Why are Fishing Boats Sparkly? [Do they Attract More Fish?]

Why are Fishing Boats Sparkly

Fishing boats are a great asset to every angler. They allow you to reach almost any location on the water to find fish, and they also remove you from the crowds on banks.

You have probably seen all kinds of boats, from camo paint to sparkly and glittery. So, which one to use and how it affects fishing?

Some people believe that light reflections that come from glitter attract fish in certain conditions. But even more importantly, such color reduces visibility of scratches and paint damage that occurs when you use the boat in tough conditions. And in addition to that it looks nice, and anglers like nice things. That is why are fishing boats sparkly.

Most often, sparkly bats are used by bass anglers, but you can use them in saltwater too. Unfortunately, many of these boats come at a high price.

Although light can attract fish, you have to be careful in very sunny days. Too much of it can have the opposite effect.

Here I will tell you more about sparkly boat color and how to make the most of it.



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Why are Fishing Boats Sparkly? Here Are Some Facts ...

Let’s be honest, sparkly boats look expensive and fancy. Same as high-end fishing reels, they are something you would like to own, no matter the effectiveness of paint. But that’s not all.

Here are three main reasons why are fishing boats sparkly:

#1: Attracting fish

Fish and light are extremely connected. We often plan out fishing in accordance with light conditions. Sometimes, less light is better, and in some other cases, more light is better. You have seen anglers using lights or flashes to attract fish.

Glitter works in the same way. It reflects light and gets attention from fish. That doesn’t mean that they will follow your boat and happily bite you baits. But they will be interested in those reflections and if do the rest right, it may help you catch fish.

Some say that reflections from glitter reminds fish of fish scales. It is similar to using sparkly lures. Although there is no scientific background to this, it seems to be working.

#2: Boat appearance and comfort

Sparkly color, similar to metallic color on your car, won`t show scratches as much as matte color. When using this boat for some hard-core bass fishing, there is a high chance you will meet a branch or two on the way. Or any other thing that will damage the paint on your brand-new boat. If the boat is sparkly, it will be less visible, and the boat will appear as good as new.

In addition to appearance, there is comfort. Bright, warm, and sunny days heat up or boats a lot. You know how dark colored cars absorb more heat than light colored. Sparkles and glitter reflect it better, and the boat won’t heat up as much when it is covered with glitter.

#3: Money

Money doesn’t buy happiness they say, but it can surely buy you a brand-new boat so that you can fish happily. There is a lot of money in bass fishing industry, and bass anglers are those who often buy sparkly boats.

Yes, fishing is about nature and fun outdoors, but rich anglers like to buy shiny things and manufacturers know it. And manufacturers will do what it takes to attract those who have enough to spend.

I don’t have a sparkly boat, but I can see the appeal. They look powerful, and they leave the impression that with those, you will catch anything.

Glittery and shiny things have always been perceived as high-end and pricey. From jewelry to boats, it’s the same.

Why are Fishing Boats Sparkly - Benefit

Do All Fishing Boats have Sparkly Paint?

The answer to this question is most definitely NOT. Majority of them don’t, especially if you observe it on a large scale. Around the world, high percentage of fishing boats are not sparkly.

For some fish species, such as carp, you want to have boats that are less visible and anglers often choose camo, brown, or green, to mix with all the natural colors and shades in the area.

In many situations, sparkly boats would be a disadvantage. But for bass fishing, these boats are excellent! Although, that doesn’t mean that all bass boats are sparkly.

Majority is not actually. Not all anglers prefer it. More importantly, those who use their boats for various fishing experiences want a versatile and more “traditional” look.

And when talking about boats, before you buy your first one, make sure that you check out boat license requirements in the area!

Do Sparkly Fishing Boats Really Attract Fish? [Is there a Benefit?]

I already mentioned that one of the main reasons for using sparkly boats is their ability to attract fish. However, not everyone agrees on this.

Some anglers, even bass anglers, say that glittery paint is not superior and that you can catch as many bass in a glittery boat as you can in matte colored one.

