How to Wrap a Fishing Pole for Christmas? [Perfect Present]

How to Wrap a Fishing Pole for Christmas

Giving and receiving gifts is one of the best parts of Christmas. Carefully choosing something your friends or family might like and seeing them happy upon receival is priceless!

It is not always easy to choose a present for an angler who already has everything, but if you know something about their hobby, you can’t go wrong with a pole.

Considering its shape and size, how to wrap a fishing pole for Christmas? There are a few options, and you can simply put a bow on it, or wrap it in a gift paper, but if you want to surprise them, conceal the shape of it an put it in a box so that they can’t guess what it is!

It all depends on your preferences, but you also have to make sure that it is safely packed, especially if you have to transport it.

Luckily, there are ways to pack it safe and nice, and even to disguise the shape to increase the surprise!

Here are a few ideas that should make this wonderful surprise even better!



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Is a Fishing Pole a Good Christmas Present?

Before learning how to wrap fishing pole present, I have to mention it in the context of presents. If you are an angler too, you probably already know what kind of pole you will get for the other angler.

If you are not an angler, things will get a bit complicated. So, various types of fishing poles exist, and depending on a fishing technique and fish species anglers choose the one they will use. If they told you what kind of a rod they would like you can buy that one, but if they didn’t, it is hard to know.

Ask their fellow anglers for advice to get the good one. Rods are excellent presents but only if they will be useful to the angler. It would be wise to keep a receipt to be able to exchange it if you mistakenly buy the wrong one.

If you are not sure about poles, maybe you should think about other possible gifts for anglers which are as nice and thoughtful as the rod. Of course, it also depends on your budget. Some rods are affordable while others can be very pricey.

Wrap a Fishing Pole for Christmas - Yes or No

How to Wrap a Fishing Pole for Christmas?

So, let’s go to the fun part. How to wrap a fishing pole for Christmas?

Here are three ideas, from the simple and obvious, to more complicated but worth the effort.

Option #1: Simple bow

Maybe you want the angler to immediately see what you have for them.

In that case, get a bow and tie it around. Some poles come in cases for carrying, or you can buy one of those too to provide safe transportation and storage space too

Anglers can recognize those from a mile away, don’t worry, it will still be obvious what you bought them. Or remove the rod from packaging and tie a bow around it!

How to Wrap a Fishing Pole for Christmas - with Bow 

Option #2: Gift paper

Wrapping it up in paper will show that you care about presentation, but it can still be obvious what the present is.

Wrapping up a pole in the original packaging or a carrying case is much easier than wrapping a pole without one.

So, to protect it, but also to prepare it for the gift paper, wrap it up in a bubble wrap first. You can add decorations like bows or stick a gift card with good fishing quote onto it too.

Wrap a Fishing Pole for Christmas - Bubble-Wrap

Option #3: Box for concealment

In my opinion, the best part of gift giving is observing the person unwrapping a present and to see the look on their faces when they see a present they always wanted to get.

Rods exist in various shapes. Some are telescopic and short when collapsed, some are in a few pieces, but some poles are one piece and long!

Wrapping it up so that it doesn’t look obvious is not easy. So, for smaller ones you may buy a box made for gifts that is cube shaped or even oval one to hide the present well.

For longer items you can use mailing tubes.

No matter which option you choose, if it is not the original packaging, you have to protect it with bubble wrap and prevent movement inside the box to avoid damage. Then wrap the box with some cool paper and your present is ready!

How to Wrap a Fishing Pole for Christmas - Present

Other Tips for Wrapping and Protecting Your Fishing Gifts

Now you know how to wrap fishing pole present, but how to keep it safe?

If you bought it long before Christmas, you have to keep it in a dry room with relatively stable temperatures. Damp sheds and similar locations are not suitable for sensitive fishing equipment.

If you have to transport it, no matter is it in a large box or you simply have a bow on it, you should protect it with bubble wrap. Never put other items on top of the rod because that can cause damage on it.

Be gentle with it and don’t throw it around or pack it in a suitcase full of other items that could damage it. Rods may seem sturdy and hard, capable of fishing large fish, but some of their parts are sensitive. Anglers are aware of this fact, so I am trying to help those who are new to fishing here.

How to Wrap a Fishing Pole for Christmas - Tips


Deciding how to wrap a fishing pole for Christmas depends on you and the person who is getting that present.

If you want that person to see it immediately, you don’t even have to wrap it and you can just add a bow or put it in a larger gift bag.

But it may be even better to conceal the shape and size and to make it a real surprise. Just make sure you do it safely and avoid damaging the rod.

Follow the instructions stated here and the angler who gets it will be happier than ever!

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