer, really.

What makes it different than other sites mentioned here is the fact that Dangler is specialized for fishing equipment. And even if you prefer new gear, you can visit, as some of the items are brand new! Compare prices and get the best deal!

For now, Dangler is UK based, but that may change soon, so keep an eye on it!

Used Fishing Gear - Marketplace

Why Somebody is Selling Used Fishing Gear? [Check!]

Reasons for selling are various. Quality of items depends on these reasons a lot, so think about it before you buy.

Here are some of the common ones:

Selling unwanted gifts – anglers often get presents, but sometimes these items are not useful for them. Maybe someone got a baitcaster and has no idea how to use it. Sellers like these frequently offer brand new things, or maybe things that are used once or twice.

Wrong fishing discipline – some people like to try out new things. Maybe a carp angler decided to try fly fishing, or saltwater angler decided to try some freshwater adventures. It often happens that anglers buy stuff, use it a couple of times, and realize that it is not interesting.

Old but functional gear – anglers buy new stuff but still have old gear that works well. Or they transfer to another discipline. Such gear is used, maybe not perfect, but it is often very cheap. If it was properly maintained, it is worth buying.

Financial problems – unfortunately, people get in trouble. Lose their jobs, get divorced… The list is long. And when you need cash fast, you will get rid of non-essential stuff like equipment for hobbies.

They don’t like it – sometimes, a perfectly functional thing doesn’t suit you. Maybe the reel is too slow for your fishing technique. Maybe you thought that you need a 13ft rod, but you can’t get used to it. Instead of leaving it to collect dust in a shed, you can sell it.

Bad gear or scammers – beware of those. If something sounds to good to be true or sounds fishy (pun intended), move away. Some people have problems with gear that malfunctions often, especially reels, and they are looking for a way to get rid of it.

There may be many more reasons, but these are the most frequent ones. Always ask the following questions:

• Why is the person selling?
• How old is the item?
• Was it well maintained?
• How much it costs when brand new?
• Are there any problems with the item?
• Can the price be lowered?

You can check online reviews to see if some troubles are to be expected. And that’s it!

What are the Pros and Cons of Buying a Used Fishing Gear?

Everything has pros and cons, and so does buying and selling used fishing gear.

I could list many reasons in both positive and negative category, or even give specific lists for different items, but I will not bore you to death with it. If you ever bought something used, you know how it goes.

Here are the important ones:


• Low price and ability to negotiate the price.

• Ideal way to buy something that you don’t use very often (example: spare reel or saltwater gear for vacation).

• Very old items can be used for spare parts if you have the same item already.

• Great way for a beginner to buy everything at once without spending a fortune.

• Good for parents buying gear for kids, or for anglers buying for their spouses who fish only occasionally.

• Avoiding unrealistically high store prices.


• The item may be different than advertised.

• No guarantee and often no possibility to return the item.

• Selection is often smaller than when buying from manufacturers or stores directly.

The benefits outweigh the negative, however, be very careful and study the item before you buy.

Used Fishing Gear - Best Place


Buying used fishing gear is a great way to save some money and get a good product at the same time! Sometimes, you can find almost brand-new items and profit a lot from it!

I know that many people prefer to be the first owners, but sometimes, that is not realistic, especially if you must buy everything at once.

Trusted sites, like those mentioned here, are a great way to get something that you always wanted, or to sell one of those 10 reels that are just sitting on your shelves!

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