I can´t confirm this, but I also can`t deny it because no scientific studies have been conducted to support these claims.

Using sparkly boats in bright sunshine can have the opposite effect as too much light can scare the fish away.

From experience, it seems that there is something in sparkly color, especially in low light conditions. Fish seem interested and are ready to come closer. But, that`s it. The rest is on you. If the fellow angler on a matte boat next to you has better lures and fishing technique, glitter won’t help you and you will end up empty handed.

In simple words, sparkly paint helps in specific conditions, but only to a certain point!

Why are Fishing Boats Sparkly - Underwater

What Boat Types Most Often Use Sparkly Paint?

I already mentioned it, but here I will tell you more. Bass boat glitter paint is the most common one. Although, glitter is popular on other boat types, but not fishing ones.

Speed boats used for fun and recreational purposes are often glittery. Some brands have glitter as their signature color. Any boat can be sparkly! You can always change the color. Ill mention that later on.

Most often, boats that are a bit more expensive use glitter. I already told you how shiny objects are perceived as fancy and valuable. It is actually more of a marketing and branding thing than usefulness of it.

I think that the majority of sparkle appeal is to please the anglers, not to attract more fish.

Bass seems to be reacting positively on sparkle, so bass anglers can enjoy these colors. Pike anglers would never even consider it, because some fish species wouldn’t come close to it.

How do You Paint / Spray a Fishing Boat with Glitter?

Glitter flake paint looks nice, but brand-new glittery boats can cost a fortune. Luckily, you don’t have to buy a new one to enjoy sparkly color!

You can buy paint and apply it onto your existing boat. Except for attracting fish in certain light conditions, your boat will look newer and better.

Sparkly colors tend to be a lot more expensive than matte.

There is one complication and the cause of higher price, and that is that you will have to buy glitter for paint, or concentrated glitter paint in addition to paint and transparent gel coat.

If you have never tried painting something as complicated as a boat maybe it would be better to leave it to the professional.

But, if you are adventurous, there are some steps to follow.

STEP #1: Firstly, you have to remove old color by sanding it and polishing it.

STEP #2: Secondly you need to prepare it for a paint job. You have to remove all impurities and dust that is left from color removal and polishing.

STEP #3: When preparation is done, you have to paint the boat with a base color first. It can be any boat color like white, or any other.

STEP #4: Now it is time for glitter. Mix the glitter you bought with clear gel coat and paint the boat.

I have to mention that you have to follow these steps. Adding glitter into base color won’t have any effect.

And that’s it! It sounds simple, but it can be a tricky and a messy job. I like DIY projects, so I get why you want to do it!

What is the Best Color for a Fishing Boat? [Sparkly vs Matte or Neutral]

This question doesn’t have one simple answer. It depends on the boat purpose, use, and your budget.

If you are looking for a fancy boat and you can spend on it, go for sparkly and enjoy bass fishing! Great benefit of it is that scratches won’t be as noticeable.

Those who prefer catching other species should choose matte and natural colors to blend into the environment.

If the boat is for various fish species, go for natural too, because glitter may attract bass, but it will have the opposite effect on all other fish.

As a saltwater angler you certainly don’t need more light and glitter, but it will not harm your fishing experience, especially for offshore. If you want a powerful and fierce looking boat, go for sparkly one. Most often saltwater fishing boats use neutral colors, or even combination of two different ones.

Why are Fishing Boats Sparkly - Glitter Paint


There are many opinions about why are fishing boats sparkly. Some say that it attracts fish, while others disagree. In my opinion, it can help to a certain degree when fishing for bass. Otherwise, it is simply to please the anglers.

Manufacturers recognized the appeal of glitter and are selling such boats. Rest of it is pure marketing, where some anglers believe that glitter will help them land a fish.

I would advise you to try it out if you can and see what works better! And if you are going boat fishing, think about fishing insurance that can save you from trouble if something goes wrong!

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